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  1. J M Fahey

    Ohms? help!

    Please post a clickable link to the *exact* simulator you will use. Those I find are NOT connected straight to amp speaker output , havee no 4/8/16 rating and work at Guitar/line levels.
  2. J M Fahey

    Where to get an amp's faceplate painted/stenciled/printed?

    Is front panel printed on a separate sheet (plastic or aluminum) or straight on chassis? 1) Somebody must draw front panel art. Who will do that? How much will an artist charge? 2) cheapest/fastest for a single one is to laser print it on an adhesive sheet and stick it on sanded and...
  3. J M Fahey

    FX Loop cutting out delay trails

    Clearly that effects loop switches full effects pedal in-out. In that case, trails will stop instantly. Pedal builders sometimes avoid that by switching effect input OFF, but not its output, that´s why upfront it continues as needed. You should switch *pedal* OFF, not LOOP OFF. Maybe...
  4. J M Fahey

    Friedman amps cheap looking face plate ?

    Clearly some hate Plexy type front panels. Maybe that´s why Jim Marshall stopped using them :rolleyes: AFAIK B.A.D. bought a large expensive flat bead printer (think a glorified inkjet printer) which can print on most any surface, replacing silkscreening. They show pedal boxes where graphics...
  5. J M Fahey

    Vox AC10C1 sounds horrible with dirt

    Many concurring factors for that. You are comparing an as light as can be 10" speaker, inside a smallish box, driven by a 10W amp, to a 120W beast driving 2 HEAVY 12" speakers in a much larger cabinet. Why not? Less fizz/treble and tons more bass and low mids in Jazz oriented JC120 speakers...
  6. J M Fahey

    Solid state Vox amp repair in the US?

    That. Where-do-you-live? Amps are relatively bulky and heavy products so shipping is definitely something to consider.
  7. J M Fahey

    Anyone explain me the JCM900 DR pre-amp and tonestack

    Merits a longwinded answer but the very short one is: it´s a quintessential *solid state* Preamp, all functions, gain, switching, EQ are handled by Op Amps, **clipping is by diodes**, period, only semblance of tubyness and *maybe* some tube clipping can happen in V2c , and even so it´s...
  8. J M Fahey

    Kalamazoo reverb 12 cts speaker

    FWIW Eminence IS CTS . Or used to :) Of course they later diversified a lot, in the old times everybody tried to be a jensen clone or thereabouts, since it was the established standard "everybody" used.
  9. J M Fahey

    Confession - I'm an idiot

    That for the first half your amp/cab combination sounds clean and smooth shows there is not damage. Amps do not self heal. Mesa is not the Holy Grail to begin with. There´s degrees of "wrong", with a lot of "opinion" thrown in to spice things up. Besides perfect match which is the trivial...
  10. J M Fahey

    I don’t understand why these guys spend all this $ on a plexi, and...

    Not sure whether the OP was sarcastic or he´s simply trying to save face after the backlash.
  11. J M Fahey

    Another speaker question - Replacing Celestion G12E-60

    Well, if you plan to replace all 4, you don´t have a cab, you have an empty wooden box, don´t you? Your choice, but if your problem is you will probably *increase* harshness. Those bland sounding speakers , as I mentioned above, are often used to tame harsh SS amps. Or simply because they are...
  12. J M Fahey

    Another speaker question - Replacing Celestion G12E-60

    Given the not so original name, I´m quite sure it´s an "evolution" of their G12E-50 speaker , same speaker (same frame and magnet so "same engine") with a somewhat improved voice coil. Which in due time were the evolution of G12L-35 . Not bad , definitely usable, pales only besides its mighty...
  13. J M Fahey

    What the heck is this amp???!!!

    Generic 70´s SS Japanese amp, sold under many shop brands, such as Marlboro. Can do as a living room/garage practice amp, as a pedal playback amp. Think *early* Crate and similar, earliest simplest Peavey, etc.
  14. J M Fahey

    Why people use guitar pedals with tube amps?

    WHICH-IS-YOUR-COUNTRY?????????? Add that to your user profile or signature, like I do. Impossible to guess.
  15. J M Fahey

    Help - 1 Celestion Speaker with 2 Amps

    ^^^^^^^ that. In a nutshell: * if both amps are ON, they fight to death for control. Even if one does not receive signal, it still DOES have one voltage it will try to keep: 0V (hint: it will behave like the shortest short in the World, worse than a piece of wire). * if one is off, it is still...
  16. J M Fahey

    Help - 1 Celestion Speaker with 2 Amps

    Yes. Or an electrical analogy would be to connect 120V and 240V wiring to the same single outlet, both at the same time, "for convenience of having 120V and 240V amplifiers usable there" the problem being that "one FIGHTS the other for control", each one wrecking the other in the process. While...
  17. J M Fahey

    Anyone rock a 4x8?

    Isn´t there a Boss mini-combo just like that? The other version being a "huge" 5 1/4" speaker or so. :eek: EDIT: Stand back in awe ... and to protect hearing ;)
  18. J M Fahey

    How do YOU play a plexi type amp?

    All knobs on 10, maybe "Normal" channel to 5 or 6 tops if bridged to avoid excess (muddy) Bass. What´s the point of getting a Plexi, then running it clean (abomination) and get all dirt from pedals? If so, plug into a Peavey Bandit or something and call it a day.
  19. J M Fahey

    Anyone rock a 4x8?

    Just do the Geometry :) ... or in this case put 3 or 4 8" speakers on a piece of paper and pencil outlines, then check whether they fit in your oversized 12" cab or not. IF you haven´t yet built it, adjust plans to suit. If no speakers currently available, cut 3 or 4 cardboard disks to...
  20. J M Fahey

    Lab Series L5 worth the risk? $400 asking price

    KILLER amplifier.
  21. J M Fahey

    4x12 cabinet with back open?

    FWIW VOX 4x12" were open back since the Stone Age: much Alnico goodness inside :)
  22. J M Fahey

    Anyone rock a 4x8?

    Interesting thread. FWIW I manufacture my own speakers, from 4" to 18" and of course including 8" I make them heavier than usually available in the market, precisely so guys are motivated to replace Factory fitted ones with my own. In 2001-2002 we suffered a HEAVY economic turmoil, deeper...
  23. J M Fahey

    Help - 1 Celestion Speaker with 2 Amps

    You must strongly avoid **ANY** possibility of connecting Amp 1 output to Amp 2 output, ever. Which is almost guaranteed connecting all those wires to speaker terminals. Having 1 amp OFF at a time saves you NOTHING, working amp can easily destroy nonworking/OFF amp in parallel. NOW, this: is...
  24. J M Fahey

    Scorpions? Peavey SX212 question

    Standard is having those jacks in parallel, so plugging into any of them should be the same. Of course, checking beats guessing by a country mile.
  25. J M Fahey

    Scorpions? Peavey SX212 question

    The square frames plus the obvious Peavey cabinet they are in practically confirms they ARE Scorpions. Killer speakers, a mini EV in their own right : cast frames, exponential cones, tight machined magnets, edgewound aluminum voice coils. People love or hate thgem, because , like EVs, they are...