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  1. mody

    Rockitt Retro RR100 Clips

  2. mody

    Josh Smith Signature Ibanez FlatV1

    Just wow!
  3. mody

    4x12 Cabs and speaker break-in.

    I don't know if it's a speaker thing but I prefer to practice with the cab turned away, mine is a new production 1960B stock with the Chinese G12T-75 speakers, I may be in the minority for preferring them over V30s. Have noticed 3 stages of break-in so far, it's been more than a year but I don't...
  4. mody

    Just one guitar?

    For the last three years, I've had just one strat, and I played my arse off on it. Recently was reunited with a custom shop Lentz Carvetop, it's now my desert island guitar, I feel terrible that it bumped the strat into its case. Though I do admit it is perhaps a good problem to have :) I've...
  5. mody

    [closed] Suggest articulate neck humbucker for a big sounding guitar please?

    I want to try and see if I can get an articulate neck humbucker for my Lentz Croyden Carvetop, in my avatar. I tried rasing the pole screws, but I'm not sure how effective it was. The bridge pickup is perfect, the current neck pickup is good too but I want to see if I can try something that will...
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    Acoustica Gold4... I like it!

    I just discovered Arturia's 1073 Pre. After talking to a friend he recommended Acoustica Gold since I was enjoying the neve sound. Previously I was only using the stock limiter to add volume as a mic pre. I could never understand how the pros did it. It's really complicated for me, but one heck...
  7. mody

    Lentz Croydon Carvetop, she's back!

    I waited 3 years for this guitar while Scott did his thing. A few years later I had a brain fart and sold it. Had the rare opportunity to buy my guitar back after five years. Reached me today, I'm over the moon, to say the least. Zero neck taper but the shoulders are perfect, feels amazing...
  8. mody

    [SOLVED]High gain overdrive for a dimed plexi?

    Amp & Cab: RR100 ( w/ PPIMV, no loop ) + 1960B ( T75s ) Pedals I have ( besides an NS2 ) : DOD YJM 308 ( almost perfect but a bit harsh ) Rockbox Boilingpoint ( nice but very strong midrange, also find it hard to balance neck & bridge pup ) DOD 250-13 reissue ( bassy, prefer the 308 ) Vemuram...
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    What OD/EQ into filthy super lead & 4x12?

    I'm currently using a YJM strat and a DOD YJM 308 (dimed) into an NS2's loop, amp jumpered and dimed except for vol2 (at 0) -> RR100 -> 1960B. Basic YJM tone. I'm now wondering if can get a few more options, I have a Vemuram Karen that's great but can get a woody, I have a Vemuram Budi that is...
  10. mody

    Rockitt Retro RR100 Love?

    Really love this amp. Into a 1960B T75 stock. YJM strat. I think I got the Rockbox boiling point in there in the middle. The MV works really well; this was recorded at pretty low SPLs.
  11. mody

    What kind of guitarist are you?

    Been wondering what percentage of folk really play besides talking about playing. This is not only a poll but please also post a recent vid of you actually playing the guitar. Please, no excuses about lack of gear to make or post a video. This is TGP afterall. I'll go first: A shot clip of...
  12. mody

    Need some advice about YJM tones.

    I've been using an RR100 and a Vemuram clean boost (budi) to get my current tones as below. Cab is a 1960B with T75. In those clips ( just different mixes ) the obvious rhythm and lead bits are with my usual settings. Somebody near me is selling a DOD YJM 308, I hadn't been able to try it with...
  13. mody

    String guitars the right way?

    There is no one way, though this has worked for me for years. I came across a video of a very experienced guitar tech, youtube early days, poorly named video, but can not remember how he was, lost forever. I'd like to share this as it's worked perfectly for me for years. Excuse the 'art'...
  14. mody

    Marshall 1960B Made in England?

    I recently got a new 1960B cab. Says Made in England. But are the G12T-75 speakers are Chinese?
  15. mody

    Where do I get longer Strat saddle screws?

    I've been using this bridge as in the picture a while now and have no issues, but I'd like to have the option to experiment with a bit of more action, I'm at 2.5mm at the 12th fret, I'd like to go higher without a neck shim. In case anybody is wondering I'm on a scalloped board which allows for...
  16. mody

    Guitar setup and mod poll [Updated]

    I'll start. Definitely do all my setups and mods. Don't trust anybody else to get it right. Enjoy doing them. Always open to learning new techniques. edit: update! added the luthier option, forget we got world-class luthiers on here!
  17. mody

    Things taken me a long time to figure out!

    I've experienced decades of bad advice or what's more likely I've filtered out the good advice for the misguided but easy path. Now, this may be of no consequence to anybody else but I've learned a few things. There is no substitute for the sounds in your head, get the big iron. Save for a...
  18. mody

    New Cab Day!

    My rig if finally complete. Just got the 1960B with T75s yesterday. I've been wanting a setup like this for decades but could never justify it; slogged my ass off on my chops last 2 years, now I don't feel so bad about it. Absolute beastly even at low volumes with the PPIMV, I run my OD for...
  19. mody

    Help! Marshall 1959 with TAE or 4x12?

    I've got Marshall 1959 69' spec super lead 100 clone, RR100. A Fender Vintage Modified 2x12 with CL80 (160 watts) to go with it so far. The speakers are bright and I got to point my SM57 between them at the baffle for a decent tone, they're very bright. I'm trying to decide between a Marshall...
  20. mody

    1960A vs 1960B

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a cab for my super lead 100 (RR100). The cabs are loaded with T75 for 300 watts. What should i get first, straight or the slant? This is for YJM style Rock. Thanks.
  21. mody

    Speaker power requirements for SuperLead 100

    Hi, Just wanted to know the recommended wattage requirements for a Super Lead 100 type head, I run mine all dimed except for bass near 0 and presence around midway, no jumper, into the bright channel. I'm currently using a Fender MV Bandmaster2 x 12 Cabinet with Celestion Seventy 80s. 8 Ohms...
  22. mody

    [SOLVED] Tube Amp hisses on startup.

    Hi, I've noticed my amps (Rockit Retro RR100 && Dr Z Ghia ) both make some noise on startup. The RR100 after switching it on for a few mins to warm up; when I hit the standby to on I get a hiss for a few seconds that builds up and then dies out. This lasts for like 3 to 4 seconds. Noticed my...
  23. mody

    Rockitt Rettro RR100 based Rig help needed

    I had a chance to score an RR100 at a reasonable price with a 1x12 Fender Cab thrown in for free. I committed to the deal. The amp and cab are arriving in a month. Also, have a Dr.Z 1x12 with a Tone Tubby Alnico for my old Carmen Ghia head. I have three guitars; one is a YJM signature SD Fury...
  24. mody

    Vermuram Karen Users

    Are you still enjoying the pedal? What are your thought on the drive and what did you replace it with it at all? I wish it had a mid control but that's about it, I like that it's not as thin/precise/sharp as the BEOD. I'm pre boosting my Karen with a Vemuram Budi for 90s hi-gain rock tones...