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  1. Jeff Scott

    Give me your explanation for the vinyl/turntable renaissance

    That's one of my pet-peeves regarding movie soundtracks. Totally way too much volume differences between dialog and music/sound effects built-in to them.
  2. Jeff Scott

    Anyone recognize this bass bridge?

    Don't replace that Hipshot bridge with some more Ibanez-y, if you were thinking of doing so. You have a superior bridge on your bass, right now.
  3. Jeff Scott

    Why are stocks of acoustics so low?

    A friend of mine ordered a new Guild F-412 last fall and received it in a couple of months time. You could do the same.
  4. Jeff Scott

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    I currently have two very modern basses by Martin Keith; they both have my preferred electronics - passive.
  5. Jeff Scott

    Beryllium Toxicity In Electronics

    Only, if you live in California. :p
  6. Jeff Scott

    What alternative universe would audio have had without high power SS amps?

    My wife's father installed the Bozak in the late 1950s and when we did our gut renovation of the first floor in '17 we protected the speaker so it would not get damaged during the work. We even had that custom fireplace screen made for it. The speaker still works fine but we don't use it, it's...
  7. Jeff Scott

    What alternative universe would audio have had without high power SS amps?

    Hey! :eek: We, proudly, have a Bozak 302 in our fireplace. :cool:
  8. Jeff Scott

    Recommendations for a good bass DI

    That should be excellent. I have a Tone Hammer 500 amp that every FOH guy loved the DI on it, whether used Pre or Post.
  9. Jeff Scott

    What bass are you playing today?

    Ah! Thanks, Tom, for that. When we did our dining room renovation in '17 we created a 5' quarter sawn white oak wainscot in the room, very Arts & Crafst-like.
  10. Jeff Scott

    What bass are you playing today?

    What is that outlet at the lower left?
  11. Jeff Scott

    Tell about your encounter with any of audio's founding fathers.

    Another "founding father", of sorts, was an old friend of mine from when I lived in L.A. in the '80s/early '90s. Andy Hefley of Great American Sound.
  12. Jeff Scott

    Tube amps for home stereo

    A friend and I spent an afternoon at Art's apartment back in the late '80s, talking shop and music. Really nice guy who was very generous with his time for us. I don't recall what he had at the time that we listened through, unfortunately.
  13. Jeff Scott

    Humidity Issue

    This is a constant battle i have been trying to deal with, too. Outside windows will always be much colder than anywhere else in the house in winter, so of course, condensation will occur on them. So, I am always juggling the humidity control up and down on our whole house humidifier...
  14. Jeff Scott

    Do you think high end acoustics are a good investment?

    If you loosen the strings, you MUST loosen the truss rod, too, otherwise you will end up with neck issues. Loosening of the strings is fine for a very short while only, like for a couple of hours. like if you were in the process of changing strings and cleaning the guitar, for example. Didn't...
  15. Jeff Scott

    Tell about your encounter with any of audio's founding fathers.

    The only "founding fathers" I have met and talked with were Saul Marantz and John (Jack) Mullins.
  16. Jeff Scott

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Cool! Made me think of this.
  17. Jeff Scott

    Anyone go from HT back to Stereo only?

    Looks more like a manattic......................
  18. Jeff Scott

    Roundwound string recs

    I can't slap to save my life but, probably. They are pretty low in tension, a good thing IME, but may take some getting used to for those coming from what I call bridge cables. I have their JFs on 50% of my basses, too.
  19. Jeff Scott

    Roundwound string recs

    TI Jazz Rounds .:aok
  20. Jeff Scott

    Rickenbacker 4005XC !

    Most of us consider these various short-runs and one-offs RIC has been making as de facto customs, not production instruments.
  21. Jeff Scott

    Rickenbacker 4005XC !

    Ever order an instrument from a custom builder? RIC is making 90 of each instrument, nothing to wonder about.
  22. Jeff Scott

    Rickenbacker 4005XC !

    I forgot to mention, the 4005 was a true hollowbody bass, with an X-brace, no center block.
  23. Jeff Scott

    Rickenbacker 4005XC !

    I've got a little bit of experience with Rickenbackers, even the 4005 (see below). Totally agreed. My first Rick (of a great many) was my old Feb '67 4005WB (Jetglo) that I got in 1973. Had it for 38 years (sold it in 2011) and have done lots of gigging and recording with it. For RIC's 75th...
  24. Jeff Scott

    Rickenbacker 4005XC !

    In what way won't it be thumping?