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    HD500x in the heat

    Thanks. So if my neck is cooking from the heat then the HD500x probably is also.
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    HD500x in the heat

    Played a 1pm gig yesterday in the 85-90F weather. The HD500x LCD display was all but useless. Even when shading can be helpful at lower temps to see the screen, the images are nearly completely gone at the higher temps. The images return when back at room temps. And, of course, on/off stomp...
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    The complete iOS rig: Experience thus far!

    Has anyone tried a hybrid approach to using JamUp live? Specifically, using your existing pedalboard into the JamUp without an amp and direct to a board? Guitar ->Pedalboard ->Apogee I/O ->iPad (Amp Sim +/- effects)->headphone Out ->Direct Box ->PA My thought is that this allows one to...
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    Axe-FX: Use Live, Studio, Both

    Any others? I'm trying to get a respectable sampling of Axe-Fx users to see if any inferences/conclusions can be made from the poll. A little help? Thanks.
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    Axe-FX: Use Live, Studio, Both

    How many folks use the Axe-Fx for live work only, recording only or both?
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    Sharing with TGP members : POD HD500 price match

    I had the HD500 for a month. Over a month. I couldn't make it work for me on so many levels. I have little doubt that in more experienced and/or patient set of ears that this can become a very useful tool. The silver lining...Sweetwater took it back no questions for a full refund.
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    Size of POD HD500?

    This one. I got it. It works.
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    The Eventide Timefactor Lounge; Now With Clips and Video!!!

    I've used it to power my MF and TF with the L6 adapter. Yes it works, but there is a definite audible increase in background noise - even with the guitar not even plugged in. Dead silent with the obnoxious wall warts.
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    Eventide Modfactor or Rack/Controller

    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Eventide Modfactor or Rack/Controller

    I'm considering a single unit that does multiple modulation effects: in the rack or on the floor? I've poured over many posts here and have looked at the manuals for several pieces of equipment finding pro's and con's for both. I'm thinking about TC Electronic G-Major/G-Major 2 + Midi...