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  1. Stefenator

    My new "stupid" question of the month

    Usually, it only means something to a collector. So, if the guitar that there are 100 of, becomes collectable, then having the original/prototype MIGHT have a higher value than the rest of them. Otherwise, enjoy your guitar! Rock on, Steph
  2. Stefenator

    Does gigging when you're old even make sense?

    Well Doc, I'm not sure what to tell you. I'll be 60 in March. in 2019 (pre-pandemic) I did 130 shows (in addition to my day job). Last year was rough for getting gigs. this year, we have gigs booked out until November. Gear has gotten a lot lighter. People can get in your face whether you're...
  3. Stefenator

    Swiss Army Knife Guitar Types

    My Swiss Army Knife. Both volume pots are push/push for coil splitting and the single coil tones are great! It is MY Gold Top version of the Parallel Universe Uptown Strat (see below)...
  4. Stefenator

    Pre- Z Z Top

  5. Stefenator

    Culling the collection... how did you guys do it?

    I don't know how to sell guitars (which would explain why I have 52!), but hopefully this floorplan for your condo should help!
  6. Stefenator

    What that hell happened to Fender ?
  7. Stefenator

    My rig sounds really bad and I don’t know why.

    James, Maybe I'm missing something, but what are you using for a preamp? From your description, it looks like your pedal board is feeding into a power amp (Pro Block 200) without any preamp. The preamp is probably one of the most important pieces in your current signal chain and you don't seem...
  8. Stefenator

    What level player are you?

    I'm not sure which category for me... I have my full time job, but in 2019 I did over 130 shows! 2020 I did 30! Ready for this COVID crap to be over, but I'm sure it's still going to be a while...
  9. Stefenator

    Which strat did it for you?

    This will always be my number 1 (although, now I have 2 number 1s. a 1a and a 1b). When the factory builds you a guitar to your own specs, it's pretty much impossible that it won't "do it for you!" Of course, I just got this for Christmas and it's pretty incredible! I have a pretty decent...
  10. Stefenator

    Favourite unconventional telecaster?

    Did you say Seafoam Green WITH matching headstock? I have one of those too:
  11. Stefenator

    Favourite unconventional telecaster?

    There's also this Parallel Universe Tele. Block inlays, bound neck, double bound Thinline body with 2 TV Jones pickups: Then of course, for a really BIG BIG sound:
  12. Stefenator

    Favourite unconventional telecaster?

    I have this one, which has an S1 switch in each knob for coil splitting of 2 Select Vintage pickups. Malaysian Blackwood: And this one, which is Sherwood Green Metallic with a channel bound neck (birdseye maple with a rosewood fret board and 2 TV Jones pickups:
  13. Stefenator

    How I solved my Love/Hate relationship with Gibson Les Paul guitars

    Sweet! I have a dual humbucker Tele as well and it has an S1 switch in each knob so I can split coils, it's definitely not a LP replacement. I still play it, but it's a lot different than my new Gold Top...
  14. Stefenator

    How I solved my Love/Hate relationship with Gibson Les Paul guitars

    Sweet! What are you riding nowadays? My XDiavel is a 2016, but I'm seriously considering the 2021...
  15. Stefenator

    How I solved my Love/Hate relationship with Gibson Les Paul guitars

    A Harley is a nice bike, but it's not a Ducati! (just having some fun Rango, no harm intended. Rock on sir!)
  16. Stefenator

    Favorite Trem system and why

    Blix, as I said in the previous post, some plates DID have Floyd Rose on them, but Floyd really did not design that bridge, George Blanda did. I did check out the Wilkinson, but I wasn't keen on the way the clamp screw grabs the wound strings (doesn't seem to be an issue on the plain strings)...
  17. Stefenator

    Favorite Trem system and why

    That is the Blanda Locking Tremolo AKA Fender Locking Bridge. Some people mistakenly call it the "mini floyd" or the "Fender Floyd" even though Floyd had nothing to do with the design. There were some bridges produced with Floyd Rose on the plate, George Blanda is the actual designer of this...
  18. Stefenator

    How I solved my Love/Hate relationship with Gibson Les Paul guitars

    I'm not a fan of any "bashing" threads, no matter what it is. However, I really didn't get that from the OP. I mean, he started off by saying how much he liked 490s. Do you start of a bashing thread like that? I think it was more like he was trying to find a solution and when he did, he was...
  19. Stefenator

    How I solved my Love/Hate relationship with Gibson Les Paul guitars

    I have a decent sized guitar collection, but one guitar I don't have is a Les Paul. I like the sound, but I'm a Fender guy, so I'm not planning to buy a Les Paul any time soon. Here's how I solved my problem!