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  1. mmcquain

    Bowie Died :(

    David Bowie wasn't just an artist... HE WAS ART in his ability to reinvent himself and constantly expand and push beyond the status quo. Whether it was in music, acting, theater, visual arts or whatever he sat his mind to, you could always expect something new and unique from him. His life was...
  2. mmcquain

    R.I.P B.B King

    The Thrill Will NEVER BE Gone... RIP BB King​​ Over the years I've been blessed to have seen him like 13 or 14 times and I've met and spoken with him three times. There has never been a more humble, caring entertainer ever. He was the true meaning of class and grace. God bless...
  3. mmcquain

    What music video still holds up to the test of time?

    I still like the original version of this song (but the lyrics offended some so you can only find the edited version these days)... And Al's version still makes me laugh...
  4. mmcquain

    What is the single most expensive piece of gear you've ever owned?

    Most expensive was a 1961 Gibson Les Paul (from the period when they were in the process of renaming it to SG) that I sold for around $5K - I could have gotten more but it had a repaired neck break at the heal where it joins the body. It had original PAF pickups in it and was a really cool old...
  5. mmcquain

    What songs do you never get tired of hearing?

    Yes, I think it is a very subtle phaser (sorta' like the phaser used by Gary Rossington on his solo in "Call Me The Breeze")
  6. mmcquain

    Anybody else here with "show choir" experience?

    Thanks for the reply. Glad you got to see the D&E group. And very cool that you got to visit Sweetwater... did you get to pick up any new toys when you went there? :)
  7. mmcquain

    Anybody else here with "show choir" experience?

    bgmacaw-that's cool. I sang some in the regular choir (where my voice could be masked by those around who could really sing) but for the most part you do NOT want to hear me "sing" (and I use the term very loosely) :)
  8. mmcquain

    Anybody else here with "show choir" experience?

    Scott944 - where are you at in WV? I'm originally from Elkins and the college jazz choir I'm referring to is D&E College in WV. Yes, the show choir thing seems to be popular in that area. But even here in FL it is popular. The middle school my son went to had a show choir group that won...
  9. mmcquain

    Anybody else here with "show choir" experience?

    Back in college (mid 80s) I ran sound for 3 years with my college's show choir. They would do week-long tours in the fall and over spring break (usually to FL). What you described above is similar to the way it was back then (except they had tube amps - LOL). Our band was made up of one the...
  10. mmcquain

    What was the Name of your 1st Band? Mine was 'Aunt Maggie's Basement Blues'

    Sweet Wildwood Flower - senior year of high school 1982 played the Homecoming Dance, as was mentioned in a newspaper clipping (I need to find it and scan it one of these days before its gone forever :) ). I remember I took a large bed sheet and cut out the shape of a giant pot leaf and laid it...
  11. mmcquain

    SRV with Jeff Healey.

    Great clip... thanks for posting!!!
  12. mmcquain

    Great Lyricists

    Most of my favorites have already been mentioned but there are a few in this list that may be new to the thread... Bernie Taupin, Kris Kristofferson, Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, Ronnie Van Zant, Lennon & McCartney, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Hiatt, Billy Joel, Chuck Berry, Randy Newman, Lyle...
  13. mmcquain

    What is it about "Hallelujah" that makes it such a beloved song.
  14. mmcquain

    What is it about "Hallelujah" that makes it such a beloved song.

    Nice versions...
  15. mmcquain

    + + + What are your 3 FAVORITE ALBUMS of all time? + + +

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More From the Road Gary Moore - Best of the Blues BB King - Blues on the Bayou
  16. mmcquain

    KISS makes it to the R-n-R Hall of Fame
  17. mmcquain

    KISS makes it to the R-n-R Hall of Fame

    It's official... KISS has made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  18. mmcquain

    1950's B.B. King gear

    Here's BB's modern setup that he's been using for many years now...
  19. mmcquain

    The best guitar player most have never heard of.

    My personal favorite is my good friend, and former guitar teacher, Brad Gum...
  20. mmcquain

    Cool rock 'n roll one liners....

    "Just because you're winning don't mean you're the lucky one" -Axl Rose But my all-time favorite is still...
  21. mmcquain

    Re: 42 Years Gone... RIP Duane Allman

    One of the worst days in rock history as we lost SkyDog at age 24. But what a legacy he left behind. I got to see the Allmans play on the 20th anniversary of his death (10-29-91) in Tampa and it was a hell of a great show. They never actually mentioned it but the date and Duane's memory...
  22. mmcquain

    House of the rising sun

    Started life as a folk song, works as a blues number and a rock number (ala The Animals, Ventures, etc.) and can even work as a Christian song when you overlay the lyrics to Amazing Grace (which line up perfectly over the chord changes)...
  23. mmcquain

    Happy 88th Birthday BB King...

    Thanks MacLoud
  24. mmcquain

    Happy 88th Birthday BB King...

    Today BB King turns 88 years old. He, along with Les Paul, are 2 American "Living Legends" that I've had a chance to meet a few times over the last 20 years. Sadly, Les is no longer with us but BB is still here and out on the road playing several hundred shows every year. In the last few...
  25. mmcquain

    What one song do you never get tired of hearing?

    Soulshine - Warren Haynes Sultains of Swing - Knopfler Tuesdays Gone - Skynyrd Jumpin at Shadows - Gary Moore