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    Chick Corea, RIP

    Very sad, RIP Chick I heard it was cancer
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    Sold SOLD PENDING PAYMENT...1986 Mesa Boogie Mark III

    You should keep it. It's a great amp.
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    What is the one greatest John Lennon song?

    My Late Uncle wrote the string orchestrations and conducted the sessions for that album.
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    That's the album I thought of too.
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    Sold SOLD - 2011 Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 Limited Edition Birdseye Maple Sunburst - Wildwood Guitars

    335's are great guitars. You should keep that baby. Mine is great, although it's not my #1 I'd never sell it. Good luck
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    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    Very Very underrated. I've gotten so much grief from musicians over the years for wanting to play some of his music. ie Do You Feel, Lines On My Face etc... I don't get why he gets so much hate for his music?
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    I’ve waited over 30 years for this guitar

    What did you trade for it?
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    Sold Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:25

    Yeah I hear ya. There is a whole world of great amps out there. I also love some of the Dumble clones like Fuchs, Glasswerks, Carol Ann, Two Rock etc... Maybe one of those ODS Amps by Suhr and Bradshaw would work. Like What Scott Henderson has used in the past. They had different voicings of...
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    Sold Suhr Scott Henderson Signature Classic / Mint

    That's my second dream guitar. Only thing that would make that better to me is if it was Sonic Blue. Good Luck
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    have you ever put pickups in a guitar, that were more expensive than the guitar?

    I have Classic 57's in my 1995 335 Dot. They sound great to my ears. I have no plans on ever replacing them.
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    Upstate New York Guitar Store - Korina V Replica

    No Upstate starts at Yonkers.
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    The Experiment Is Over

    I'm not a big fan of LP's either. I really don't like the way they sit on my neck. They don't work for me. But they do work for others, However I do like 335's and Sg's.
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    Sold Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:25

    Have you owned any other Mark series? I had a MkII B when they were new. I've had a MkIv for around ten years and love it. MkIII's are nice too. With a more aggressive od. Good luck with your sale.
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    My guitars were stolen

    Sorry to hear that. I hope you get that Strat back. I also hope the ass that stole it gets busted.
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    I saw a pro guitarist performing with the Yamaha DG Stomp.

    I've had a DG stomp for around twenty years. I used to use it more but now it's mainly a backup for my amps. At one time I owned three DG80's and two UD Stomps . I believe Allan Holdsworth helped develop that line for Yamaha.