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    Epi Casino pickups

    Just measured the pickups in my 02 Epi Casino (it‘s a Peerless) and they run about 12 K...I know I read here somewhere that one cannot easily install aftermarkets like Duncans or Gibson P90‘s in a Casino due to different spacings of the poles. I just cannot find the thread here... now would it...
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    George Thorogood Live 1982

    Listened to the new edition of this classic album today. Some versions are really great on there. But I can‘t stand the sax. When did George start with the Sax player? I mean, a horn section has power, but a lone Sax is just cheesy...loved his first album when they were just a trio. Raw and...
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    Didn‘t realize I already had a bass amp...

    Was looking for a bass amp to mess around with at home (I play guitar for about 40 years) since the iPad apps work great but I don‘t always like playing with headphones. So I plugged in my ‘55 Gibson/Maestro GA45 modded witha 12“ speaker (originally it was a 4x8) and it sounds great. Sure, it‘s...
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    Ios Guitar/Bass amp App to use with Spotify, youtube..

    I use the JamUp Pro app for learning tunes but it just lets my use the itunes library. Is there something that works also with spotify or youtube to import tunes to learn or do I have to switch to something like the Nux Mighty Plug?
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    TeleBird built...

    I have half an idea to build a guitar withFirebird body, Telecaster neck, Tele bridge and bridge pup and a P90 in the neck, Tele control plate. What would be your choice of body wood? Ash or Alder? And what pot value give the different pickups? Still not sure if I might really do it since time...
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    SG experts - 2013 vs. 2019 version of the sideways vibrola model

    Anybody know the differences? I noticed the headstock shape is very pronounced on the 2013 and more „vintage“ looking on the 2019. Anything else to consider, apart the fact the sideways vibrola is junk but looks way cool?
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    Tremolo not working properly

    In my ancient Maestro GA45 the tremolo is not working properly anymore. When I switch it on it stays deep and nice for a second then flattens much and is barely audible anymore. Could it just be the tube? Beeing a strang 6SQ7 tube I don‘t have a spare but wanted some input before buying. Or...
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    To rehouse or not?

    I have an ancient Gibson Maestro GA45 amp, mid 50‘s Modded with a single 12“. The amp sound REALLY great but the cab has seen better days, rattles etc.... To play it out I was thinking about rehousing it in a bare wood Deluxe style cab, and finishing it myself, just oiling it or something and...
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    Does grill cloth matter?

    I rediscovered an ancient Gibson Maestro GA45 amp I have for years that really sounds great but the cab is in bad shape so I wanted to rehouse it in a Deluxe 5E3 style cab that I might finish just oiling it and was thinking about something special for the grill cloth, like those jute coffe bags...
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    Tremolo switch cable

    Might be a stupid question, but tha cable for the tremolo switch in my ancient Gibson Maestro doesn‘t work anymore. Do I just need a normal lamp cord or else? Thanks
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    Strymon Flint routing options

    Is there a way to put other effects between the tremolo and reverb? I like my trem before drives and reverb last in chain...
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    Anybody else not using delay?

    Just wondering since nearly all boards I see have some kind of delay on there, often multiple. I considered myself going that route, but only ever tried a EH Memory Toy...sold it quite fast as I didn’t see much benfit in it, and it seemed to need much attention for sett8mgs, tempo etc. I like a...
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    Trigger Hippy WOW!

    Older show, but I just found it on YT. Great musicians, dynamics to spare, Joan Osborne's singing is stunning and both Bukovac and Greene are a textbook of tasty guitar playing.
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    Klon(e) with Zendrive anybody?

    Anybody using this combination with bf/sf Fender amps or does it get too middy all in all?
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    Static noise on pickguard

    On my Tele Partscaster whenever I use the neck pickup, or middle position and I touch the pickguard with my fingers of my picking hand (as I always do) there is a static noise, not very loud but nerving.On the bridge pickup it‘s fine. Anybody know of a cure for this issue? Thanks
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    Power supply for Pedaltrain

    want to set up a small board with tuner, ceriatone centura, nobels odr1 and a strymon lex and was looking for a small power supply as the strymon is not so happy with the one spot. Would the Ojai fit under a Pedaltrain Nano+ or Metro 16 or are ther other, better otions?
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    Nobels ODR1- late to the party

    But better late than never. Just got one and I‘m really impressed! Fat, juicy and a great usable tone control. It really is it‘s own thing and seems married to Fender amps. Still remember them from the 90‘s when I bought a Tremolo pedal just because it was the cheapest one available. I should...
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    Rotary pedal: small, great sounds, switchable speeds

    The title says it all, except that it also has to be powered daisy-chained with a OneSpot so far I just found the Digitech Ventura Vibe the Keeley DynoMyRoto doesn‘t seem to have ramping speed For the bigger ones I was looking atbtne Strymon Lex but heard it has some problems with daisy chain...
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    How‘s the Roland Cube 60 from the 80‘s?

    Anyone have one? looking for a small cheapo to play around the house and I kinda like the cheesy 80‘s look...
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    Raising the high e-string at the nut

    just got a nice epiphone bonamassa firebird where the high e-string is a little too low at the nut. What are quick and fixes for that issue? Otherwise the action and playability are great
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    Nux Atlantic Tape and Analog delay

    Just for fun and home use I am looking for a delay pedal, esp. listening to a lot of Joe Walsh lately who uses (I believe) Echoplexes to great effect. Is the Nux Atlantic a decent unit for that use without breaking the bank? I would also benefit from the Reverb to replace the HOF mini I use with...
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    Bonamassa Firebird mod

    Tomorrow I will buy a gold Bonamassa Firebird for a good price. I though about modding it with a dog ear P90 since it is kind of a nice guitar and I don‘t own a P90 guitar apart from a Casino. Would you do it as it involves a bit of routing, or better to go with a Rio Grande pickup that is a P90...
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    Kinda proud...we did a live cut

    Some action on my 64 Bird, my bandmates Rossington and a Thunderbird... Sorry for the typo in the video...need to taker care ofit asap Please be kind ;)
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    Carbon copy vs. Echoplex

    Sorry for the stupid question, but what are, soundwise, the differences? I know one is an analog delay and the other is a simulation of a tape delay, but as a delay noob I‘m just curious, since I was thinkingabout adding a delay for a little fatter tones...generally I use vintage amps and...
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    Easy to use Looper

    Just for a little practice and writing at home, where it is quite intuitive to figure out how to undo the single overdubs in case I mess up (frequently:). Storing a few different loops is a plus looking at the Boss Rc1 and Rc3, Mxr Clone, EH 360 or 720, Tc Ditto, Digitech Jamman Solo, Akai...