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    Suhr vs. Danocaster

    My wife has told me that for my next birthday (I'll not say which one, but it's a big number) she wanted to get me a nice guitar. Currently, I have a couple of funky partscasters built by a local guy and a great Suhr Classic Pro S-style. I'd like to add a good Tele-style guitar to the fold and...
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    Voodoo Labs Customer Service Rocks!

    I bought a Sparkle Drive new from Guitar Center about ten years ago and used it, at home, pretty regularly until the switch became problematic. I could get the pedal to engage, but only after tapping on it several times with light pressure. I read that the switches were a known problem, but I...
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    NGD--Suhr C1!

    I've been jonesing for a nice HSS S-style guitar for a good while now and finally had enough cash to make it feasible. I've been haunting the TGP classifieds, Craigslist, Ebay, etc. and had seen some interesting possibilities. Due to past experiences, however, I'm hesitant to buy a guitar...
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    Tommy Emmanuel in Orlando

    I was lucky enough to get to see Tommy Emmanuel tonight at the Plaza Theater in Orlando. I'm still dragging my jaw across the floor. What a great experience. YouTube videos and recordings just don't seem to convey how amazing he is. His technique is phenomenal, but it always added to the...
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    Eastman El Ray

    Hi, does anyone have any experience with the Eastman El Ray models? I saw a couple of these while visiting Andy's Guitars in Tallahassee (a very cool store, by the way). I didn't try one through an amp, but it was very nice acoustically and looked cooler than hell. Here's a pic: Any info...
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    Advice needed on PRS CE24

    Hi, A few months ago I bought a 1989 PRS CE24. I got what I think is a decent deal due to its having a fair bit of body wear...nothing serious, just some small paint chips and surface scratches. Otherwise, it looks way cool and plays like a million bucks. It has an alder body, Vintage Bass...