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  1. mody

    Recommend 1-5 Watt All tube Amps

    Bet it's a lovely amp!
  2. mody

    What pedal for that early Malcolm Young crunch?

    Hey, I'm so sorry I mixed them up, it's Angus's strings I was talking. Oops :)
  3. mody

    What pedal for that early Malcolm Young crunch?

    To the OP, I'd suggest the Solodallas Storm, it's an Angus thing but it covers Malcolm's tone too. It's very ACDC :)
  4. mody

    What pedal for that early Malcolm Young crunch?

    Wow been looking for something like that, thanks. Not true about the strings. Regular super slinskeys, pink. 9-42. Its def a cranked amp with a nuanced touch. There is articulation and dynamics in their playing, neither are constantly slamming the strings, accents Yes.
  5. mody

    What Marshall amp to get this tone and what 1 watt Marshall head'd be close?

    Some great references there Brek. You just made me a big fan of GM! Good luck with all the great gear would love to hear some clips when you get it all together. Sounds like a great setup in the making.
  6. mody

    What's Your Current Wah Pedal?

    Fulltone Clyde Std w/ Buffer
  7. mody

    What are you GASing for right now?

    Exactly my situation! Finally found my sounds, now all the stuff that I sifted through to get to this point is on its way out.feels great.
  8. mody

    Show your pedalboard: 2021

    I need a smaller board :D
  9. mody

    What are you GASing for right now?

    Nothing for a change
  10. mody

    Boost pedals. Who uses them?

    I completely agree, never understood the religious puritans :hide For one I love my amp, and it's usually set rather dirty, cleans up beautifully too. Lately, I've been wanting a little bit more out of it but don't want to change the settings on the amp, as it develops some frequencies I'm not...
  11. mody

    That sticker covered hole on Strats

    Meh... That spring doesn't have much elasticity, once it compresses fully it doesn't expand. Initially the trem warble bugged me too , but then I just got on with making music, it works just fine with the play n all, after a while u just embrace it's quirks. Still bothers you, use teflon tape...
  12. mody

    Bent saddles & Block saddles: Basic tonal difference?

    Absolutely true. Also often the pairing gear or situation will not resolve the differences, meaning the differences will not be noticed. I thought raw vintage saddles were an improvement with a dark amp, not so with a bright amp! Live and learn.
  13. mody

    That sticker covered hole on Strats

    That spring is the single most useless thing on a strat, I'm surprised it's still a thing!
  14. mody

    Rockitt Retro RR100 Clips

    Yes it cleans up entirely. Edit:. Just checked this on the amp, if I pick softly it cleans up a lot and maintians levels, if I roll back it gets a chime with a bit of hair, still retaining full volume, rolling back further the volume drop is not much to get a super fendery clean tone, if you...
  15. mody

    Rockitt Retro RR100 Clips

    Thank you!
  16. mody

    Quartersawn Madness!

    This post was making an unusual amount of sense for TGP, untill I saw the handle. I'd add SS frets to this list, I think MOST folks who insist on them have never worn down nickel frets to start with.
  17. mody

    How much neck dive do you tolerate?

    Zero tolerance, vibrato without any thumb often, deal breaker.
  18. mody

    NOS Mullard EL34 pair

  19. mody

    Rockitt Retro RR100 Clips

  20. mody

    Stringjoy Strings

    Longest lasting do far, not kidding, I play hard and everyday, I change them out every six months, out of spite.
  21. mody

    Rockitt Retro RR100 Clips