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  1. WorkinSteamin

    Side two of LOW/Side two of HEROES

    Recently picked up both on vinyl. I owned these prior to moronically selling all my records at the dawn of the CD. Anyway I do not think I listened to side two of either more than a handful of times. I guess since they were primarily instrumental I didn’t I think I would enjoy them as much as I...
  2. WorkinSteamin

    Jeff Beck’s Blow By Blow or Wired

    Just got both on vinyl and I’ll be damned if I can pick. They are both so outrageously great...
  3. WorkinSteamin

    If there were any doubt of Jorma’s genius...

    this should settle it. Keep On Truckin Been So Long Water Song ......... and Come Back Baby live in NYC 1973
  4. WorkinSteamin

    The White Album Box Set
  5. WorkinSteamin

    What makes "Hotel California" a great album?

    Admittedly I am not a huge Eagles fan. But even I will admit that they were one of the most important bands of the seventies. I have a few of their albums, "On The Border" being the one I listen to most. But it seems that "Hotel California" is considered to be their masterpiece. Why is this...
  6. WorkinSteamin

    Favorite Who Album?

    Live At Leeds? Who’s Next? The Who Sell Out? I gotta go with Tommy...
  7. WorkinSteamin

    TGP One Percenters

    One percenter being in the top one percent of players on The Gear Page. I’ll start with this guy. Feel free to nominate more than one. Let’s try to get em all... @SotosOpeth
  8. WorkinSteamin

    Favorite Steely Dan Song

    This was next to impossible for me. In the running were Bodhisattva, Reeling in the Years, Back Friday and others. But even though I’m not a huge fan of the album (I prefer the earlier less jazzy stuff), this one takes me to another place...
  9. WorkinSteamin

    Which member of Led Zeppelin...

    Which member of Led Zeppelin had the most influence on Led Zeppelin’s sound? I’m sayin Bonzo...
  10. WorkinSteamin

    Wish You Were Here / Animals

    Why does Pink Floyd’s Animals sound so much like a quartet rocking out in a garage. And the record it followed was the total opposite?
  11. WorkinSteamin

    Bands you never paid attention to...

    that you later learned were actually great. I will begin... Cheap Trick
  12. WorkinSteamin

    Let it Be

    which beatle played the guitar solo in this song? is it common knowledge? i honestly do not know...
  13. WorkinSteamin

    If you had to pick one John Mayer song...

    for Dead & Co to tackle and start playing, which would it be?
  14. WorkinSteamin

    Yes... a Poll

    The Yes Album Close to the Edge Fragile Go...
  15. WorkinSteamin

    Castles Made Of Sand

    Can anyone shed some light on how Jimi achieved his sound for the solo on this song?
  16. WorkinSteamin

    Ambrosia anyone...

    LA group Ambrosia released their debut album in 1975. It spawned a Top 20 hit... But listening to the other songs on the record reveals a progressive rock band with fierce chops. I wonder if any of you guys are familiar with this album?
  17. WorkinSteamin

    “Hey Jude”

    Was “Hey Jude” the pinnacle of The Beatles’ later achievements? The anthemic hook alone seals the deal for me.
  18. WorkinSteamin

    Peter Gabriel's on Spotify

    Was browsing Spotify playlists and discovered this was posted yesterday. It sure was a long time coming. What's your favorite PG album? I was obsessed with the first three in highschool and cannot pick one over the others...
  19. WorkinSteamin

    Songs About Cities

  20. WorkinSteamin

    Rubber Soul or Revolver

    Considered by many to be the finest of Beatles albums (in their original British forms.) I go back and forth depending on my mood. Right now I’m on RS. It just seems more cohesive. What say you??
  21. WorkinSteamin

    Concerts You Attended With Your Dad

    Inspired by the Hendrix at Symphony Hall thread. I have two: Led Zeppelin Nassau Colliseum 1972. My dad took me and my 11 y.o. classmate. They introduced a new song, “Stairway to Heaven” and three guys in front of us stood up and cheered. Otherwise, crickets. ELP Long Beach Arena 1974. I’m...
  22. WorkinSteamin

    The Who Tanglewood 7/7/70

    Since we’re spending Easter at our basement computers watching 1970 Tanglewood concerts instead of socializing with the family upstairs, it’s only appropriate to post this...
  23. WorkinSteamin

    Jethro Tull Tanglewood 1970

    one of very favorite groups that is rarely mentioned here. inspired by the @Ricardo P santana tanglewood thread. jethro tull. what say you tgp? yay or nay?
  24. WorkinSteamin

    Your Favorite Version of your Favorite Hendrix Tune

    Inspired by the Jimmy Pic thread (@ChazFromCali), post what you think is the best version of your favorite Jimi Hendrix song...