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    NGD - 335

    Really beautiful, congrats!
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    The best acoustic you've ever played? What's your fav brand?

    While looking at the acoustics at my local GC I saw a dreadnaught with a winged G on the headstock. I had never seen a Goodall in the wild before. I strummed a G chord and was blown away. I was priced at $1999. I still kick myself for not putting it on my credit card.
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    Acoustic to electric ratio

    Two electrics, two acoustics: Danocaster, Suhr/Martin, Taylor.
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    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    Lordy, that is sweet! Enjoy it.
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    Calling all Blue Guitars!!!

    This beauty appeared in the Emporium while I was on Danocaster's waiting list. Since it checked all the boxes for me, I cancelled my order and snagged it. Still makes me sweaty whenever I play it.
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    I think I want a Martin, but I need some help.

    i bought a new D-18 in July and it's absolutely gorgeous (looks and sound). For $4000 you could buy two of them.
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    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    I cashed in some PTO and bought a Martin D-18. It's absolutely wonderful.
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    I think I want a Martin, but I need some help.

    I recently bought a new D-18. Cost $2000. It's wonderful.
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    String Question

    I have a Taylor Grand Symphony cedar/rosewood model that always felt a bit dull. I recently put on a set of 80/20s and's like a different guitar. Much clearer and brighter. I wish I'd have thought of it sooner. Try out a set; it doesn't cost much and you may be pleasantly surprised.
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    NGD: Les Paul wonderment.

    Yeow, beautiful!
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    John Suhr's customer service!

    That's a great looking guitar!
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    What's your favorite current compressor?

    I was really wanting to buy a Cali76 compact, but for as little as I play out, decided to exercise some self-control. I picked up an Xotic SP and I'm really enjoying it. Compression on low, blend at about 1 o'clock...lovely!
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    Help me find a “better” klone

    I've never tried a real Klon, but I recently picked up a non-vintage spec Mythical Overdrive from the Emporium and I think it's fantastic. I had the Archer for a while and I find the MO much more appealing. Best of luck in your search!
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    Danocaster Kubicki Glaser Single-Cut

    I saw Mike McAdam play the first time I went to Key West. Afternoon gig with a three-piece band, including the great Ericson Holt on vocals and piano. McAdam (and the others) were great. He put on a clinic of tasteful playing and beautifully crafted solos. Great slide player, too. He plays...
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    Incoming NGD my first LSL

    Beautiful guitar, congratulations!
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    Big ShoutOut to Voodoo Labs

    They are great. They fixed a Sparkle Drive with a faulty switch that was well out of charge, only cost me shipping to them.
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    Has a salesperson ever followed up with you post sale?

    I bought a 5e3 clone from a local builder that I found on Craigslist. It's a really nice amp at a very reasonable price. He texted me the next day to ask how I liked it. He also said that he had forgotten to tell me that he offered a 100% buyback if I didn't bond with the amp. Needless to...
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    NGD: Maximum Guitar Works Gracie

    That is a beautiful guitar. Enjoy it!
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    NGD: Luis Fernández de Cordoba #37

    Wow, that's a stunner! Enjoy it.
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    Sold Danocaster Telecaster

    PM sent.
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    Ngd Suhr

    Very nice! Why did you opt for the six screw bridge?
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    Suhr vs. Danocaster

    Thank you so much for your input means a lot! Also, thank you to everyone who has've given me a lot to consider.
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    Suhr vs. Danocaster

    Holy moley, that's beautiful...thanks for sharing!
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    Suhr vs. Danocaster

    That is a well-taken point. It's easy to get caught up in a TGP mindset. Thanks.
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    Suhr vs. Danocaster

    Thanks for all the responses. It seems I'd probably be happy with either guitar. I'm leaning toward what Antelope said earlier and going with the Danocaster since resale, in the unlikely event that I'd want to change my mind, would not be a problem. I'll probably end up ordering one direct...