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  1. LadOfEastPoland

    A few questions about Tascam 4-tracks

    Hey gang, I’ve been wanting to get a 4-track tape recorder for the last few months. Soon, I will be visiting the US, so I can pick one up. I like recording on a computer, but I also would love to have an analog, old-school workstation, because of a few reasons. I really like the warm, soft...
  2. LadOfEastPoland

    M-Audio M-Track II vs. Presonus Audiobox vs. ... (help needed)

    Hi TGP, I've been looking to get an audio interface recently, mainly for recording my guitar into the computer (eventually, my amp through the mic). I don't do vocals almost at all. I record into a 2008 MacBook with (promise you won't laugh) GarageBand. Studio quality is not something I need...
  3. LadOfEastPoland

    Free Jazz - what's the deal?

    Free jazz stands against most of the things that I like - elaborate compositions, intricate arrangements, tight musicianship, harmonic sophistication, in other words - pure tidyness. Yet, I'm listening to Marion Brown's Afternoon Of A Georgia Faun and I absolutely love it. This leads me to...
  4. LadOfEastPoland

    Roye Albrighton (Nektar) R.I.P.

    Rest in piece. A truly amazing guitarist, vocalist, and composer.
  5. LadOfEastPoland

    Ideas for jamming on one chord?

    First things first, I have formed a band with two of my friends - on bass and on drums. Both of them have a stoner rock background, while I come from a prog rock/jazz musical field. We have agreed to play jam-based spacey/psychedelic krautrock in D standard tuning (you need to compromise, eh?)...
  6. LadOfEastPoland

    How do you get that tone? What's the name of the effect?

    Hey gang, A few months ago I stumbled upon a really interesting sound. To start with, I am 90% sure it's a guitar right there. It's not fuzz, that's all I figured out by myself. The gain level on this one seems to be almost synthesizer-like. What is the name of this effect? And what brand...
  7. LadOfEastPoland

    And I thought I'd seen weird time signatures.

    Oh, boy. This took me a while to analize. I am not sure if I'm right, but based on my counting and others' observations (in particular thanks to YouTube user Guy Eylon), I came up with what seems to be the weirdest tempo I have ever seen. Anyway, the keyboardist (Dave Stewart) plays 7/8, 11/8...
  8. LadOfEastPoland

    What on earth is this guitar?

    Actually, a bass guitar, but I guess, here I can find more answers. Anyway, a very interesting-looking instrument with a really cool sound. Here played by Mont Campbell of the band Egg. What is that?
  9. LadOfEastPoland

    After a month of close studying Pink Floyd

    I have been listening intensively to Prog Rock for quite a while now, but about a month ago, I watched a great documentary on psychedelic music (as sort of a breath of fresh air) - BBC Psychedelic Britannia. I became fascinated with Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Now, I had listened through the whole...
  10. LadOfEastPoland

    My (sort of) tribute to Andy Latimer of Camel

    I decided to pay tribute to one of my favorite guitarists - Andy Latimer. I played a cover of a 13-minute suite Lady Fantasy that he played when he was in Camel. I am aware of some mistakes I make in my playing, but I did my best and this is already after many takes. I did my best. I am also...
  11. LadOfEastPoland

    What overdrive will get me to this special Marshall-y teritory?

    I am looking for exactly that sound. I find that pedals that are supposed to recreate Marshalls (like DLS III) are too heavy to do the work I am looking for here. The sound is not very clipping, rather creamy, but it has some overdrive. What do you say? What pedal do I need? Thanks for the...
  12. LadOfEastPoland

    Would you consider Hawkwind Prog Rock?

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, it's Space Rock, but you can't talk about Space Rock as a movement itself. I know it may be sort of childish to play the label game, but I had this questionn on my mind for a few months now. They did appear alongisde Prog, Psycho, Folk, Acid and Blues Rock groups on...
  13. LadOfEastPoland

    Tube Swap - Questions.

    Hey Gang! I recently felt like my Gibson GA-5 needs new tubes, definitely a different preamp tube. I feel like my gain is a bit too high and the amp breaks up too early. I know all the gain factor charts for 12AX7-style tubes. Would I be safe putting a 12AY7 in place of that old 12AX7? Another...
  14. LadOfEastPoland

    Space and Music

    Hey Gang! Been postin a whole lot recently, but hey, that's what TGP is for, ain't it? I have rencently been obsesed with Science Fiction and how it affects music. I like old image of space. Say 1950's, 60's and early 70's. I have found the subject to give music a little bit or "air"...
  15. LadOfEastPoland

    Help Me Fill Jazz/Western Swing/Space/Blues/Country Music Playlist

    HERE IS THE PLAYLIST Hey Gang! Recommend me some Space Age Guitar Music! I am really hip with symphonical Space Age Pop, but am looking for something I could relate to more, so probably something like Tornadoes, though maybe with a little more concept, like in Space Age Pop. Another genre...
  16. LadOfEastPoland

    Jim Campilongo Appreciation Society

    I knew about Jim for a few years now, but I was travelling through jazz/western/blues guitarists again and rediscovered him. Man, I love everything about him! His sense of humour, his playing, his sense of esthetics, playing taste! So, he apparently has his own signature Fender Telly, in which...
  17. LadOfEastPoland

    Jazz Blues Playing - Part II - Am I Making Any Improvements?

    Hello Gang! It has been exactly a week and two days since I posted my first ever attempt at jazz-blues improvisation. I asked for advice about what can I do better to sound more authenthic. I got boatloads of fantastic, useful and more importantly usable advice. I took all of them to my heart...
  18. LadOfEastPoland

    Jazz Blues Playing - What On Earth Am I Doing Wrong?

    Hey Gang! I have been playing some Jazz Blues for past few months. I always felt there is something wrong with it. That it is too bluesy. I find my licks too "forced" or "unnatural", basically very harsh and not jazzy-sounding. So, I got around and made a video. Excuse me and my fingers, but I...
  19. LadOfEastPoland

    '21st Century Schizoid Man' Fuzz

    What fuzz pedal would do that work? What would be your favourite for work on this song? Cheers!
  20. LadOfEastPoland

    Fulltone Fat Boost 3 vs. EHX Bass Soul Food vs. Xotic BB Preamp

    Hey! I was thinking of getting one of these pedals, to push my 1960 Gibson amp's overdrive into a slightly different area. Adding a bit of a different character to overdrive. I would like it to be kind of smoother. I would really appreciate if the pedal would sound transparent. All of these 3...
  21. LadOfEastPoland

    Overdrive To Push a Tube Amp

    Hey! I have my beloved 1960 Gibson GA-5 Skylark and totally love it! What pedal would you recommend for pushing that tube overdrive just a little bit further? Maybe just adding a bit of a different character to the overdrive. I would guess that it would have to be pretty transparent, right? I...
  22. LadOfEastPoland

    Ngd: 1960 Gibson Ga-5 Skylark [i Just Added A Demo, So Come And Check It Out]

    Howdy folks! It is a special day for me today! I got my amp serviced and ready to rock'n'rawr! My tech fit a step-down transformer inside of the amp (hence the EU/US voltage differences), which adds good three kilograms to the weight. I am afraid you can't see it on the photos, as they were...
  23. LadOfEastPoland

    Show Me Your Japanese Guitars!

    Come on! Expose them! I would prefer lawsuit japanese copies, but anything will do! Tokai, Greco, Aria, Burny etc. Let the game start!
  24. LadOfEastPoland

    Why no love for Wishbone Ash?

    Recently got really hip with the band. Really like it, pretty much everything up to Argus. Argus was so amazing, that no other album they recorded could keep up the awesomeness. My favourite song is down below. Solid progressive, art rock songs that were often fried on a Blues pan. Two guitars...
  25. LadOfEastPoland

    Guild Aristocrat vs. Firebird [Help needed] (With a Poll)

    I was considering a Newark St. Guild Aristocrat for a longer period of time. I was fanatically in love with that guitar, building up my budget for it. I was thinking it has no cons, perfectly versatile for rock, jazz blues. I got hip with prog-rock music lately and many of the guitar players...