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    Pedals inside of guitar???

    Some of Muse's Matt Bellamy have a Fuzz Factory built in on his guitars, some have Kaoss pads.
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    NPD: AM Beano Boost

    Usually, Fuzz Face = Single Coils, Treble Boosters = Humbuckers. Not always, but usually.
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    Fulltone 69' where do u stick it?

    I use it very first on the chain. Sounds awesome that way, with all the nice cleanup a Fuzz Face should have.
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    Can a Rams Head Muff get the "Siamese Dream" tone?

    Idk about the opamp version being clear, but yeah - A V4 or V5 opamp Muff will do the trick. More distortion-y than Muff-y than other Big Muffs.
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    Boss Etc - OD Questions

    SD-1 can either boost the gain of the MXR or boost your overall volume, can be picked up at around $20-30 on craigslist. RATs sound awesome on a live band. Has more gain than SD-1s.
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    Boss Etc - OD Questions

    SD-1's one of the cheapest ways for boosting. Don't get a DS-1 for boosting.
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    Zendrive pedal without the compression and mids?

    Turn the Voice control higher? Not gonna help you with the bass loss, but that's how tubescreamer-y circuits are. Zendrive's one of the smoothest pedals I've tried though, maybe other than the Blackstone MOSFET Overdrive? Try that.
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    Line 6 M9 vs Hardwire Pedals

    I'd keep the Line 6 M-series for the Particle Verb and Octa Verb alone.
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    Thoughts On the Catalinbread DLS mk II

    Sounds super awesome on a clean platform amp. Wants to be boosted, good for Fuzz Face types, octavias, and treble boosters. I used to rock the Fulltone '69 + DLS MKII combo on my Fender DeVille, but then I downgraded to an Orange Tiny Terror.
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    My pedal board as I see it

    Maybe too much dirt?
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    HELP! put a Gilmour/Brian May board..on a PT2

    Tuner, Comp, Wah put in reverse, Muff, OD, Chorus/Electric Mistress, Delay, Vibe, Phaser for Gilmour. Treble booster, AC30 in a box, and delay for Brian May.
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    Yeah volume knob + delay with long repeats. Or you could get an M5 or DL-4as it has an auto-volume echo swell mode. Sounds sweet.
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    Dual Drives

    Blackstone MOSFET Overdrive for me. 2 channels with slightly different flavor, and looks cool as hell.
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    I want a clean boost that can.......

    True, but with the gain up and the treble totally off, there is a treble boost. But I guess there are other ones that do a better job, such as an EQ pedal.
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    Show us your pedalboard (#26)

    Latest as of 10 minutes ago.
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    My M5 is broken

    Are you using it mono? Make sure it's on the right output first.
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    Rock Cover Band Guys: Show me your boards!

    A multi-effect like the M5 is useful for those certain songs that need a specific effect (i.e. Whammy, Shimmer-y sound, Flange/Phase, chorus). Then all you need is wah, ODs, and a subtle delay. I also have an Octron as I love the fuzz octave up sounds on Hendrix-y solos.
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    distortion on the cheap

    China RAT's a little noisier and fuzzier than the old ones.
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    distortion on the cheap

    ProCo RAT with LM308N used.
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    So... I can pick up a King of tone for $220

    You can profit flipping if you don't like it. Just saying.
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    RAT 2 question

    Sweet spot is with the volume on 3:00 onwards. More open sounding.
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    Are treble boosters 'old hat'?

    I'm actually super interested on Treble Boosters, and I don't consider myself 'old' yet haha (I'm 22). I've been looking at and researching on treble boosters and I have a question. Is it less woolier than, say a Fulltone '69 fuzz? I use the '69 to have super long sustain to my Timmy+DLS MKII...
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    DLS MKII nails the 'amp-in-a-box' more than the V1 and V2 DLS. It's my main dirt. Can't go wrong with either, I have both.
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    Phaser similar to the PH-1r but w/o the volume boost?

    How about turning the guitar's volume down? It's free. Or maybe use a compressor or EQ to cut your volume?