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  1. les_paul

    What pedal do you own 2 of?

    I hope this is for real. I accidentally have two BB Preamps. GC sent me one, it got lost, and ended up being returned to them. In the mealtime I bought another only to find GC sent it back to me and charged me again. I also have two of th SD-1, GCB-95, Rat (though different revisions)...
  2. les_paul

    What's with the weird Boss pedal $3 increase recently?

    They have to pay for those new SMT lines somehow.
  3. les_paul

    Dimarzio is back!

    No, the law firm.
  4. les_paul

    Are the cheap Boss patch cables bad?

    I have had several of them in service for about 12 years now.
  5. les_paul

    What is the smallest number of pedals you need to do (almost*) everything you do?

    When I played originals I went straight into a Boogie Mark IV with a tuner in the FX loop. I left it on and just used the loop bypass function. Playing covers? Woof...a drive, a chorus, and a delay gets it done for the most part.
  6. les_paul

    Strictly FUZZ

    Somehow this thread has escaped me. My "audition" board (used to try out new pedals in odd combinations) has a few staples in the FZ-2 and also the Abominable Electronics Hail Satan Deluxe. One of my all time faves is the HBE UFO with octave mode off (I believe a Tone Machine). I have a lot...
  7. les_paul

    Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE owners thread: Experience, biases, amps, tones, settings, stacking etc.

    I don't like mine. It's like it has this constant strange mid frequency that won't go away. Tried it with numerous amps and this one is destined for my tote of misfit pedals. Shame, it's an expensive one. I do like the orange side suggested settings for a Boogie type tone from the manual but...
  8. les_paul

    Best TS 808 style

    I'm not a rocket surgeon but I bet it's the TS-808 or the OD-808.
  9. les_paul

    Incoming Secret Pre.

    I have one. As with any pedal it seems to do better with some amps than others.
  10. les_paul

    Order my pedals: Slaughter of the Soul tone.

    I had to tweak the bass on the Metal Zone just a bit. Once you get past the "turn everything all the way up" mentality on the HM-2 it works a lot better in this application. The Metal Zone settings weren't terribly different from where I ended but the HM-2 is pretty finicky, especially the...
  11. les_paul

    What effects for rock slide guitar?

    I suck at slide but like a basic medium gain tone pretty naked.
  12. les_paul

    Order my pedals: Slaughter of the Soul tone.

    In what I assume will wrap this thread I'd like to say I'm truly grateful, impressed, and surprised at the result. I didn't think there was much of a metal community here.
  13. les_paul

    Order my pedals: Slaughter of the Soul tone.

    Talk about going all out!
  14. les_paul

    Order my pedals: Slaughter of the Soul tone.

    Good lord this is exactly what I was looking for. Bonus points for the chainsaw.
  15. les_paul

    Order my pedals: Slaughter of the Soul tone.

    I'm wishy washy on using the MT-2 as a preamp to the HM-2 or to sculpt it. I figured the SD-1 would go up front. Had solid results both ways.
  16. les_paul

    Order my pedals: Slaughter of the Soul tone.

    Nope, Supreme 160 is the amp.
  17. les_paul

    Order my pedals: Slaughter of the Soul tone.

    Clean amp, Peavey Supreme 160 or Quilter OD202.
  18. les_paul

    What The Heck Is This Inside My Rat?

    I wasn't a fan until recently (about 20 years into my playing career). Controlls not too far from the middle are the way to go.
  19. les_paul

    Order my pedals: Slaughter of the Soul tone.

    Reaching on TGP no doubt. I have an MT-2, HM-2, and SD-1. In what order should I place them for the SoTS tone?
  20. les_paul

    Favorite Guitar Picks

    My wife gifted me a random pick pack for Christmas last year and that's how I discovered the Gator. I rip through 'em pretty quick though.
  21. les_paul

    Favorite Guitar Picks

    Currently the Dunlop Gator Grip .96 but I change favorites every few years.
  22. les_paul

    boiling old strings to reuse them

    Nut sauce, perhaps.
  23. les_paul

    Boss HM-2w Hype Thread

    Once again as an HM-2 owner I can't believe Boss thinks this is a good idea. The Waza version better have a noise gate or MT-2 sound boosted by the HM-2 built in. The price needs to be right too. Waza pedals are pricey but they need to drastically undercut the HM-2 market price to have a shot.