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  1. Scott Peterson

    Gibson buying Mesa

    Wow. :hide2
  2. Scott Peterson

    If modeling is “just as good as the real thing” these days, why is analog still super popular?

    Gear is not a zero-sum game. If the OP's setup was true, then 8-string guitars would be the norm, 6-string guitars would be passe. Horses for courses. We can have all the tools and use the right ones for the right jobs. I'll never understand the 'this way or NOTHING' sort of thinking that...
  3. Scott Peterson

    PSA: Ebay Amp Scam

    DO NOT use TGP to stage vendettas or to dox people. Suspensions and bans will result. No matter how mad you are, no matter how right you are - if you break the rules of the site you will be held accountable. Being angry and righteous does not give free rein to circumvent the rules of the page...
  4. Scott Peterson

    Steve Vai's DLR era Jose Arrendondo mod Marshall!

    Fantastic series of videos and so much information. Great stuff Pete. I love this video in particular.
  5. Scott Peterson

    The best amp and cab plus recording setup ever!!

    Oh my goodness... !!! Jaw-dropping setup.
  6. Scott Peterson

    My Search For Louis Electric , Fender 57 Lp Tweed Twin, J B Hp Twin or BASSMAN.

    Posts removed. Thread reopened. Let's keep things civil and NOT turn this into an issue further.
  7. Scott Peterson

    Marshall Origin

    I've put members on forced ignore, had to edit a signature and gave a warning for it and also took time out of my day to remove a bunch of kindergarten level name calling. Please act like civil mature adults and conduct yourselves accordingly.
  8. Scott Peterson

    Power Station 2.. Yeah, I was wrong

    Deleted most of the last page. Suspension in place. There's no saving this thread. Closed.
  9. Scott Peterson

    How many amps have you owned?

    Fractal Audio AX8 (with 4 Mission Expression pedals) and Atomic Amps CLR Neo.
  10. Scott Peterson

    How many amps have you owned?

    I'm going to guess about 30 over the years. Noteables: Bogner Shiva (owned 3 over the years) Bogner Ecstasy Classic Rivera Rake (owned 3 over the years) Rivera TBR-1SL Rivera TBR-2SL Rivera K100 Rivera 55-12 VHT (Fryette) Pittbull 45 (owned 2 over the years) VHT (Fryette) 50/12 Matchless...
  11. Scott Peterson

    Katana thread moved?

    Dunno why/who/when. Moved it back though. Going to close this thread. Next time, just PM me though. These sorts of posts/threads do not get seen. I literally get 100's of alerts every single day so I don't catch those very often either.
  12. Scott Peterson

    Seriously, Who Makes The Best Dumble Clone?

    Your experience and observations are fine but not accurate if you are implying any of the moderator/admin team use any influence either overtly or behind the scenes to give favoritism on anything or anyone. If discussion was frowned upon, it would not be a discussion forum. The moderating code...
  13. Scott Peterson

    Seriously, Who Makes The Best Dumble Clone?

    Because of the appearace of favoritism. It means the other moderators will handle issues related to Jim, just not Mike. You can turn the phrase anyway you want but the truth is not what you are implying it is. There is a moderator team.
  14. Scott Peterson

    Seriously, Who Makes The Best Dumble Clone?

    TGP is member policed and moderator enforced. We do not and will not monitor posts or threads.
  15. Scott Peterson

    Seriously, Who Makes The Best Dumble Clone?

    TGP is (and was) member policed and moderator enforced. Also, some points of truth from the moderation/administrative side of TGP. We cannot control what people do. We are not detectives, judges or juries. We can ONLY enforce the rules of the forum that allow for civil discussion. If you have...
  16. Scott Peterson

    New boutique amp has less than 20 hours and is failing I was told this ...

    Administrator note: Closed pending full review and discussion with both sides of the issue. Note: we do not allow public posting of private correspondence; one of the reasons as exhibited by this thread is the OP being that you are not seeing the complete context. Having seen the full chain of...
  17. Scott Peterson

    Shipping an amp question

    Reopened after major overhaul removing unnecessary bickering. Let's stick to topic and not forget the rules of civil discourse.
  18. Scott Peterson

    My brief thoughts on the SF amp show

    Great stuff - thanks for sharing for all us guys that could not be there. Appreciate the report!!!
  19. Scott Peterson

    new mesa mark 5: 35

    Deleted posts. If you cannot participate without attacking the character of other posters, then you will not be able to participate.
  20. Scott Peterson

    How much should I pay for a '54 Deluxe with shredded tweed?

    Moved to the proper section.
  21. Scott Peterson

    Honest question...Why does anyone buy a 100 watt amp?

    If you've never cranked up a 100 watt full stack; it's something you need to do. Is it something you 'need' to have to play a bar? No. it is, however, something every guitarist that plugs their guitar into an amp must at least do. People that have never driven a classic muscle car and do not...
  22. Scott Peterson

    Favorite Matchless Amplifier?

    Clubman and DC-30 (former owner of both).