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  1. rotren

    Easy minor blues solo - 10 licks

    Playing this in the saddest of all keys... people weep instantly... according to Nigel.
  2. rotren

    The Doors - Waiting For The Sun

    Our band Warp Kings just released a new cover song. This is the first time EVER I play slide on a recording. Our singer made the trippy video.
  3. rotren

    How to play fast bluesy licks

    Obviously, there are several ways to play fast, but I get this question sometimes, and this mix of hammer-ons and pull-offs and slides is how I do it, Let me know your thoughts.
  4. rotren

    How to play a blues solo with ONE lick

    It works! Easy but cool?
  5. rotren

    A sweet Dorian phrase

  6. rotren

    My solo on Run Rudolph Run

    Short and fun.
  7. rotren

    A Christmas song for you

    This was a lot of fun to do. It would be awesome if you'd add a comment on the video and let my band members know what you think.
  8. rotren

    Minor 9 voicing ideas (just a few)

    In many cases, you can replace a minor chord (1-3-5) with a minor 7, minor 9, minor 11 or minor 13 chord. These extended minor chords simply give you "more" or "different" colour into to your music. I look at these as colours - sometimes I go for a minor 7 chord and another time, a minor 9 chord...
  9. rotren

    The Christmas Song

    Using a Suhr Badger 18, Ramos Guitar and RC Booster. @Husky
  10. rotren

    Mixolydian with 3rds

    Who says you can't polish a third! Enough Polish jokes. Here's my latest lesson.
  11. rotren

    Desc 4 note pentatonic pattern

    A very useful way of practicing a scale, in this case, the pentatonic. I'll do video on ascending as well. This is just ONE of MANY ways you can use sequence patterns for both learning the scale on the fretboard, as well as a way to make your fingers go in ways they may not be used to. This can...
  12. rotren

    My band Warp Kings have 2 songs out now (Faith No More, The Beatles)

    Check out my new band Warp Kings! We have a new single out now - Hey Bulldog (The Beatles). The first song we recorded was Midlife Crisis (Faith No More). Hope you like it! I do both mixing and mastering of the songs and play all the guitars. > Apple Music ->...
  13. rotren

    Some Jimi-ish Chord Embellishment Ideas

    Nothing complicated, just some good old moves everyone should know.
  14. rotren

    4 inexpensive pedals from MeloAudio (delay, chorus, looper, pitch shifter)

    I quite like the delay, chorus and looper. The pitch shifter, not so much. It's not tracking fast enough and comes with some strange pitch options that I would never use.
  15. rotren

    Some easy blues-rock licks

  16. rotren

    B flat blues solo - free lesson

    Some licks heavily inspired by Chris Cain.
  17. rotren

    3 Sophisticated Blues Licks

    Played over a C7 to F7 to C7 groove.
  18. rotren

    6 grab & go blues licks

    The last lick is a serious bend! These are easy blues licks that sound nice, or at least I hope so.
  19. rotren

    Here's a minor blues solo

    How's it sounding?
  20. rotren

    Here's an easy blues solo taught lick for lick

    This is a fun, easy blues solo in E. I'm playing it over a straight groove (even feel) but you can also play it over a shuffle. You just have play the 8th notes with shuffle feel, and it will work.
  21. rotren

    Pentatonic 3 notes per string

    After you learn the boxes, start connecting them. Here's a way you can do that.
  22. rotren

    Dorian trick - m7b5 over minor?

    This is a great little trick you should know. Play a minor7b5 arpeggio, one and a half whole-steps below the minor chord you are playing over, and you get the Dorian sound. That's 3 frets. Pretty cool? To do the same over an A minor chord, play the F#m7b5 arpeggio. To play over a D minor chord...
  23. rotren

    SRV style chord tone triplet licks

    Have fun with this classic SRV style idea!