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  1. mmcquain

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    Crambone - Glad it all sounded good for you on Sunday. Enjoyed helping you out (and now I can uncross my finger that my solder connections held) :) p.s. Thanks for the spare parts and the Brick
  2. mmcquain

    Wah Pedals- Who has the best tone??

    I've owned several CryBaby models, an original 1960's Vox, and a Budda (the original purple model) and I liked the Budda the best
  3. mmcquain

    What delay is everyone using...

    A first run Alter Ego (the gold one) and a Boss DD-3
  4. mmcquain

    Do you have a wah-wah pedal?

    This is basically my story. Of all the modern wahs I've tried, I liked the Budda the best. But I kick myself for selling a real vintage Vox wah from the 60s that I picked up in the 70s. If I only knew then what I know now (LOL) :)
  5. mmcquain

    How many pedals do you own? Use Regularly?

    I own about 20 pedals (and have probably owned well over 100 in my life). I currently have 14 on my board and at least 12 of those get used multiple times per month while playing at church. My dirt pedals get the most work out and my volume pedal. Next is a toss up between tremolo, phase and...
  6. mmcquain

    How fast do you go through picks?

    +1 - I use Dunlop medium (the green ones) and/or Fender thin and I get many months out of most picks. I'm using the thin less and less but even those last a LONG time. I'm sure I've got some picks that are well over a year or more and still hold up fine. They will get lost way before they...
  7. mmcquain

    How many overdrives on your pedalboards ?

    4 levels of dirt on my board: * mild overdrive to give it just a hint of breakup (Dano Transparent Overdrive - Timmy clone) * overdrive (Dano Overdrive - OCD clone) * distortion (Dano Distortion - Crunch Box clone) * fuzz/distortion for lead (Golden Cello)
  8. mmcquain

    Drum machine pedal

    Yep, congrats on getting Andy to do the demo from ProGuitarShop... guess you've made the big time! :)
  9. mmcquain

    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following
  10. mmcquain

    Drum machine pedal

    That really depends on how you look at it... If you went into this with the mindset that the pedal was only half the "product" and the software was the other half then I can see how you feel like you haven't gotten the full product yet. I still wouldn't call it "half" but whatever. However...
  11. mmcquain

    Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork

    It sounds cool but I wish in these demos they show some old fashioned twin guitar harmony examples (ala Thin Lizzy or Allman Brothers) in addition to the POG/organ, Whammy style effects and bass-from-a-guitar examples.
  12. mmcquain

    Drum machine pedal

    I agree with some of DavidE's comments above but I think he is wrong on a couple of things... The full-size MIDI jacks at the end of the splitter cable are female just like other drum machines, keyboards, etc. have female MIDI input/output on the back of those kinds of units. This means the...
  13. mmcquain

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards #8

    The latest edition to my setup... haven't really started using it yet and I'm thinking I will NOT Velcro it to my pedalboard so that I can easily keep it on its own separate (small) board for flexibility.
  14. mmcquain

    Drum machine pedal

    And we appreciate your openness with all of us as we've watched, waited, and seen this come to market. I'm very impressed so far and found the user interface very intuitive and easy to use. I did glance thru the quick start guide and online user manual but purposely did NOT have them with...
  15. mmcquain

    Drum machine pedal

    Well I've unboxed it and listen to some of the loops with headphones... they sound really nice and natural. Worked all day today so no time to really jam with it yet but that is coming.
  16. mmcquain

    Drum machine pedal

    Just checked the site and "Elvis has left the building" :) It should be in my hands on Thursday so I guess I know what I'll be playing with later this weekend!
  17. mmcquain

    Drum machine pedal

    Almost a year and a half later and it is finally on its way!!!! I'm so excited as I just got my shipping tracking #
  18. mmcquain

    Drum machine pedal

    What this guy said!!!!
  19. mmcquain

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards #8

    LOL - yes, I bet you do. Hope you are doing well. :)
  20. mmcquain

    How do you fasten your pedals to your board?

    I use the wide Velcro that you can get a WalMart and cut it to cover pretty much the entire bottom of the pedal and it works fine for all of this...
  21. mmcquain

    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following

    Here's the latest version of my seemingly constantly changing board...
  22. mmcquain

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards #8

    Here's my latest setup...
  23. mmcquain

    You can only have 3 pedals on your board. Which ones do you choose and why?

    limited to 3 hmmm.... Mad Professor Golden Cello - lead tones in a single pedal TC Electronics Alter Ego - all the different delays I could possibly want DeltaLab Phase Shifter - I finally found a phaser that wasn't too over the top for me Of course, I'd depend on a good tube amp for...
  24. mmcquain

    Mad Professor Golden Cello out of production?

    Yes, they are no more. I picked one up for $99 (half the original $199 price). When they first came out I thought they were an expensive "one trick pony" but then the price dropped to $149 and I thought Hmmmmm?!?! But then at $99 it was too good to pass up. Great lead tones and perfect...