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    Tapered pot vs Treble bleed

    I know there are special pots that have a better taper than others. Also, there are manufactures that have treble bleed circuit to solve the same thing Hope someone has had experience with both to offer an opinion ?? Your advice would be appreciated Thanks in advance
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    Tapered pot vs Treble bleed

    Put a 280k special tapered volume pot on a bass and am happy with it. On another bass, my tech suggested I try treble bleed instead. Anyone have experience who could advise me ?? Thanks in advance
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    NAD: Blues Jr IV

    Heard the awesome demos Read all the praise Fender got it right Own both the Blues Jr II and III But... I can't get decent clean tones Gave up fighting it, so it's going back Note: if you want a Rock box, this amp really has nice OD tones Almost want to keep it just for that
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    Pickups for Tele Thinline

    Trying to find pickups that work well with a Tele Thinline (semi hollow). Any recommendations ?? Thanks in advance
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    Guitar Multi-Effects DI box

    Behringer V Amp 3 is an example for the type of multi-effects DI unit. Any others I should look at ?? Before you answer, want more knobs than graphical display. Thanks in advance
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    P-Bass pickup with lots of low end

    Which P-Bass pickup has more low end ?? Thanks in advance ??
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    Very low learning curve recording SW

    I would like to get very easy to use multi-track recording SW Want to lay down multiple tracks to practice to Don't really need effects, or advanced features for editing or shaping Just want as simple as it gets recording SW Which recording SW should I get for a PC ?? Thanks in advance
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    Beware TomTom on Amazon

    Bought a pedal a few months ago. They gave my email to SPAM emailers After unsubscribing everyday for months from SPAM emails Today is the first day since I didn't get SPAM mail FYI
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    P-Bass electronics upgrade kit

    Any recommendations on P-Bass electronic upgrade kits ?? Thanks in advance
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    Squier Bass Bridge replacement

    Any recommendations for a Squier Fretless Bass Bridge replacement ?? Fyi, I'm putting on a fretted neck when I replace the bridge. thanks in advance
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    Gotoh Tele Titanium Saddles

    Are the Gotoh Tele Titanium saddles different than the metal used on Fender Tele saddles ?? What was on vintage Tele saddles ? Chrome ? Nickel ? Thanks in advance
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    Tele Bridge choice

    I'm about to put a new Tele bridge and the guitar tech recommended either Wilkinson or Gotoh and to get compensated saddles. Anyone out there able to tell the benefits of each ?? Or why you would choose one or the other ?? Thanks in advance
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    Guitar Repair SF Bay Area

    Can anyone recommend a good guitar tech in the SF bay area ?? Hopefully East Bay Thanks in advance
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    Guitar Repair SF Bay Area

    Can anyone recommend a good guitar tech in the SF bay area ?? Hopefully East Bay Thanks in advance
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    What effect(s)

    What would you do to get the following guitar sound ?? Thanks in advance
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    Mini Tuner pedal - Help me choose

    Narrowed my choice to two mini tuner pedals: D'addario Planet Waves Chromatic mini Korg Pitchblack mini Anyone tried both ??
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    Favorite 2017 pedal

    Like every year, after going thru pedal after pedal after pedal... My favorite for 2017 is the Caline Vintage Distortion A versatile RAT flavored pedal, but with its own unique flavor Cheap too... On to 2018...
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    Anyone dime their gain for an OD pedal ??

    That's not something I normally do, but really getting into the Catalinbread RAH. with my humbucker, fully dimed on the gain. Just curious how many dime(turn full on) the gain ??
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    What's fair shipping costs ??

    Trying to include shipping costs upfront before I ship a guitar CONUS. Is there a good estimate how much it costs to ship a guitar with HSC these days ?? Thanks in advance
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    Slab vs Veneer for a Rosewood Tele neck

    About to order a Rosewood Tele neck and wondering if there's a difference in feel or sound for a Veneer board vs a slab ?? Thanks in advance
  21. E - Blessing in Disguise no longer works with my browser. At first I was bummed, but now am enjoying the freedom from browsing and spending $$ !!!! Been doing far more practicing. Just imagining the free time if TGP no longer works :) .
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    Have Dimarzio pickups changed ??

    Was a big fan of Dimarzio pickups, they are in many guitars. However, recently just put in another set of tried & true pickups that sound flat... So... anyone know if they are now outsourcing, or new employees are winding ?? Are they now using cheaper components... ?? Some new finance guy...
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    Help getting a better amp direct out sound

    Sometimes at open jams, I use my friends Mesa amp. Never been a fan of Mesa, but get by... hey it's jam night. However, they are now wanting to use the direct out on the amp but it's a very HiFi and sterile sound. Amp was a Mesa 5:35 with it's own Cabinet Simulation for Direct Out Anyone have...
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    Caline Head Room - Vintage Distortion

    After using my new board live for awhile, found the audience always reacts when I'm using this pedal. Makes my Tele bridge sound like an LP going thru a Marshall Stack. Those going after that 'Wall of Sound' should give this pedal a demo. It's cheap too...
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    Plate Reverb Pedal

    What Plate Reverb pedals are folks using ?? I currently have the Talisman. Thanks in advance