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    Let's get to the point. Your ONE favorite amp.

    Somewhat surprisingly, my Marshall Class 5 ...
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    NAD!! Supro Comet

    Thanks guys - these are really helpful comments. Might just have to take the plunge without trying first ... Thanks again !!
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    NAD!! Supro Comet

    Congrats on the new amp! Like you, my nearest Supro dealer is too far away for me to try out. Just curious, how are the semi-clean tones, and touch sensitivity? I think the answer is no, but redundancy with a Princeton Reverb? I have a '68, and while I think it sounds pretty awesome...
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    Amps For Bass and Guitar

    Trying to find a amp that will do both well and drive a 2x12 or 2x10 or 1x15 cab - nothing monstrous. Looking for a compact / relatively portable set up. Maybe 50 watts or less. Fender Bassman Traynor YBA-1 Marshall 2061x What others are there ?? Thanks.
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    Vintage Fender Princeton Reverb is simply amazing!

    68 drip edge here - i love it. Lamp bulb is out tough - i would hink its an easy fix ? Gotta reserch this. But great amp !!
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    New Vox AC15 Handwired Incoming!!!

    Yeah, that fawn looks great - thanks for the review - going to have to try one out.
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    Best Amp with Headphone and Line Out

    Thanks everybody - I'm going to start looking into the Traynor and the Bambino.
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    Best Amp with Headphone and Line Out

    Just thought I'd give this another try. Maybe too similar to the home practice amp thread, but looking for the line out to plug into duet and then into a macbook. Weber Mass may be the way to go, not sure though. Cajone5 - thanks for the suggestion. Not really a high gain guy, but its a...
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    Best Amp with Headphone and Line Out

    Just wondering if anything else is out there that has both a headphone out and a line out besides a Champ 12. Maybe I should try a Weber Mass or something like that that has both as an alternative. Thanks!
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    Getting my tone into headphones

    The Koch Load Box looks good. Doesn't the blues jr have a cable that runs out of the amp and that connects to the internal speaker? If it does, I think it would be just a matter connecting that output to the Load Box (matching the ohms)? I'm not too good at these things either, but that's...
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    5 to 15 watt amps with Reverb AND Tremolo

    How about the Goodsell 5/17 mk III? I thought that they had both.
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    My Alex Chilton Tribute/Tiny Terror + Strat Demo...

    sounds great! radio city is all about that strat tone - one of my favorites. now slap a capo on the second fret and play september gurls!
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    The 'I have more than 3 amps' thread...

    Marshall Class 5 68 Princeton Reverb Clark Beaufort Special Fender Champ 12 Will probably swap the Champ 12 for a Vox AC15 at some point
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    Amp recommendation for ambience....

    Yeah, I'd agree with a Fender of some kind - nice cleans and great reverb for the space. I think with your budget, you should be able to find something nice! If you were on a tighter budget, I might want to check out some used Musicmans - I had an HD 130 4x10 (kind of like a poor man's Super...
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    First Marshall...What do I get?

    +1 on the Class 5 - this is my first Marshall, and like you, I have been trying to get some amps to get what I think are those classic sounds for mostly home recording (have a PR, 5E3, the Marshall now, looking for Vox). FWIW, I think the Class 5 is pretty great, and seems to capture what I...
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    Whats a good 60s Fender Princeton?

    I have a '68 Princeton Reverb silver face drip-edge (silver trim around the speaker grill) that I think sounds pretty good. A lot less expensive than a black face. Not sure how much you want to spend, but this could be an option.
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    Marshall Class 5 - Headphone Out Question

    No speaker emulation that I'm aware of. I tried this trick which seems to give me enough of a level to record directly from the headphone out to my Tascam DP004: I am using the headphone out for silent recording. Hope this helps.
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    Bad Cat Mini Cat II

    I have a Bad Cat Mini Cat head that I used to run through a 2x12 cab - it never really inspired me, although it sounded good - I often had trouble dialing it in for good tone though. I just picked up a Marshall Class 5 and I prefer this much more than the Mini Cat - the cleans sound more...
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    Introduce Me to Marshall!

    I'm a Fender fan too, and just picked up the Class 5, my first Marshall, and I think it's a really great little amp. It just replaced my 68 drip edge Princeton Reverb in the living room (at least for now). Mine doesn't rattle, but I can't really crank it in my apartment. The cleans sound...
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    Best way to get Marshall tones at bedroom levels

    Class 5 with headphones - its too loud otherwise.
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    Noisy Reverb on Princeton Reverb

    thx everybody - i'll look into getting a NOS 12AT7 for the reverb. thanks!
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    Noisy Reverb on Princeton Reverb

    tmac - thanks for your help - I'll check out those tubes first. thanks again!
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    Noisy Reverb on Princeton Reverb

    I'm not really a technical guy, but the reverb on my Princeton (its a '68) gets really noisy and hissy when I turn it up past 4 or so. Up until 4 its fine, but just gets noisy past 4. Is it a bad tube? If so, any idea which one? Thanks for the help.
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    Top shops in L.A?

    My favorite shop in LA is Westwood Music - mainly because the people there are very nice and helpful. Of course, they have some nice gear as well - a lot of nice acoustic guitars, and some good electrics as well. I heard my first Goodsell amp there, the 5/17 mark III, which is great sounding...
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    Which Weber for my 5E3?

    The Beaufort Special I just got has a 12A125 in it, and it sounds good to me.