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  1. cragginshred

    Does using higher gauge strings provide more tuning stability?

    Seems like standard tuning and 10-46 as opposed to 9-42 in a Les Paul context seems more stable. Thoughts.
  2. cragginshred

    Just got my 1st R9 2020 LP!!!

    Wow!! The feel, acoustic tone, pups tuning stability -WOW! Custom bucker do not sequel, fantastic Ky bourbon flamed top and sounds killer with Marshall tones! Just got it at lunch and yes paid way too much for a new one but I wanted the Plek and newer ones that have a great rep, and it lived up...
  3. cragginshred

    Synergy amp Modules -who owns and uses them?

    For say the BE module would you guys who have used them or tried it does it sound more like the popular BE pedal or closer to the real amp? Vastly different to me. Live application is my primary interest using a Fyette PS2 and 4x12
  4. cragginshred

    Best Outdoor sound dispersion speakers for regular type pub band?

    Currently i have the QSC K series subs and 12" pole mounted speakers that are really good, but for any outdoor gig they can be very 'uni directional' What are high level options that would disperse sound better? Context is a hard rockin pub tpye band.
  5. cragginshred

    Are the 2020 Gibson really better than previous years?

    Most say Gibson has upped their build quality in the past few years, agree? Looking at a LP R9 new
  6. cragginshred

    Marshall 50w heads -why so widely used?

    Compared to the 100w the Various 50w Marshall heads seemed to be used more from Schenker to Ynwie and many others. what did it offer a 100w did not?
  7. cragginshred

    Aged Surf green -cool or?

    I'm looking at a Friedman cali that has my eye, but I hate to get it and think, well i scratched that itch and now I'm not so sure.
  8. cragginshred

    My MK II SLO 100 rawks!

  9. cragginshred

    Is the 50w el34 EVH head really better than the 100w version?

    Once the Blue ch mod is done many say the 50w version is more open and a better amp, yay or nay?
  10. cragginshred

    Serius XM listeners -who wants NO More G n R or Kiss??

    I swear on the classic metal channels on Serius you will hear a G n R and Kiss ( and Bon Jovi) song once in every 10 songs played -gimme a break!
  11. cragginshred

    What's the most cost effective way to Record/Video my band for an EPK?

    I do have Logic pro x but suck using it. Live recording? Mics needed? We need a video that could be lip synced or try to capture a live recording. Thanks!
  12. cragginshred

    Looking buying some e-drums for my studio -which new ones are worth the $?

    I'm a guitarist and have only been looking so I don't know anything about them. Still need to talk to my drummer about but he will not buy them so,... The Roland ones with the shells look cool but are they worth the extra coin? I mainly want to keep volume down in my studio but for smaller gigs...
  13. cragginshred

    OD boost pedal like a TS with out mid spike suggestions!

    I want some added mids and front of amp push from an OD with out the mid spike upper end slightly harsh signal a TS can add. Context of tone is classic hard rock and metal. Using a Slo 100 and a Tumnus/ Klon clone currently. The Tumnus is great but can add to what often sounds like a little...
  14. cragginshred

    Matrix GT1000 -really more 'open' and amp like? Fan noise?

    Matrix claims the GT1000 are more 'open and amp like' ? Also they have a less noisy fan. Can anyone confirm these claims? also what rig-cabs ect are you running? Anyone have the GT1600? Compared to GT1000? Thanks!
  15. cragginshred

    QSC one touch compared to H&A Qu PAC

    Looking to upgrade my Behringer XR 18. These two were suggested and are in close price ranges. Any experience with them, thoughts?
  16. cragginshred

    Friedman NOHO24 rock! Vid review

    Gave in to the GAS! Is it worth $3,699? Well sure. I did get $700 bonus bucks for Sweetwater. But yeah with taxes that's a lofty tag. Most of the Noho24 tops were not that inspiring to me, however, this one is amazing -see close up for top down in my vid. Bottom line compared to Suhr custom...
  17. cragginshred

    High end desktop monitor suggestions!

    For the modeler of your choice of course! I have the KrK $500 for a pair currently. And although they sound ok, it would be cool to upgrade someday. What are some choices that may not be the top tier in terms of $ but way better than what I am using?
  18. cragginshred

    Vintage 4x12 cab experts chime in please

    I know a guy in a nearby town that has a collection of older Marshall cabs and he was telling me how much better the old ones are versus the plywood 1960 A or B flavor. Can other chime in on the differences of say early 70's or 60's cabs? Thanks!
  19. cragginshred

    Les Paul Lemon burst -why so expensive?

    First off why are the +AAAA Slash top Lemon bursts right around 3g and virtually all other Lemon bursts on Reverb 4,500 to $7g?
  20. cragginshred

    Any Tube power amp and real cab users here? Used with your modeler of choice

    I get the whole IR thing and i have owned Xitone and Atomic as well as the ASM's, however, I use real amps mostly and going back to a modeler with a frfr only works for low volume practice for me. Now enters the argument of 'at the end of the day everyone is hear a liked cab thru a pa, and the...
  21. cragginshred

    Power amp and real cabs versus FRFR's?

    I own and have used the Atomic neo and a Xitone. Owned an ASM for a hot minute but it was too dark and heavy. The past couple of years I have been using real heads and cabs and am not really into the IR rabbit hole and always feel like my top end FRFR's are too sterile and pa like. For bedroom...
  22. cragginshred

    Slo 100 Mk II kicks arse!!

    This amp is the ultimate modern Plexi. There's something so good about this amp. I've had all the popular Friedmans this summer and they all fall short in the mid department. Thick and chewy yeas, but articulate with note separation -not so much. Until last week I had only heard Slo YT clips...
  23. cragginshred

    Soldano 30w versus 100w? Tried both?

    Now I know the primary comment is going to be 'From what I heard on YT' But for those who have tried them -how much of a diff is there? Both are super loud it's a given but does the 100w have a more full spectrum tone. That seems obvious but a guy on the FB Soldano forum who has owned both said...