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    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive vs Kingsley Jester

    I use my Jester in a similar way. I'm not with the pedal now, but I generally use it on mode 2, gain about 2:00, volume at 9:00, sometimes set the boost (mode 1) low to act as a master volume for practicing late at night.
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    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive vs Kingsley Jester

    Yes, you nailed it. That's what I was talking about.
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    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive vs Kingsley Jester

    Sorry for the delay, I'm on a trip. Yes, I'm talking apartment levels. I know they won't sound their best, but some pedals are more volume dependent then others and sound very thin at low levels. Some sound good enough and shine at gig volume. These are the ones I usually look for.
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    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive vs Kingsley Jester

    Then probably it's not for me, thanks for your advice. I've been more of a fuzz guy but leaning more and more towards heavy drive these days. I have had Klones, Spaceman Aphelion (the loudest), a couple of Effectrodes, KOT and TS808HW (manageable volume, but works better on a dirty amp) etc...
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    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive vs Kingsley Jester

    Hi all... I've got a Kingsley Jester for about a year and, while I think it sounds very good, I think it needs to be played really loud to give its best (which is a problem for many hi end boutique overdrives, IMHE). I've been listening to samples of the Royal Overdrive and liked them a lot...
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    Your current favorite Overdrive / Distortion pedal

    I'm torn between this and Kingsley Jester V2. The best ones I've ever tried.
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    NPD: Effectrode Mercury Fuzz

    Got mine yesterday and I'm amazed with its tones. It makes an excellent pair with the Fire Bottle before or after it for an extra oomph. I don't think I need much more distortion-wise, but it made me want to try the Tube Drive too.
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    Always on tone enhancer

    Effectrode Fire Bottle
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    SD-1 or BD-2 for Fender Blackface Amp?

    Tried many, many boutique overdrives with a DRRI and a MIT SD1 was one of the best. Made me feel embrarassed on how much I have spent to find a great drive tone. The Waza should be even better.
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    Thanks for the video! I'm on the waiting line for a Jester and a bit undecided between it and a Jouster. Your video made me sure I made the right choice :)
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    NPD Kingsley Jouster

    Thank you very much for this answer! It seems that the Jester would be great for me. If I need more drive, I'll follow you and also order a Jouster or a Harlot and stack them.
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    NPD Kingsley Jouster

    I thought the same except for the boost, which for me is a bonus. Do you think the the Jester OD is a good choice for classic rock and hard rock rhythm playing in a clean blackface-like amp? For leads and boosting a cooking amp, I'm sure it's great.
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    NPD Kingsley Jouster

    Congratulations! After being undecided for a long time (still am, in fact) I chose a Jester over the Jouster and I am on the waiting line for it. Have you tried stacking the boost side of the Jester with the Harlot or the Jouster?
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    Moog MF104m Midi Question

    I'm a MIDI noob and also interested in a simple and friendly controller for my MF 104 MSD. Could I do simply change long, short, modulated etc presets with a device like this? A single accessible button for each preset would also be even better
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    Bare Knuckles Strings

    They are rebranded Rotosound Pure Nickels 10s. I've been using them lately. Great tone and feel.
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    Maxon AD-999

    I had the 999 as a compensation for not getting the AD-900 in time. But in fact, they are both killer!!! The 900 blends so naturally with the original sound while the 999 enhances it for solos, being a great natural boost that just amplifies and enhances the mid freequenies I surely...
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    New aphelion users

    I also own one of the originals and completely agree. It is a lot clearer, quieter than my TS808HW and also has a lot more volume on tap and a broader distortion range, for a comparison with this classic overdrive. In short, it is great, specially with tweed and British-like amps.
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    What was your "HOLY CRAP!" pedal?

    Through the years, I've found some: - Lovetone Big Cheese - Moog Phaser - A/DA Flanger - Ibanez AD 80 - Maxon AD 900 - Maxon AD 999 - Teese RMC 1 I can't tell the same about overdrives, although I have tried many of the best. So far, my favorite has been the Spaceman Aphelion.
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    WoW! Spaceman Effects Releasing

    I have an original chrome Aphelion and I found it not noisy at all. The only concern I have about it is that it is really loud. The volume control on mine is always before noon and unity gain is close to the minimum.
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    Voodoo PP2 Plus help!

    Be careful not to mix the doubler cables! Otherwise you could fry the Timeline if you use the voltage doubler cable with it. The opposite wouldn't be a problem for the OCD Check it with a multimeter if you're not sure
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    Voodoo PP2 Plus help!

    Also, people at the Voodoo Lab forum are extremely helpful and would give you the right info:
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    Voodoo PP2 Plus help!

    I would do the following: 1) Put the Blackstar first in chain and run it on a carbon battery 2) Try the OCD with 12V (outputs 1-4, DIP switch on), using a single output instead of using two outputs to give it 18V 3) Give at least 300mA for each of the Strymons using current doubler...
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    A/DA Flanger question

    Hi... I love the tones from my A/DA Flanger, but I think it's a bit over the top. Have anyone modded it or tried it with a blender?