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  1. Loop-Master

    gigging with a 4x12 cab

    I too use a 4X12 even at small venues. It's not about length, it's about girth. ;)
  2. Loop-Master

    Age old conundrum: How do make the set stretch a little longer??

    "we did these few songs earlier tonight but we had a request to do them again"
  3. Loop-Master

    What guitarist is the hardest to imitate?

    I said earlier Allan Holdsworth. But what about this guy?
  4. Loop-Master

    "Cool" guitar gear in the 1990s?

    The Klon Centaur came out in the 90's. I still have and use the one I bought in 1998.
  5. Loop-Master

    Steve Perry: Traces

  6. Loop-Master

    Things that grind your gears at a gig..

    "11. Guest harmonica players. They never know when to shut up, & bray over the vocals & lead in every song. I cringe when I see them walking up to the stage with their bandolier of harps" This ^^
  7. Loop-Master

    Steve Perry - Interview on CBS in October

    One of the greatest singers ever!
  8. Loop-Master

    What’s your favorite live recording of electric guitar ever?

    Dixie Dregs - Bring 'em back alive
  9. Loop-Master

    Who's a better singer than most people realize?

    Tony Lewis (The Outfield)
  10. Loop-Master

    Eric Clapton, I'm sorry.

    His sense of pitch and vibrato is legendary.
  11. Loop-Master

    Steve Vai not a Marshall fan

    There's no better amp (for me) than a Marshall. Especially a vintage one!
  12. Loop-Master

    Worst song ever...

    There are no problems. Only solutions.
  13. Loop-Master

    Songs that are deceptively hard to learn to play

    Thin Lizzy - Boys are back in town Easy chords but seems like they won't fall in the right place when they do.
  14. Loop-Master

    Lyrics: Do you really hear them?

    Love that song!
  15. Loop-Master

    Lyrics: Do you really hear them?

    I love Sting but some of his are the worst to figure out.
  16. Loop-Master

    How much money do you make from a typical gig?

    $80-$100 per night but only play twice a month etc..
  17. Loop-Master

    We Are The World

    I agree
  18. Loop-Master

    Is U2's "the Edge" any good?

    I love his playing