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  1. Scott Peterson

    Finally got back in the game

    Welcome to TGP!
  2. Scott Peterson

    Finally stopped lurking

    Welcome to TGP!
  3. Scott Peterson

    Retired Enthusiast Newbie

    Welcome to TGP!
  4. Scott Peterson

    Playing the blues

    Welcome to TGP!
  5. Scott Peterson

    Old hack trying to have some fun

    Welcome to TGP!
  6. Scott Peterson

    Kolev Custom Pickups

    Welcome to TGP! Be sure to visit and post in the Builder/Retailer section.
  7. Scott Peterson


    Please don't bring cross forum drama. Welcome to TGP!
  8. Scott Peterson

    Please allow me to introduce myself...

    Welcome to TGP!
  9. Scott Peterson

    Roland Cube 80X Problem

    Amps Tech section also. Welcome to TGP!
  10. Scott Peterson

    Howdy from St.Augustine Florida!!!

    Welcome to TGP!
  11. Scott Peterson

    Greetings from The Netherlands

    Welcome to TGP!
  12. Scott Peterson

    Hello from North Carolina.

    Welcome to TGP!
  13. Scott Peterson

    Hey everyone!

    Read the rules and post in the appropriate areas and you'll be fine. Welcome to TGP!
  14. Scott Peterson

    Howdy from Charleston, SC.

    Welcome to TGP!
  15. Scott Peterson

    Just a pickin'

    Welcome to TGP!
  16. Scott Peterson

    Hey, Hey!

    Welcome to TGP!
  17. Scott Peterson

    Hello from a Brazilian living in Germany - Karlsruhe

    Welcome to TGP! What Catatafish said.
  18. Scott Peterson

    Hello from Bardstown Kentucky.

    Welcome to TGP!
  19. Scott Peterson

    Guess I should finally sign up.

    Welcome to TGP!
  20. Scott Peterson

    Shawn from LA, CA

    Welcome to TGP. It is best to start topics in the proper forums for your questions and ask from there.
  21. Scott Peterson


    Welcome back to TGP!
  22. Scott Peterson

    70 year old non-techie needs help with a home hook up

    Good advice up above. Be sure to post your question in the recording section here too, some really smart people on this forum. Welcome to TGP!
  23. Scott Peterson

    Hey there from New York

    Welcome to TGP!
  24. Scott Peterson

    Looking for information/advice

    Welcome to TGP. You could do research on eBay and Reverb for pricing or post in the various forums here inquiring about prices to set.
  25. Scott Peterson

    Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome to TGP!