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    What genre of playing is this?

    stumbled across this tasteful playing in a Fender youtube ad, really enjoyed it. What genre of playing would you call this? Any relevant TrueFire courses you would recommend for this type of playing? thank you
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    Recommendation for R&B/Rhythm Guitar styles

    hi guys, took some time off from guitar and would love to get back into it. skill level intermediate / advanced-intermediate. was hoping you guys could recommend me some books to practice an R&B style rhythm guitar. chord progressions with connecting licks in between. Learning theory behind it...
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    Most secure guitar rack?

    happy thanksgiving everyone need recommendations on the most secure floor guitar rack. Hanging my guitars on the wall is not an option due to limited wall space. Need room for at least 3 guitars, preferably 5 my googling suggests the hercules rack is the best reviewed one, but the lack of...
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    Recently bought guitar showing up in Guitar Center used --- something fishy going on?

    There is a "Just Arrived" guitar (nice strat, listed on GC's used site at around $900) that showed up on Guitar Center's used website. I emailed the store and asked for the serial number which they provided (so I could check w/ Fender on authenticity). The guitar is new enough to the store that...
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    FS: Marshall Class 5 Head LOWERED $220 Local / $250 Shipped

    excellent condition Marshall Class 5 Head asking $220 Local southern california pickup, If interested, PM and depending on your distance from me I can adjust price to compensate for gas costs. Cab in picture is not for sale. if you want it shipped to you, i am asking $250 shipped via UPS...
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    Blackstar HT1 Head MP3/Line Input = FX Return?

    strange question i was discussing with a friend. The Blackstar HT1 head has a regular guitar input, as well as a 1/4" "MP3/Line Input." (as opposed to the regular 1/8" MP3 inputs i am used to seeing in practice amps). Could you almost use this "MP3/Line Input" as a FX Return? Meaning...
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    Are pedals and "bedroom level" amps two things that don't go together?

    Everytime I do a search here for bedrooom volume amp recommendations, the same recs always come up: Fender Mustangs, Roland Cube, Line 6 stuff. All items that have some sort of modeling built in. I take it that means most people dont use pedals along with their bedroom level amps? (by bedroom...
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    Volume: 1 Watt vs 5 Watt amp

    sorry if this is a dumb question, but (assuming all other things equal) how much quieter is a 1 watt amp compared to a 5 watt? for example a Blackstar HT-5 vs HT-1 ... what settings on volume would be *roughly* equal to each other (i.e. an 8 on HT-5 equals ?? on the HT-1?)
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    Any bands like Killswitch Engage but with no screaming?

    and "like Killswitch Engage" I mean: good, heavy guitar work (KSE actually has solos! I dont want just power chord metal) nice clean singing voice (subjective, i Know. But just no screaming/cookie monster please) positive lyrics, no doom and gloom metal please thanks
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    Looking for an overdrive to complement my EQD White Light

    currently using an EQD White Light overdrive w/ Marshall class 5 head/cab want to try different overdrives and looking for an overdrive that sounds completely different (as far as overdrives are concerned) than my EQD. Should i be looking at Tubescreamer variants then? Looking for a warmer...
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    PSA: Sound City $0.99 Amazon Instant Video Rental (SD or HD)

    just a PSA: have been wanting to watch this documentary for a long time and now I have no excuse ... 3-day rental only $0.99. Play via your TV / PS3/ Xbox / Roku / etc
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    Non-Hendrix guitar songs like "Bold As Love"

    hey guys can anyone recommend some songs to play that are similar to Bold as Love? i've recently been playing a lot of hendrix and this one sticks out as my favorite ... i like how it's all over the neck, i love the combination of chords and little fills, ... i just find it really fun to play...
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    Small Beginner Shopping List for recording guitar - is this all I need?

    hey guys want to start recording some of my playing. This is only for fun/personal use. Would also like a DAW that has virtual instruments (drums, piano, etc). Have been searching the forums and reading many helpful threads, and just wanted to make sure my very small shopping list is complete...
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    Is now the time to buy an (used) ESP Standard Series??

    so last night i was reading online that there are strong rumors (or maybe even facts) that starting in 2014 the only way to buy an "ESP" branded guitar (Standard Series or Signature) will be through ESP's custom shop (meaning much more $$). The rumor is that ESP is trying to maintain their brand...
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    How do the "behind the scenes" music people get their jobs?

    maybe "behind the scenes" isnt the best description, but i mean people such as session guitarists, songwriters, touring musicians, etc. With a band, or singer/songwriter types, I can see how playing local gigs evolves into bigger things (maybe SXSW, then getting noticed by media/labels...
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    Identify this old In Flames song?

    not sure how many of you listen/(ed) to In Flames, but I used to listen to them many years ago and for some reason today I randomly thought of a song of theirs and for the life of me can not recall what its title is. i dont think it was an instrumental song ... i am pretty sure it had vocals...
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    Use boss rc-3 looper to play over songs?

    my amp doesn't have an mp3/aux in, so if I got a rc-3 looper could I use that instead to play along with songs? (in addition to regular looper use) i.e if I took a song from my mp3 collection, converted it to wav format, saved it on one of the rc-3's memory banks .... Could I play along with...
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    Are these new tubes "upgrades" ?

    ad for a Marshall Class 5 head (used) states that the owner "upgraded" the tubes. I dont know anything about tube brands/types (looking for my first tube amp), so i'll leave it to you experts to tell me if these really are "upgrades" he says he put in: "Chinese Penta 12ax7" "Tung Sol 12ax7"...
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    BOSS Pedals & Eneloop Pedal Juice Deal - Recommendations?

    Is this a good deal? I searched the forums for reviews on the Pedal Juice and there weren't a lot of results , but the people who did own a Pedal Juice seemed to like it. Buy any 2 compact BOSS pedals and get a Pedal Juice for free...
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    Looking for a certain type of pick...

    hi guys spent the last 45 minutes searching old threads and couldn't really find a thread that dealt with my question -- so pardon me if this has been answered already, but here goes: I love my Max Grip Jazz III red and carbon fiber picks, but sometimes I feel like I would just LOVE a pick...