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  1. Toby Krebs

    Show your pedalboard: 2021

    Those NUX two level boards are very nice!I love mine!
  2. Toby Krebs

    Need to get the live acoustic sound happening quickly and inexpensively

    Get an IR loader and some Sigma Acoustic IRs.They are amazing.The Taylor 614 IRs make all my acoustics kill through a good PA. Way better than the Body Rez pedals.A Hotone IR loader is $100-$150.
  3. Toby Krebs

    Headrush 2.3 Update now available

    Looking forward to updating my Gigboard. I sold my HX Stomp and kept my Gigboard.For acoustic it is great with some Sigma acoustic IRs. In fact it’s pretty good in general.I like L6 as a company but find nothing about Helix that sets the world on fire. I’ve done two Variaxes/HD500/Flextones/PODs...
  4. Toby Krebs

    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    Booty Bandit? Lol! Nice discussion guys. The Boss GT-10 had true preset spillover when changing patches.Those were the good old Boss days!
  5. Toby Krebs

    Headrush pedalboard and gigboard

    One of my buddies has borrowed my Gigboard .I shall have to retrieve it and update it! It’s great the way it is though but a few new things will be very cool to have.
  6. Toby Krebs

    FRFR Question - Headrush, Yamaha, QSC?

    For out of town up in the mountains out in the weather gigs I use the Headrush cabs.For closer to home high paying gigs I use QSC K10.2s or CP8s.Modelers are secondary for me and $2k powered speakers don’t sound half as good as my 1982 JCM 800 combo.So I use what I deem appropriate.The Headrush...
  7. Toby Krebs

    Are you still using an Atomic Amplifire in 2021?

    Going back and forth between my A6/M9 pairing and just putting a wah in front of it with the MBritt presets. I have been creating patches on these modelers live and in the studio for 30 years and the Atomic amp models are very good. Just missed an A12 yesterday.may grab a three button just to...
  8. Toby Krebs

    Are you still using an Atomic Amplifire in 2021?

    Tubes amps cranked up with distortion or OD pedals in front of them have squirrels too.I used my Atomic 6 button for teaching/ practicing all day at my studio then went to a rehearsal with my 1982 JCM800 50 watt combo with an SD-1 and Blues Driver in front of it.Real amps have squirrels too when...
  9. Toby Krebs

    Modelers with accurate Dumble Models?

    Eric Johnson sold his Dumble amps because they were too loud lol!
  10. Toby Krebs

    What do you play when you are asked to play something?

    I played original music and slept in my car for a while.Yeah great memories!
  11. Toby Krebs

    What do you play when you are asked to play something?

    Lately I will play/sing My One And Only Love or A Change Is Gonna Come. It changes all the time but I have 500 plus songs in my head(book).The instructors I work with call me a walking encyclopedia of music lol!
  12. Toby Krebs

    Boss GT1000 - Incredible String Definition ...

    I played the GTk at work yesterday for 45 minutes.Not the first time I played it.It is very very good and the size/build quality are of course beyond solid.I may have to pull the old trigger today!The gigs are coming back and small and EZ are the new normal!
  13. Toby Krebs

    FRFR recommendations / Never mind...

    I‘ve used Maltos/JBLs/ EVs/Bosies and Posies.My two QSC CP8s are very good and reasonably priced.Acoustic/Electric/etc...they sound great.Very small and lightweight .Tough to beat.Modelers and power amp cabs I’ve tried but don’t get?My amps sound better than that setup.IMHO/TTFN/YMMV...
  14. Toby Krebs

    Why do you not like the Headrush Gigboard or PedalBoard ?

    Nothing at all wrong with Headrush or Atomic. Failure rates? No one here really knows what those are.The constant update/free stuff /instant gratification minded group of consumers drive modeler sales.Simple as that.My Headrush Gigboard sounds/works great.My atomic units do too.I sold my Stomp...
  15. Toby Krebs

    Are you still using an Atomic Amplifire in 2021?

    I gigged the hell out of my AFB Firebox until Covid.I am getting my Atomic 6 button ready for the gigging that is starting next week.It’s a fantastic unit with a great editor.I will pair it with an M9/Zoom 50g etc...for effects.The company is small and has a low profile but the products are...
  16. Toby Krebs

    Does gigging when you're old even make sense?

    I will be 60 in September. In 2019 I played over 220 gigs.I can still play and sing circles around the younger musicians here.I am also a full time instructor.Music is a lifetime learning growing experience for me.But you must have thick skin/real chops and desire to do it after 50.I like to...
  17. Toby Krebs

    I want to make it as a pedal youtuber but have no cash to buy pedals to review

    YouTube careers? Lol! No serious musician I’ve ever met makes gear decisions from watching YouTube. Great Thread please keep it going and influencing etc...!
  18. Toby Krebs

    Examples of great rhythm guitar playing

    Earth Wind and Fire.Al McKay.
  19. Toby Krebs

    QSC- CP vs K series.

    The CPs are excellent I have two CP8s.The K series are great I have 2 K10.2s but they are for full PA use.The CP8 is a killer value priced speaker for modelers.Can’t go wrong with them.
  20. Toby Krebs

    Marshall DSL40CR

    I grabbed a vintage look older model on FB Marketplace for $250.It kills with my Thin Lizzy Tribute band.With my Les Paul Tribute it’s almost as good as my 1982 JCM800 model 4010.
  21. Toby Krebs

    Just Got a Variax JTV-69S - What Should I Know?

    If you try to use a JT Variax in 90 degree or more heat the lithium batteries will go into protect /shut off and the modeling will not function.That’s why I sold mine very reluctantly.The work around is to use it with the Variax cable into a Helix.If you use a wireless unit though and the...
  22. Toby Krebs

    Really Really Really good albums that were followed up by an absolute STINKER ?

    Great Thread! Interesting to see the huge variety of guitar related music listened to here at TGP!
  23. Toby Krebs

    Louie Shelton - Wrecking Crew guitarist interview

    I saw him with S and C.Amazing! Played a lot like LC
  24. Toby Krebs

    So the Helix reverb...

    If this fellow and Eric Johnson are lousy singers whom would you fellows consider to be decent?And to contribute to the subject of the thread nothing in the Axe/Helix/Boss or any other multi fx sounds like your guitar treated by a real plate reverb in a big studio.
  25. Toby Krebs

    Atomic Ampli-fire box

    The AFB is to be treated like an amp.Not a multi tasking amp switcher.I’ve never had a problem with mine but I use it on one amp setting at a time.Had a Stomp and sold it.Bought an Atomic 6 button a month ago.Love it!For a direct with a few pedals solution the AFB kills.The simplicity is what...