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    PRS SE 30 head tube layout?

    Hello:) I recently picked up one of these guys and decided to put some NOS tubes in the amp. I initially thought there was only one 12AT7 as a reverb driver and put in 12AX7's in the rest of the slots. I then noticed that the amp had three 12AT7 slots and two 12AX7 slots. Does anybody have the...
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    Vintage Tube Experts... Mullards?? High Res Pics...

    Hello:) Came into some vintage tubes a few weeks back and still sorting some oddballs. The three tubes pictured are all Hammond 12AX7's. I know some NOS Hammonds are Mullards while others were made by different companies. But who and.... are they really Mullard's? My guess is the tube pictured...
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    Fender Tweed Deluxe(5E3) badge/logo plates?

    Anyone know where to grab a repo Tweed Deluxe logo for one of these amps? Thanks so much!!! :love:
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    RJM (Pedal) Effects.

    Attention.... Attention..... Hey guys! Clearing the bench with some builds and I am open for repairs, custom builds and mods. Thought I would give a shout out here as well! Let me know if I can be of service. Contact me at... Thanks...
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    RJM Effects(Pedals)

    Hey there guys and gals.:crazyguy RJM Effects has been going through some "growing pains" in a good way! The site is almost up and running %100 with the ability to purchase pedals direct. Some new pedals are being offered in my line and some on the burner. And as always(as many of you know;) ) I...
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    Just saying hello:) RJ-M Effects....

    Hey there guys.... and gals.;) Been doing the Ol' pedal thang for a bit and starting to build some of my own designs along with my mods. I'm just one of the "little, LITTLE guys" and don't mind that a bit! I enjoy doing small batches and custom builds. I like taking my time with each build and...
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    NGM:DeTemple '52 Industry Standard.

    Well… I waited and waited and then waited… But friends the wait was worth every moment. I waited to post this as well. I really wanted to spend a good week or two with the guitar. While this may not be the "top O' the line" DeTemple and plays and sounds just as good IMHO. Hands down beats any...
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    Boss OD-2 Turbo Overdrive Made in Japan 1987??

    Hey there:) Picked this guy up of a CL for a VERY decent price. Thought I was just getting a Boss pedal I could mod. When I started doing some research it seems that these are somewhat sought after? I guess I'm out of the loop on this.:jo It had some loose solder joints. LED need replacing...
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    Pedal builders..... Led on when in bypass..??

    Can anyone help me with this issue? Do I just have the anode and cathode backwards on the board? Or would it be the foot switch giving me the jive!!?;) Here is the project.... Everything else is fine and dandy like Christmas candy! Just...
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    Boss CE-3 wiring. Anyone have "gut shots?"

    Hello:) Hey having some issues with my DC jack on my Boss CE-3 chorus pedal. Can someone show me some gut shots of the wring to the jack? I'm have a hard time finding any info on the web. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much! Ryan:)
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    NEED HELP!!! Need "gut shots" of a vintage EHX Small Clone?

    REALLY NEED WIRING PICS OR DESCRIPTION OF INPUT JACK TO BOARD. OUTPUT JACK TO BOARD. DC JACK WIRING AND DEPTH SWITCH(TWO LUG) WIRING. THANKS!!!!:) Working on one of these pedals for my buddy and the wiring is all screwed up. I'm having a real hard time find some good pics on the web on how...
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    Can I add a blend pot to my A/B pedal???

    Anyone know if you can add a pot to a A/B pedal to blend both channels?? I would love some info on this if it is possible. Thanks so much!!!:)
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    Is it hard to build your own wah circuit from scratch??

    Hey there! I've been looking at a couple of DIY sites on pedal building and thinking about giving it a try. I have been wiring guitars now for 5 years and have become pretty good at it(always room to learn;)) but was thinking that I may be able to do some pedal wiring now. Soooooo... How...
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    Troubles with my Visual Sound H2O V1....

    Hey there! Having some issues with my H2O pedal and was wondering if there is someone out there that will fix/mod the pedal? I have a lot of noise when operating the pedal. Also the knobs seem to be on the fritz on the delay side. At times I have to really increase the delay time and repeats...
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    Looking at getting my first Vox. Learn me!!!:)

    I have never owned a Vox but always thought that I would like to have one. Played through my buddies Vox AC30 Heritage Series the other day and it blew my mind!:crazy Sooooo.... I would love to get one of those but the Custom Classic series kind of looks cool as well. Maybe even a AC15?? I'm...
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    Messing around with my wife's new camera.(Gibson)

    I have not a idea how to work these things.... I leave that to mama.:) Thought I would snap some shots of my 1980 Gibson ES-347. Some turned out okay so I thought I would share. Thanks so much!!!:) DSC_0885 by rydog2223, on Flickr 1980 Gibson ES-347 by rydog2223, on Flickr...
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    Value of a 1994 Fender Telecaster TLG-94P?

    Hey there!!! I have a 94' MIJ Tele Custom Anniversary. Does anybody know the ballpark in which what these are going for? I tried checking on the net and did not find much as far as value. Thanks so much for any help!:)
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    Got some new MIJ Fender Teles on the way 50's RI and '94 Custom...Info??

    Hey there.:) I have these two guitars on hold for me. I've owned a Crafted in Japan 52' Re issue before and loved it. I've never owned a Made in Japan Fender but have heard good things about them. I know that both guitars have cloth wiring including the pickups but the smaller pots. My...
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    Looking to mod my Crybaby....

    Hello:) I'm thinking about buying some parts or maybe a kit to mod my wah. I'm really green on this subject so any info would be great! I can solder guitar electronics so would I be able to find a kit that I could install? Not looking to spend to much on the project. Any input would be...
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    The Eric Clapton Strat.... WOW!!!

    Just picked up a EC Strat(the production model) "Blackie" in a trade deal. I've never really looked twice at these guitars as the TBX circuit always confused me. It seemed like every time I picked one up at a store the TBX must have always been on and I didn't think that the guitar was to...
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    Good string height for my R8?

    Hey there:) Been thinking about going a little higher on my string height on my R8. Most times I set her up at 3/64 on the treble and 5/64 on the bass at the 12th fret. Any suggestions would be great!!! Thanks:)
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    Gibson "R" (fill in the number) owners.. Tuners?

    The time has come.... to perhaps change the tuners on my CR8. I've had the guitar going on five years... if you can believe that one! Anyways I've swapped out other parts to my liking and have always thought about changing the tuners but never did it. I'm a big fan of the Kluson Tone Pros and...
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    Epiphone Explorer???

    Hello:) Question for those in the know. I recently tried out my buddies Explorer and I really liked it. It felt really comfortable in the standing position. In the past I've never really looked at the Explorer since it really didn't trip my trigger. Lately though they have kind of grown on...
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    Extra pedal power cords for a Furman board???

    Anybody know where to buy extra pedal power supplies for a Furman SPB-8 board?? Any help would be awesome! Thanks:)
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    T.C Jaurenig 1-800-GAIN????

    Looking at maybe picking on of these up. Anyone try one? I've had a grip of Tim's pedals and loved them so I would think this would be no different as far as quality and sound go.... Thanks for any help!!!!:D