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  1. Spellbound

    Delay setting for Gilmour “Run like hell”?

    I used to have this on my nova delay but got rid of it, now hoping to recreate with nemesis!
  2. Spellbound

    HELP! My Foxrox TZF paradox flanger is broken!

    I can't believe it! This has to be my favorite pedal it is making weird spaceship noises the rate nob controls the frequency of the space ship noises. Does anyone know Dave's email or how to get a hold of him so I can get his address so I can send my tzf in for repair. I can't live without...
  3. Spellbound

    Is there a difference between the Zenkudo and the Dumkudo?

    It seems I always get on board too early and buy new pedals before they get improved on. A few years ago I bought a dual custom zenkudo its a really cool pedal. I would just like to know what changes went into the pedal when they changed the name to Dumkudo? Does it sound more dumbley?
  4. Spellbound

    How do you Power your Fuzz Factory 7?

    Im thinking on getting a fuzz factory 7. I strictly use carbon comp batteries for fuzz but i see these have a dc jack so i can use my pp2? I hate having to unplug multiple pedals every time i play.
  5. Spellbound

    Tubescreamer into Rat...good lawd!

    Just ran my Duellist ts side into my 1981 drv. I cant recomend the duellist enough just really impressed and stoked about my new found Tone.
  6. Spellbound

    Just ordered a Snouse black box2 pro mod!

    Wicked pedal come on in and share!
  7. Spellbound

    KoT internal trim instructions?

    Thanks in advance. I bought my kot used at GC when i bought my mary kay strat. I dont have an instruction manual nor do i know the options mine came with. I must say i love this pedal as is im just curious what else it can do.
  8. Spellbound

    I like PHISH now!

    I listen to them all the time now thanks to xm satellite radio. Back in the days of harmony central I couldnt listen to phish because the vocals were Lame! But something must have changed cause I listen to phish radio more than the Dead channel. All my time at HC was spent in...
  9. Spellbound

    DUELLIST incoming!!

    So stoked dudes! Yessss.
  10. Spellbound

    ORIGIN FX: Compressor Club!

    I just pulled the trigger last night on a Purple cali76cd. My keeley got stolen so this is long overdue. Let this be a space for the Elite to lounge.
  11. Spellbound

    Can I get my TIM fixed??

    I absolutely love this pedal , Sean at lovepedal made me get one back in the day. Please god let there be light.
  12. Spellbound

    Retro-Sonic Flanger is a Trippy Drug Fest.

    When I was waiting for it to be built , people would ask me “what does flanger sound like?” The only thing that came to my mind is that flanger sounds like you are on drugs!! Id just like to thank everyone for getting that thread rolling and the chap who builds them ,now im tripping out daily...
  13. Spellbound

    Help me Power my Klon KTR

    Please post pics and links for special positive tipped cables etc cause im done using batteries.
  14. Spellbound

    New Amp Day :d Marshall Jvm.

    I got a Killer deal at Guitar Center it loves pedals. Any opinions?
  15. Spellbound

    So I Bought a Mint Mutron 3.

    It looks perfect but it just can’t do what it is supposed to do. So I have to send it off to one of those places that refurbishes old mutrons. Anyone know who does this? Thanks el kabong.
  16. Spellbound

    Mutron 3 Heads! In here!!

    Ok I just got this thing and it’s not doing its thing as much as i know it should be. So where is the best place in chain for ot???
  17. Spellbound

    So I Played the C-Bread Echorec at GC and WOW!!

    Late to the party but ohh so good! Id love it with presets or exp pedal jack's like a super echorec thing? I was just strat into echorec into JVM pretty loud (blew the doors off GC! ). Would love to hear with my anvil breif case loaded with big muffed and wiio medusa !!
  18. Spellbound

    CASTLEDINE SUPRA VIBE plz post your NON Utoob KLIPS pls

    Hey I have one incoming and cant find origninal clips that sold me on it? Would really appreciate if you could post your sound clicks what have you of the supra vibe to hold me over till it gets here. thanks :bonk
  19. Spellbound

    Pls Tell me Aboot KT 77 toobs?

    Hi I play a dual recto that can run either 6L6 or EL 34's. Currently very happy with JJ 34s's. My fave amp Ive ever heard was satches modded jcm 800 that i think was runnin kt88's. From what I have just recently read, I think the t verb may be able to run kt 77's? is this true? if so how will...
  20. Spellbound

    My Eventide Timefactory supposedly batch released on oct 8th still isnt here.

    :mad: yeah I'd say im really explicative pissed off at this point. I ordered thru ZZounds and called them a couple weeks ago and they said i would get a shipping email from them when they ship it to me. Nothing at all I wonder what is going on in that big thread where the guy was in...
  21. Spellbound

    Overdrive. Before or after vibe?

    So to make sure we are all on the same page which comes first overdrive or vibe.