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    Those playing with a tunomatic bridge...where are you rrsting your picking hand??

    I recently got a guitar with a tunimatic...on a trem I usually rest my palm on the trem but the tunomatic seems to stick up and inch...any tricks to smooth playing??
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    For those giving private did you build your business and get students??

    I'm a pretty good player with a Degree from UW Madison and GIT after college...wanted to give lessons and share some knowledge but have no idea how to get started ...I live in Long Island NY ...thx for any input!!
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    Pedal platform guys.....what amps are you using?

    Im running a strictly pedal platform through a Quilter 101R and I recently grabbed a DV Mark Neo 2x12....curious how you guys are running your pedals looking for or SS ??
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    Is there a pedal that has multiple amp distortion models in one pedal??

    Ive been running a pedal platform setup through a Quilter into a 2x12 cab and Ive amassed a few pedals, distortion to overdrive there a pedal that has a few amp models in a singular pedal to play around with? I was looking at the HX Stomp but its appears to have too much going on and...
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    Apologize if this is old hat, but whats the best floor unit modeler for under 500 bucks!

    A search came up with nothing but I recently grabbed a DV Mark 2x12 and a Quilter 101 and I have been running pedals through it for my sounds but I want a modeler to get more tones and different amp models and efx....the Helix and Kemper and Headrush are out of my budget at the moment so I was...
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    So I grabbed one of those DV Mark Neo 2x12s today on sale...

    Should arrive in 4 or 5 days from GC Warehouse but with the recent hernia the Orange 2x12 must go...if the DV sounds terrible I can always go to 2 1x12s for my amps....if anyone has or uses one Id love to hear some feedback, there a mixed reviews across the board....
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    I would have thought more 2021 models announced by now??...

    I know NAMM was cancelled but don't manufacturers usually announce at least a percentage of their 2021 product line by this time?? For amps as well I haven't seen much being announced...maybe in the climate were in there won't be too many new models coming...well see i guess...
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    How do you know when its time to move a guitar??...or amp for that matter as well..

    I have 9 guitars...but only really play 3 or 4 regularly ....some of the ones I don't play are discontinued models that I feel I might regret...same as a couple of amps that collect dust....when do you know its time to move em out?? Btw every 5 years I go through this with gear ughh...maybe in a...
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    Any of you guys leave traditional tube amps simply because of the upkeep??

    Both my tube heads are down because of issues and I dont have the excess cash to fix them right now so I wind up playing the Katana and Quilter 90 percent of the time anyway.....maybe its time to go digital Im thinking......anyone else get fed up with the cost of tubes and caps etc...??
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    Do pedals need maintenance??? one by one my pedals are crapping out on me!

    My MXR Classic drive crapped out a few weeks ago and now my SD1 isnt working....thats after my TC Chorus stopped working a few months ago....I keep them out but in a glass case and theres def some dust buildup in the case but is this normal? and how do I fox them? these pedals are cheap enough...
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    Ceriatone Amps...where are you guys buying them from??

    I dont know too much about them but the prices are great and I liked the son of my question is where are they made and are they reliable?? Also is the SOY basically the best hot rodded Marshall in a small box or should I look at something else as well?? thx and sorry for the newb...
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    Need a SS amp recommendation to run through my 2x12, specs inside..

    Im looking for a Solid State head to run through my Custom 2x12 to relieve firing up the tube heads a few times throughout the day as Im home all day now I find myself firing up 2 or 3 times when I get a break! I have a Katana 50 and it just OK, not thrilling but OK....was wondering if the...
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    Northeast members...when do you start humidifier your soundholes again??

    I live in NY and the weather is changing...when do I start putting the humidifier in the soundhole to avoid cracks!! Just asking...
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    Should I trade my Orange OB 2x12 for a DV Mark with the Neos?.

    I like the Orange with V30s but the DV mark at 27lbs is appealing compared to the 52lb Orange...will I miss the big sound of the Orange?? I have to decide tomm as the seller has another offer....whadda you experts think???
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    I think I may be running my 5153 head through the wrong cab maybe??

    I run the 50 watt 6L6 and the LBX through an Orange ob 2x12 and was always satisfied with the tone BUT today at a music store I was demoing a guitar and the same head was sitting atop 2 closed back nonome cabs, larger 1x12s, and I swear it sounded nastier and warmer and fuller I want...
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    Any of you guys pick up the Fender Lead III ???

    I just got a good deal on one and I kinda like the specs....should arrive tomm...was curious if anyone has one and what are your thoughts??
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    Are there any time based EFX like Reverb that are designed to go in front of a distorted amp??

    Dont know if this is a stupid question but was curious if any pedal designers figured out a way to get a reverb or delay pedal to sound good in front of a high gain amp, its just so much easier for set up that way and was curious of anyone has heard of something like this....thx!
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    Think my Katana 50 just died, has this happened to anyone yet?

    Started sounding very shrill and noisy, not the cable, not the guitar as Ive tried multiple of both, just sounding horrible! I guess it doesn't owe my anything as a quiet practice amp its been but I don't think Im gonna replace with another, will have to start looking at a SS practice combo!
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    REALLY enjoying my new pedal platform setup!

    I posted about grabbing a new Quilter microblock from the manufacturer for 100 bucks a week ago and I also have an MXR 5150 and a GT2 and some others including some overdrives like as TS9 and soul food, Ive been running them clean through my Orange OB 2x12 and Apt living is all good again.....Im...
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    Whats one step up tha Seismic Audio as far as cabs go??

    I know Avatar and Mojotone as far as sweet cabs but what are the lower priced cab companies...I know of Seismic but I cant remember the other brand...I have 2 speakers laying around and I wanna utilize them on the cheap! Thx
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    Just grabbed a Microblock as a pedal platform for late night jamming!

    Quilter is selling them from their site CHEAP and Im going to use it with my few high gain pedals for late nite noodling....I run my tube heads through an Orange OB 2x12 at 16 ohms so this pedal will only give me 17 watts at 16 ohms hope it full enough, Im also interested in the DOD Gunslinger...
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    Quilter mini heads vs Bassbreaker 15 as pedal platform heads...

    I need a clean or edge of breakup/light distortion head to use with pedals and run through the Quilter uninspiring enough to you guys that its worth going with a tube style head for this purpose? Similar feature wise both have reverb and XLR outputs but is sound of glassy tubes worth...
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    Before I build one, does anyone actually make a 25 inch scale strat?

    I know Anderson and Kiesel make some shorter scale model S style but Im looking to spend less that 800 bucks used is fine, I just prefer shorter scale lengths and before I build one was curious if anyone manufacturer actually makes one stock that not boutique pricing??
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    5153 owners, Red channel or Boost Blue for leads???

    What are you guys using for leads, I kinda like both but was curious what you guys are doing for solos...Also anyone running their heads through 1x12s?? how does that sound in comparison to the standard 2x12 setup....just trying to get some info from fellow users....THx!
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    Whose building the cheapest decent looking cabs now?

    Avatar are great and I looked as Stagecraft but theyre really not so much cheaper that buying some 1x12s online after all is said and done? I have a couple of speakers and I want to build 2 1x12 cabs, Seismic look cheap but they are inexpensive....anyone Im missing?? THx in advance!