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  1. mmcquain

    Tampa Gear Fest, Part II

    Did anybody get some pictures or record some video clips? Would love to see and hear what I missed (had to work in Kissimmee all day :( )
  2. mmcquain

    Tampa Gear Fest, Part II

    I wish I could do the 11th but I start a new teaching cycle that day and my Saturdays are booked until mid June. I CAN make April 4th but it sounds like that is out now :(
  3. mmcquain

    Light weight portable versatile SS amp

    Tech21 Trademark series. I used to have the Trademark 60 (probably more than you need) but a Trademark 10 (if you can find one) or a Trademark 30 should do nicely. I current keep a Trademark 30 in my living room for practice... great little amp.
  4. mmcquain

    Need ideas for a battery powered amp for guitar and mic

    I ended up snagging the little guy last week at Guitar Center. It was the floor demo model and the last one they had. Got a good deal on it and it sounds decent enough for my needs for the outdoor jam at the reunion, etc. It will also be handy to take to the middle school where I help...
  5. mmcquain

    Need ideas for a battery powered amp for guitar and mic

    My 30th reunion is this July and we'll be spending the afternoon in a pavilion (no electricity) by the river in a park before the dinner and evening activities. Several of us want to have a mini jam session/sing-a-long at the park and so I'm looking at some battery powered amp options...
  6. mmcquain

    Church players - what amp are you using?

    Egnater Tweaker set on USA (Fender-ish) clean
  7. mmcquain

    Do you have to play through an amp before you buy one? Or...

    Bought both of my Egnater Tweakers without trying them first... got the first one and loved so I got a second (so I could leave one at church for my weekly praise band gig)
  8. mmcquain

    Good Clean Amp for pedals?

    Egnater Tweaker (either 15 or 40 watt version)
  9. mmcquain

    Egnater Tweaker amp settings thread

    Here's the settings chart you get from Egnater...
  10. mmcquain

    The I scored a great tube amp under $500 thread

    +1 - why can't I find deals like that?!?!?
  11. mmcquain

    Egnater Tweaker Roundtable II

    I've got both the head/cab and the combo in the 15 watt version and I haven't noticed any real differences between the two... both are awesome!
  12. mmcquain

    The I scored a great tube amp under $500 thread

    Winning! (to quote C.S.) :)
  13. mmcquain

    Egnater Tweaker Roundtable II

    Yep, those MI Audio pedals sound great with the Tweaker. I've used the Crunch Box with it before and it was cool.
  14. mmcquain

    Egnater Tweaker Roundtable II

    +1 - I was using my Tweaker mini-stack at church until I got a good deal on a Tweaker combo. So now I just leave the combo at church and have the head/cab at home and for any gigging I do. Great amp for so many applications. I keep mine on a Fender clean type sound and get my dirt from my...
  15. mmcquain

    Egnator Tweaker vs Peavey Classic 30

    I've owned both and was able to get great sounds from either of them. However, I am going with the Tweaker (I currently own 2 of them) because you can just get a bigger variety of tones (IMO) between the Fender/Vox/Marshall switches, etc. And the lower wattage lets me get the over drive I want...
  16. mmcquain

    What's a nice clean amp I can use as a platform for pedals?

    FYI - If you're worried about the Tweaker's clean headroom (since it is only 15 watts) you may want to wait another month or so for the newer versions of the Tweaker... they will be something like 25 and 44 watt models (not exactly sure of the wattage).
  17. mmcquain

    What's a nice clean amp I can use as a platform for pedals?

    +1 for the Tweaker. Mine plays great with pedal both in front of the amp and in the effects loop. It is right within your budget and sounds great on its own as well.
  18. mmcquain

    Strat guys, what are you plugging into?

    Egnater Tweaker with one of these boards in between... or this one (I keep at church for playing with praise band)
  19. mmcquain

    Dollar for Dollar the greatest guitar amp ever made?

    Tweaker by Egnater
  20. mmcquain

    The I scored a great tube amp under $500 thread

    Double... HA I'll give you 10 times that $5 investment! ;)
  21. mmcquain

    Reccomendations for a low wattage all tube head or combo

    another vote for the Tweaker... I'm loving mine!
  22. mmcquain

    Peavey Classic (not classic 30/50 etc)

    Yes, the very old Classic model was/is a great amp. It was the "baby" of the series that featured 50-watt (Classic), 120-watt (Deuce), and 160-watt (Mace) models. These came in either a combo (usually 2x12) or head (at least for the Mace) format. The first run of these had black and silver...
  23. mmcquain

    What is your ultimate pedal amp?

    I'm happy with my Egnater Tweaker with pedals (both in front of the amp and in the effect's loop).
  24. mmcquain

    What's the latest status on the Egnater Tweaker?

    Here's the back (but I don't have an inside shot)
  25. mmcquain

    The I scored a great tube amp under $500 thread

    My Egnater Tweaker with 112 cabinet was $480 (including shipping) from a forum member. Great amp and great price considering the thing is in perfectly like new condition (it was only a few weeks old when I got it).