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  1. Scott Peterson

    FM3 Perform Pages

    Extremely useful stuff. Well demonstrated... as usual. Leon rules.
  2. Scott Peterson

    Studio monitors or powered wedges: which is better suited for home practice

    I'll strongly recommend using a good studio monitoring setup; that way, you can judge what you are doing based on the music you are playing with is easier to record/practice using a home studio setup. Relatively speaking, a good quality studio monitor setup will be flatter and more honest to the...
  3. Scott Peterson

    Looks like Fractal Devices are getting a new Modeling Update - Cygnus

    As a longtime Fractal owner and user, I greatly appreciate the FM3/FC6 "OMG-9" setup. It is extremely powerful and useful. The last year plus has been exclusively using that rig both studio and live work; it has proven itself as a very powerful and flexible rig for me. Up until Covid, we were...
  4. Scott Peterson

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Some posts removed. We've had to deal with numerous reports from this thread now, humor does not excuse content. Do not post politically charged content, even in jest. We'd like to not have to moderate this thread. Let's keep that in mind.
  5. Scott Peterson

    Looks like Fractal Devices are getting a new Modeling Update - Cygnus

    My experience and quick thoughts: 1. Yes. 2. Yes, but I do not typically do it. I know people that do, but it's never been something I'd use myself... to date. 3. Recording, yes. Performance/live, no. 4. Never considered it nor have I critically tried it. I've had the FM3 as my main rig...
  6. Scott Peterson

    IR mixing and matching questions...(likely the basics)

    Just my opinion and experience. The best speaker IR's are premixed and ready for the proper amp type that you use. There are always exceptions but the best practice for someone lacking recording/engineering experience is to just approach it like a guitar player - get the right cab and speaker...
  7. Scott Peterson

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    We've had reported posts about the personal back and forth - let's take personal issues and personal debates off the board into private messages or put the other person on your ignore list so they don't create issues for you.
  8. Scott Peterson

    Looks like Fractal Devices are getting a new Modeling Update - Cygnus

    I've always been a Plexi guy but the Soldano SLO in the Fractal has been my mojo since about 6 months ago. So touch-sensitive with different guitars and both single coils and humbuckers. Just insanely inspiring for me.
  9. Scott Peterson

    You thought it was bad when it was the (unofficial) Helix forum? Just you wait!

    Guys, it is a gear section. Take this sort of stuff to the Pub and leave it there.
  10. Scott Peterson

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Thread reopened after review. Some warnings have been handed out. Let's all remember that the rules of civil behavior apply to all threads and let's please not have to reassess said behavior.
  11. Scott Peterson

    Controlling and Tightening Up Bass in your Amp/Cab Tones - Any Device, Any Rig

    Exactly. Thought I'd update it for all the new guys. There's nothing new under the sun.
  12. Scott Peterson

    Taming the High End via the Cab Block With One Slight Tweak - Any Device, Any IR

    Do you run directly to your DAW, direct-to-FOH, or FRFR? This is a trick that I've done for many years, and though it isn't my idea... here it is again. This is not a "Fractal" trick or an "FM3" only trick; this works on any device or IRL (in real life with analog gear in the recording/mixing...
  13. Scott Peterson

    Controlling and Tightening Up Bass in your Amp/Cab Tones - Any Device, Any Rig

    I've done something for ages (with EQ pedals, parametric EQ, people use Dirt Pedals for this, etc.) in real life (IRL) and the digital world using Pre-EQ before the amp block. This works on clean tones, OD tones, heavy aggressive tones... basically all tones! LOL. This isn't just a "Fractal...
  14. Scott Peterson

    Am I finally banned for life?

    LOL. I've posted a notice to the forum about the server upgrade for those that are wondering what happened. The end result will be a faster experience here on TGP moving forward. They are working on smoothing out the kinks.
  15. Scott Peterson

    York Audio Impulse Response Library

    Agreed. Mix 1 is just the bomb on the M25.
  16. Scott Peterson

    York Audio Impulse Response Library

    Oh my goodness, just dropped a bunch of new (to me) York Audio IR's in my FM3 and the YA Greenback 25 Mix 1 just KILLED me. Wow, that with a Plexi... dude. I'm in heaven. Also picked up the Friedman, Vox 212 Blue (!!!!!!!!!), and T75. Freaking rock and roll!!!
  17. Scott Peterson

    Diezel? Built in Amp Tech, NOT Blocking Kemper Profiling

    There are a lot of people lucky they are not suspended or banned right now. I have deleted dozens of politically charged posts. This is a public warning - do not drag politics onto TGP. Further instances can and will result in infractions. NO POLITICS, please.
  18. Scott Peterson

    Fractal FM3, HeadRush, Kemper Stage Work Together In a Band? Live? Yes... (Video)

    There is always a lot of discussion of minutia on forums; it is easy to get lost in the weeds sometimes. I used to participate quite frequently in that madness but always held you can use the current crop of modelers together... for good, not evil. LOL. To actually, perform music live. My band...
  19. Scott Peterson

    Anybody try the Bogner IR from York?

    I've bought everything they offer. The Bogner sounds exactly like you'd hope it would.
  20. Scott Peterson

    Line6 Helix

    I still use those and still recommend them. Cheap but really quality and comfortable. My faves right now are the budget-busting Neumann NDH 20 Closed Back Studio Headphones... but that's out of the budget level for a lot of people.
  21. Scott Peterson

    Does anyone else love modeling but miss the look and feel of real amps and pedals?

    Then a quality modeler would be ideal. You can grab lots of different tones and effects out of it for less $$ and storage space.
  22. Scott Peterson

    FM3 with Pedals - Tutorial and Demo

    I have learned and continue to learn from you and this is a great video. Don't stop making content.
  23. Scott Peterson

    Does anyone else love modeling but miss the look and feel of real amps and pedals?

    If you miss 'real' amps and cabs, why not just own both amps, cabs, and modelers?
  24. Scott Peterson

    How do you use your expression pedal(s)?

    I run three expression pedals. What I liken their function to is that you can react at the moment and it allows creativity in the 'now' on stage. Things are not just 'on/off' you can use them to vary different parameters (of your choice) on the fly. In my setup: Pedal #1 is an...
  25. Scott Peterson

    Guys who went AXE iii to

    It will come down to the needs of your situation. They are sonically equal to each other. If you can fit your presets requirements under the processing umbrella of the FM3, there is no penalty to making the FM3 the 'brain' of your rig. If you are a big proponent/user of 'kitchen...