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  1. veinbuster

    Teaching a 7 year old

    I’m not really a teacher, but have guided a few people in the past. Yesterday I struggled with a young girl who wants to play. The main problem was that her tiny fingers weren’t strong enough to fret. She has great rhythm and a natural right hand when using a pick, so I’d like to help her feel...
  2. veinbuster

    NGD Thorn branching out

    Some of you might have noticed some photos of Ron Thorn's engraving in the last little while. I was lucky enough to get one of these. First a glamour shot from Ron to give you the big picture. The detail on this guitar is incredible. Ron's guitars always look and play great, but this one is...
  3. veinbuster

    The Group of Seven Guitars

    I'm not sure how well known the Group of Seven painters are outside of Canada, but here they are considered our masters. They redefined landscapes back in the 20s and early 30s. A while ago Linda Manzer noted that she and a few others that gathered around Jean Larrivée constituted a group of...