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  1. les_paul

    NGD...finally got an SG.

    They're fun guitars. In fact, so fun I have 3 of them: one I've modified extensively, one stock, and a first year Iommi signature. I like the full pickguards until I feel like changing pickups.
  2. les_paul

    Where have P90's been all my life?

    I am going to custom build a dual P90 Tele this year. I wish they were a little easier to come by.
  3. les_paul

    The Norlin Years at Gibson

    Got a kick out of "it's a Norlin!" I had a 72 Deluxe I sold when I was having my son. I miss it dearly.
  4. les_paul

    Working on moving some gear... discovered a new pet peeve! Whats yours?

    I have a local guy that keeps offering me sub pawn shop prices for gear. Mine is when I say "no trades, please" and then still get trade offers.
  5. les_paul

    Where will all these $6,499 LPs end up?

    They go into a vault to be sold for twice as much in 20 years.
  6. les_paul

    Why doesn't Suhr have more mainstream adoption?

    Maybe I need to make my point a different way: the average guitar player can't afford them. Also, you can still get Fender's "top of the line" production guitar for less than Suhr's entry level. Again, I'm sure they are nice guitars but the average person doesn't even have access to try them.
  7. les_paul

    Why doesn't Suhr have more mainstream adoption?

    Because their entry level guitars are priced well above those brands. There are fewer of them in the wild. I can't go to my local Guitar Center and try a Suhr.
  8. les_paul

    Why doesn't Suhr have more mainstream adoption?

    I'm still not spending $2700 to $3200 on a guitar ;-)
  9. les_paul

    Why doesn't Suhr have more mainstream adoption?

    Well out of my budget for guitars. I'm just not paying $4,000 for a guitar. I'm sure they're nice but I wouldn't even play one just knowing I'd never buy one.
  10. les_paul

    Proliferation of Signature Model Guitars

    Besides the Les Paul one of the most worthwhile versatile signature models is the JP6 in my opinion.
  11. les_paul

    Guitar Center Trade in

    I'm actually thinking about going premium here. It's safer than Craigslist, eBay, and Reverb at this point. I'm just tired of getting burned by PayPal's 180 day dispute policy. Will it sit longer here? Probably. At least it's a little easier to control sales here though.
  12. les_paul

    If you could only own ONE guitar for the rest of your life...

    Probably my JP6 with piezo.
  13. les_paul

    Your Go-To amp when shopping for guitars?

    Pretty much don't care. Sometimes I may not even plug in. Playability is king to me.
  14. les_paul

    Doc's Rant of the Day

    Pretty much the focus of my new year here.
  15. les_paul

    No case is that the new trend?

    I'm in the same boat these days. Cases blow to store.
  16. les_paul

    Guitar Thief in Action (Marietta/Atlanta GA)

    In general I believe its regional. I've heard people dog on all carriers and I don't really have problems with any of them. I know when the drivers turn over based on what time my packages get delivered and where they're left.
  17. les_paul

    How is your 2020 year in gear ending?

    What is that beautiful creature?
  18. les_paul

    Gibson SG Standard T

    I'd snap it up.
  19. les_paul

    How is your 2020 year in gear ending?

    Unfortunately with a massive sell off at Guitar Center due to an extended period of lack of interest and motivation.
  20. les_paul

    Do endorsement sluts exist in the guitar world?

    Anyone who does YouTube reviews. I'm going to get some flack but Fluff comes to mind. The once popular gearmandude also comes to mind. I watched an honest video for EytschPi42 where he said he sometimes traded gear for reviews. It stretches beyond big name bands at this point IMO. These...
  21. les_paul

    Ethics of selling guitars with Floyd Rose

    When I worked music retail the number one question to anyone buying a guitar with a Floyd: Have you ever owned a guitar with a double locking tremolo? If they answered "no" I tried to prep them. I dissuaded many beginners but several of them came back after I showed them how to at least...
  22. les_paul

    Quality vs Quantity. I'm considering going from 5-6 good electrics down to 3 great ones.

    Nah, the Vox SSC series is pretty much a jack of all trades.
  23. les_paul

    Gibson SG guys? Question.

    Neck dive has never bothered me really. Rarely does my hand come off the neck anyway. I love SGs but as I get older and fatter it does lean forward unless I have the strap set perfectly. That bothers me more than anything but at least I could lose weight and control that bit.
  24. les_paul

    What’s giving you GAS right now?

    I really want a solid body dual P90 tele but no such beast seems to exist.