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  1. mamm7215

    Yamaha MG10XUF Improves Modelers

    I had and sold an MG06X, I still miss that little guy. I bought a UR-22mkii specifically because it had the same D-pres. I think they sound great, way nicer than most if not all pres in similar mixers/interfaces.
  2. mamm7215

    Kemper Vox AC-30 profiles?

    Top Jimi Queen pack is excellent...
  3. mamm7215

    Bugera AC60 as Super Portable FRFR Monitor

    I use the effect return of my V22 with my Kemper. Works great.
  4. mamm7215

    Queen performing tonight @ the Oscars 2019

    Nope, no naivete here, I totally agree with what you're saying. The reality of the music business now (as has been forever) is the bottom line. Money. And how to keep it coming in. That said, I love that Brian and Roger are keeping it going and for sure engaging the younger audiences...
  5. mamm7215

    Queen performing tonight @ the Oscars 2019

    I'm a huge Queen fan but I just can't stand Adam Lambert. I've tried, really. I can literally watch him for like 2 minutes then have to switch to something else. And he's got a great voice, no question. Great range, just nails it but as a performer he just grates me. Martel's voice is...
  6. mamm7215

    Why do the Jensen "MOD" speakers cost less?

    I ended up with the Weber 12A125A (most recommended by 5E3 community) in the amp, and it's great but after everything the Mod 12-50 could have stayed and sounded pretty much as good. Bit of tone difference but also very similar sounding.
  7. mamm7215

    Why do the Jensen "MOD" speakers cost less?

    I built the Tubedepot 5E3 kit that came with the Mod 12-50. It was actually a really great match for the amp. I went down the replacement speaker rabbit hole and now have an alnico cream in it but the Mod 12-50 was as good as any of the others I tried (WGS, weber...)
  8. mamm7215

    Break down and get a Strymon?

    The answer is always yes.
  9. mamm7215

    Big changes at Gibson...

    Nothing specific I guess but the implication of HJ being removed and Gibson refocusing on core business is a pretty big change over how it's been going the last several years...
  10. mamm7215

    Big changes at Gibson...

    That's better...
  11. mamm7215

    Big changes at Gibson...

    It may have been in the works but finally announced...
  12. mamm7215

    Big changes at Gibson...
  13. mamm7215

    Pedals You Want to Like

    OCD, really wanted to like it because I thought I should. Didn’t. Fuzz same thing, couldn’t gel with my little big muff. I DO however, love my Havalina so I’ve found a fuzz I can work with. Red witch pedals, too. Had the 7 sisters comp and trem. Comp was actually pretty good but Cali...
  14. mamm7215

    Chamaeleo Tail Mk ii issue...

    Update, so in recall mode where the program buttons don't work, it does not pass audio. I'm thinking there's a power issue to the little circuit board. Direct mode works as it should. I have an email into their support but it doesn't look like there's any info about these things anywhere...
  15. mamm7215

    Chamaeleo Tail Mk ii issue...

    I just picked up one of these cheap off a guy because he said it was broken. It switches between the loops ok but the program lights L1-L5 don't light up ever. I haven't plugged it in at home yet, will in a bit but it does "appear" at this point to be fully functional. The loop buttons do...
  16. mamm7215

    Top 3 Pedal Companies: the poll!

    Seriously, Wampler really should be on the list... Otherwise it's Boss/Strymon for me.
  17. mamm7215

    Acoustic looper pedals?

    I use my tc ditto with my acoustic (semi - plugged in). Works fine.
  18. mamm7215

    Compressor Poll

    Another vote for the Cali. I just picked up a 76 compact and it may just be perfect
  19. mamm7215

    Best Compressors List

    It sounds awesome. Makes my guitar sound like a better version of itself.
  20. mamm7215

    Best Compressors List

    Cali76 Compact. I NEED less knobs. It’s perfect.
  21. mamm7215

    HELP Please... Bugera purchase?

    My V22 dirty channel isn’t good but the clean is beautiful and takes almost every pedal I have great so don’t need the drive channel.
  22. mamm7215

    Favorite gear purchase of 2017?

    AC15C1 and then the Celestion Alnico Cream (traded pedals for) that went in it.
  23. mamm7215

    6V6 with best low end extension

    I run the JJ 6V6 in my 5E3 clone. They rattle. I got a 2nd set, they rattle too. So if you ask me, ya they rattle.
  24. mamm7215

    Vox AC15 Users, do you guys usually pair the normal channel with an EQ pedal of some sort?

    I like the normal channel for the sound of the normal channel so I don’t touch it...