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  1. Loop-Master

    Does your wife know your gear?

    My wife helped me move an empty 4x12 cab the other day. She asked when I was going to put speakers in it. That's at least something lol
  2. Loop-Master

    playing guitar while high?

    I've tried it. I won't try it again!
  3. Loop-Master

    FedEx lying driver

    I swear, looking at the thread topic, someone should build a pedal called: "Fedex Lying Driver" Maybe with an angry Fedex driver graphic/pic on the pedal. lol
  4. Loop-Master

    Are you that guy

    I leave everyone alone no matter where I go
  5. Loop-Master

    Anyone else Not into acoustic guitar?

    I take spells. It ultimately depends on finding that one special acoustic that you can't put down.
  6. Loop-Master

    Fatter/Thicker Necked Statocaster

    Rosewood EJ STrat necks are fat
  7. Loop-Master

    You have $300 to buy a NEW guitar, what do you get?

    I'd go with a used Mexican Strat
  8. Loop-Master

    Any weirdly specific visual "nopes"?

    I can't stand gold hardware
  9. Loop-Master

    What Makes a Guitar Magic?

    What Makes a Guitar Magic? The magic one's are the one's you play that feel like an extension of your body. You're not fighting anything.
  10. Loop-Master

    Do you do gigs with one guitar?

    Yes but fresh strings before each gig. 2010 Red EJ Strat.
  11. Loop-Master

    So are you holding on to your Gibson until the bankruptcy confirmation?

    Got some mid 80's Gibsons. Should I hold on?
  12. Loop-Master

    No love for SRV strats?

    Could have bought one when they first came out by Fender for $612 Kicking myself in the ass now
  13. Loop-Master

    To owners of $2k+ guitars, do you baby your guitars?

    I am unable to baby anything I own
  14. Loop-Master

    You broke a string at a gig...

    Finish the song. That's the real test.
  15. Loop-Master

    Expensive, Custom Guitars at Gigs - What's Your Cutoff Point?

    I gig with them and don't think twice about it.
  16. Loop-Master

    Anybody else have no love for Strats?

    Maybe you guys never found the right one? :dunno
  17. Loop-Master

    Who Loves "Finger Ease"?!

    Never tried it :dunno
  18. Loop-Master

    Whats Your Favourite Fender Telecaster Model to Date?

    '51 Fender Custom Shop Heavy Relic