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  1. Loop-Master

    Avoid LoopMaster loop pedals

    I actually still have your switcher here but you never replied back about it. I never gave an estimate on it up front. Since it was out of warranty, and would have taken as much to fix it as a new one, I offered for you to buy a new one and I would fix the old one for free. I had to look at it...
  2. Loop-Master

    Avoid LoopMaster loop pedals

    Folks, I am very terribly sorry for any inconveniences I have caused anyone. It has been a terrible year (2019) in my personal life that I am trying to dig out of. Issues I won’t go in to but caught me off guard. I am working and functioning though. If I left anyone out of anything, please...
  3. Loop-Master

    Avoid LoopMaster loop pedals

    I am so sorry for the delay folks. I sent notices out while back that I had been in the hospital and it has slowed me down but maybe some of you didn't get it. I am working night and day to get caught up.
  4. Loop-Master

    Avoid LoopMaster loop pedals

    I don't blame you guys a bit for going somewhere else. And I do apologize again for the delays. It's a brutal and overwhelming business at times. If I can be of any help, or if anyone has an issue please, email me:
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2018 Edition

    Glad you like it. So sorry it took so long!
  6. Loop-Master

    Avoid LoopMaster loop pedals

    Yessir I have, it has been tough. If I have let anyone down, I am so terribly sorry. I am slowly turning things around for the better. If I can make anything right with anyone, please let me know.
  7. Loop-Master

    Loop-master Pedal wait time

    I would be happy to help! Please by all means, email me with your order # so I can look into this.
  8. Loop-Master

    Your first boutique pedal was?

    Klon Centaur. Bought new in 1998. Still in use.
  9. Loop-Master

    Not all old pedals sound good

    It is true and believe me, I've been through my fair share of them. ;)
  10. Loop-Master

    Not all old pedals sound good

    I'll say this, there are more old pedals that sound great versus new or currently on the market. Just my $0.02
  11. Loop-Master

    When you own a pedal that works for you, do you keep looking?

    I'll stop. But if boredom sets in, gotta start looking again.
  12. Loop-Master

    Dirty pedalboards really gross me out...

    Mine stays dirty because I use it
  13. Loop-Master

    Two Identical Pedals

    Not anymore. 10-15 business days currently.
  14. Loop-Master

    A Few Pictures From Inside Gilmour's Studio

    Thanks for calling this out!
  15. Loop-Master

    Tubescreamer, will my clean signal be affected?

    Yep, you're going to get some loss
  16. Loop-Master

    Compressor Recommendation

    I've been using the same Carl Martin Comp for 20 years. Can't find a better one.
  17. Loop-Master

    Favorite Delay pedal poll

    EP3 Echoplex!