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  1. les_paul

    Beato v. Youtube, UMG & The Cars - Copyrights, etc.

    I started watching the video and didn't make it far before I moved on. The guy is complaining that he's being punished for violating YouTube's terms of use.
  2. les_paul

    Artists who always have smoking hot backing bands

    I saw Frankie Valli a few years back and his band was incredible.
  3. les_paul

    Really Really Really good albums that were followed up by an absolute STINKER ?

    Black Album to Load has to take it. I prefer to think of Load and Re-Load as alt rock albums rather than Metallica albums. Had they recorded them under a pseudonym I believe they would be regarded differently.
  4. les_paul

    "Yacht Rock" Discussion Thread

    What the hell is yacht rock?
  5. les_paul

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bad Religion-No Control. I'm in my mid thirties finally appreciating punk rock.
  6. les_paul

    Joe Bonamassa

    He's a good player but it's not really my thing. I decided he's pretty much the Zakk Wylde of blues.
  7. les_paul

    Joe Walsh early gear?

    I could have sworn he was a tweed Champ or Deluxe guy.
  8. les_paul

    have you ever considered giving up guitar completely?

    Yeah. I keep buying stuff to rekindle my interest but it's not working. I'm wanting to quit my band as well. I dread rehearsal until I get there then a few songs in I enjoy myself. I'd have had a massive sell-off at GC about a month ago if it weren't for the 'rona.
  9. les_paul

    Your favorite hard rock album of all time

    Master of Reality. This was my first CD 22 years ago and is always easy to listen to front to back. Close second is Paranoid, which I bought on cassette with my paper route money about 24 years ago.
  10. les_paul

    Is learning songs off of youtube cheating?

    Nah, but it'll eventually help you develop your ear if done right.
  11. les_paul

    What's your most controversial Led Zeppelin opinion?

    They're the most over rated, thieving band of all time.
  12. les_paul

    Megadeth or Metallica

    On the whole I picked Metallica. I will say, however, I can listen to the **** out of Killing Is My Business, Peace Sells, and Rust in Peace any time. Every now and then maybe Countdown to Extinction. Come to think of it I probably like as many Megadeth records as I do Metallica records.
  13. les_paul

    Clapton's blues me what the fuss is about.

    To me this is the definition. Granted, I'm no blues aficionado but this is one of my three all time favorite albums and my favorite song from that album is this one.
  14. les_paul

    OK. Eat ‘Em And Smile Equals...

    Gimme a bottle of anything and a glazed donut...TO GO!
  15. les_paul

    Will adding a female co-lead singer get us more gigs?

    We've been kicking it around just to be able to learn more songs. It just expands what we're able to play. In a perfect world we'd taken on only one more member: a female singer who can play keys.
  16. les_paul

    Marshall amps user vs MIAB users

    All Marshalls I've owned have had this strange harmonic overtone that I don't like. I've owned several 2204s, 1987s, and 1959s from the late 70s/early 80s that have had this problem. The MIAB pedals don't get really close IMO but I don't mind their sound relative to the Boss DS-1s of the world.
  17. les_paul

    Gigging with four guitars? Seriously?

    I bought a DigiTech drop. I used to bring three guitars; one for Eb, one for D, and a spare. Now I bring two. If electronics were more reliable I'd only bring one.
  18. les_paul

    Rites of Passage: worst nightmares on stage...

    She put a finger in my butt hole over the pants style. I had to pick out some underwear after the song.
  19. les_paul

    Rites of Passage: worst nightmares on stage...

    I've never had the chance to share... I once played a gig where there wasn't a stage and we were on the floor during a poker run. Some lady came up and started dancing on me, so I gave a little back since my crowd interaction was limited as a guitarist. She saw fit to come up and..."check my...
  20. les_paul

    Do you try to look "pro" on stage?

    Semi-pro probably by your standards. I like to have fun and I certainly don't read lyrics live but I don't like to stiffen up either. A drink before, a per set until the last set, then I'm having drinks with people walking up to the stage. If there's one thing I've learned the only time...
  21. les_paul

    What would The Edge do at the neighborhood blues jam?

    Start riding on 12th fret G on the G string only to realize there's no delay on, have a panic attack, then die of embarrassment.
  22. les_paul

    Buyer requests refund (non-TGP sale) dilemma. Silicon vs germanium.

    PayPal won't care. You might as well refund him to avoid a lengthy claim process.
  23. les_paul

    Favourite Iron Maiden song?

    Aces High or The Trooper. I'd lean towards Aces High though.
  24. les_paul

    What was your last straw? (quitting band content)

    At one point I had about a one hour commute to the rehearsal space. We practiced three nights a week. Then the bass player's car broke, so I drove an extra 45 minutes out of my way for two months to pick him up AND drop him off. He kept buying useless items (samurai swords, knives, DVDs...
  25. les_paul

    When did "You guys sound like Zeppelin!" become and insult?

    Yeah, probably when the plagiarism accusations started.