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    DCW PEDALS - Thanksgiving Free Pedal Giveaway - TGP ONLY!

    I'm grateful for the simple things in life such as: 1) Pedal demos that have lots of bypass 2) Pedal demos that have more demo than yapping... 3) DCW for posting the demos on their site Zaz Drive Deluxe... if the universe deems me the lucky one
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    Ivy League 10" speaker question?

    Jensen MOD 10-70 Voiced just right for 6v6 amps
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    Favorite lightweight pedals

    Haven't weighed my pedals, but the heavy ones don't make my board(s)
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    Pickups for Tele Thinline

    5 lbs 3 oz
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    RAT and Vox AC10: cannot dial in a decent lead tone

    That it's thin, fizzy & harsh
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    RAT and Vox AC10: cannot dial in a decent lead tone

    andreax, Have you tried your RAT into another amp ?? Could be you have bum pedal... ODs with thicker mids usually work well with VOX amps OCD or Hotcake are common with VOX amps
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    Tapered pot vs Treble bleed

    I know there are special pots that have a better taper than others. Also, there are manufactures that have treble bleed circuit to solve the same thing Hope someone has had experience with both to offer an opinion ?? Your advice would be appreciated Thanks in advance
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    Tapered pot vs Treble bleed

    Put a 280k special tapered volume pot on a bass and am happy with it. On another bass, my tech suggested I try treble bleed instead. Anyone have experience who could advise me ?? Thanks in advance
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    JJ ECC83 S or Sovtek 12AX7LPS, which preamp tube do you like better?

    No Contest IMO, Sovtek LPS is the best new production 12ax7 made As someone said above, I'd put JJ's in amps I'm selling...
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    NAD: Blues Jr IV

    Hey Man, thanks for the tips Sounds like there's hope for it. Guess I must've received mine set for early break up But... I've already packed it up Just didn't want to fight that hard...
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    NAD: Blues Jr IV

    Heard the awesome demos Read all the praise Fender got it right Own both the Blues Jr II and III But... I can't get decent clean tones Gave up fighting it, so it's going back Note: if you want a Rock box, this amp really has nice OD tones Almost want to keep it just for that
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    Vintage Ampeg Amps: The Good, The Bad, The Gemini.

    Tried all the Ampegs, and I'm a big Tele fan too IMO, the best of them is the Gemini I with 7591 tubes
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    Blues Jr Iv!! World Class Tones! Clip With Prs.

    Just received the IV It has less headroom than my III or II Really dig the OD tones but am missing the clean tones
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    Can Someone Tell Me Where To Turn Next?

    Sorry, I don't have any recording device But I do set it for very low gain when used with another OD. Stacking after the RAT gives it a wall of sound that gives me that articulation I can't get from the RAT alone.
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    Your Most Expensive Box?

    Most expensive I own was an original Honey Bee Most expensive I ever paid was Himmelstrutz FITZO which the FITZO is also the worst OD I ever tried !!!!
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    Can Someone Tell Me Where To Turn Next?

    I put a Caline Pure Sky($30 ebay shipped) after my RAT for more articulate distortion
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    P-Bass pickup with lots of low end

    Yes, but never took to the feel of flatwounds. I prefer light gauge roundwounds with high action on the fretboard. Maybe since I use light gauge strings I'm seeking compensation from the pickups.
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    Pickups for Tele Thinline

    Stock, the guitar plays & feels very cheap. It's not built to Fender specs, some minor adjustments were done to the neck pocket. My guitar tech asked me if I wanted the adjustments done to the neck or body and I chose the body. Ya know, you just don't feel any hesitation since the whole guitar...
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    P-Bass pickup with lots of low end

    Well... if any of the pickups have too much low end, I'll have no hesitation to remove them. Could very well be I'm over-compensating for the wimpy pickups that are currently on my P-bass. Anyway, I've been thinking about it for awhile now that I just gotta know... This is TGP :)
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    P-Bass pickup with lots of low end

    Ordered two sets of P-Bass pickups with lots of low end MV Atlas HO Nordstand Power Blade Fyi, I have two P-bass Will report back after they're installed
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    I HEART Ebony. . . but some builders don't. . . Why?

    Just put a Ebony neck on my P-bass All I can say is WOW !!!! Really enjoy how it feels & plays. I've been missing out all these years...
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    Bearfoot FX Honey Bee +

    Not sure what I'd do with two Treble controls ?? For me, the HB is a set & forget pedal
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    Pickups for Tele Thinline

    Just ordered both Porter 9T and Custom Vintage Sets I have two Tele thinlines Will report back after they're installed
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    What are your two essential pedals for rhythm guitar?

    Caline Pure Sky Caline Headroom