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    Sonic Crayon FX Antinautilus alternative?

    Sorry to resurrect this thread, but only just now discovered the Anti-Nautilus !! The Clouds module from Mutable Instruments looks pretty interesting, but not sure about investing in a Euro-rack modular. As another alternative, has anyone considered or tried a phrase sampler like the Roland...
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    Show Us Your Pedaltrain Mini Pt.3

    Curious about this too - would the JP-02 fit under an older mini?
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    Show Us Your Pedaltrain Mini Pt.3

    Using this mostly for drones and noise:
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    Yeah me too. I don't know if they use one on this, but I thought maybe the second guitar has some on it, but who knows with these guys? Just wanted to post one of my favorites. xKCNF9Yo6ZA
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    Delay pedals that run at 18V

    Maxon AD-80, like this one:
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    Ditto Looper vs Freeze

    Takes two pedals, but I use the "hold" setting on my DD-3 and loop that on a loop station - that seemed to work ok to create a drone - I expect this would also work with the ditto.
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    Recommend me a reverb pedal...

    I also have a Spring Theory and like the spring sound on it very much. It can emulate the reverb on my princeton reverb pretty good. And to me, it compares favorably to a stand-alone Kendrick reverb box (like your Fender) that I have that I got tired of lugging around (but keep at home). The...
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    Malekko Vibrato issue/question

    I had the same issue and emailed Malekko. The Malekko guys suggested to use some contact cleaner on the switch and that seemed to work, although sometimes I still have times when the signal won't pass. When that happens I spray some more contact cleaner and it seems to work. Maybe give the...
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    Fairfield Circuitry: The Accountant Compressor

    I was actually interested in the matrix mixer, and had been looking for one for a while, mainly for the modular synth and other table top noise experiments. Didn't want to invest in a Serge, so was looking for an alternative.
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    Maxon / Ibanez AD-80 Effect Blend Knob

    ^ This is what I heard as well. Anyone aware of somebody who could do a fix/mod? Thanks.
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    Maxon / Ibanez AD-80 Effect Blend Knob

    Boppy, thanks. Do you think contact cleaner would have the same impact as the naptha? Thanks again.
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    Maxon / Ibanez AD-80 Effect Blend Knob

    Is it possible to modify the effect blend knob to get more range on it? On mine it seems to be all or nothing, and it's difficult to dial-in a more subtle effect (although possible with some difficulty). I think the delay sounds great, but just wishing for more range and control on the blend...
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    Bearfoot PGC compared to AM compressors

    Interested in the PGC but already have the AM Comprosser and Orange Juicer. Just wondering how much squash (for lack of a better word) the PGC can get compared to these two AM compressors. I really like the subtle things I hear on demos of the PGC, but was wondering how much "effect" is...
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    Help me pick a DM-2 based delay

    Get the adm600 - sounds pretty good on the demo and the price seems pretty good - might pick one up myself.
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    My Two FAVORITE Delays....

    Is it possible to remove the wood sides? I like them, but just trying to save space.
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    Contacting Freakshow

    Just wondering if anybody has had any recent email communication with this company. Calling is difficult as I am overseas. I sent a pedal for repair some time ago (nearly two years ago), and nothing has happened. Appeals to have the pedal returned to me without repair have gone unanswered...
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    Is the boss dm-2 good?

    I like the maxon ad-80 and prefer it to the DM-2. I think it is the difference between the 3005 (ad-80) and the 3205 (DM-2). I recently got a used ar20dl from the emporium which is also good - I prefer it to the 3205 DM-2. So maybe the key is to find a DM-2 with the 3005 in it if you want to...
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    Wampler Faux Spring Reverb - Anything Better?

    How about the Subdecay Spring Theory ?
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    What Pedal Has Been On Your Board(s) The Longest??

    Analogman Beano Boost Maxon AD-80
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    Contacting Freakshow Effects

    Just wondering if anyone has recently had any luck contacting Justin at Freakshow. I've emailed him several times recently about the status of a repair, but haven't heard back. Just curious if any one has had any recent contact. Thanks.
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    2 Dirt Pedals, 1 Modulation, & 1 Delay - Lay out your choices.

    This is what I try to usually get on my PT mini AM Beano Boost Fairfield Barbershop / FF Four Eyes / Cusack Screamer / Brown Rabbit (one of these) Zvex Instant Lo Fi / AM Mini Chorus / Malekko Trem (one of these) Maxon AD-80 / Boss DM-2 (waiting on a AM AR20DL to see how this goes)
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    getting the goo off

    Agree with WD40 or a similar lubricant. I've also used lemon oil in the past and that seemed to work well too.
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    Show us your Pedaltrain Mini Pt 2

    Yeah, I think it is a dunlop power brick - i use the one on my mini just like that
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    What are your 3 delay pedals?

    Frequently Used: Maxon AD-80 Boss DM-2 Freakshow Digilog Less Frequently Used: Boss DD-3 Boss DD-5 Moog MF-104z
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    Fairfield Circuitry Randy's Revenge

    Been playing some more with this - the ring mod is great, but the trem on this thing is killing me - having sine and square wave options is really helpful. Also the mix knob, i know its a basic thing, but man is it useful to help me get to where I need to be with either the ring mod or the...