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    RIP David Roback
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    acid doodle acoustic

    A bit late to your thread, but I recently discovered this particular record and was impressed. I am not too familiar with this genre, and have always been curious about Fahey. Assuming that I like this record a lot, can you (or anybody) point me to some Fahey or like-minded players and records?
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    recommend me some creepy instrumental americana

    How about Ry Cooder's Paris Texas soundtrack ?
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    best song you ever heard played live ?

    Schizophrenia - Sonic Youth at UCSB Campbell Hall 1990
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    Truetone Music Store Documentary

    Thanks for the clip !! Brings back a lot memories - I used to love going there and then over to Westwood Music on random Saturdays when I lived in LA. I used to park over down near Colorado and 7th or Broadway, and just walk a couple of blocks - no meters over there, but this was like...
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    Paul McCartney Tour!

    Bringing this thread back - just saw him last night at the Tokyo Dome ... what an incredible show ... great band !! The best show I have ever been to ... why did I wait this long to see him !! Highlights for me - opening with Eight Days a Week (great choice), Listen to What the Man Said, Mr...
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    Favorite outros?

    A couple that I can think of right now that I like a lot: No. 13 Baby - Pixies Siberian Khatru - Yes
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    And The 3 Best R.E.M Songs ARE...

    Fables is great. With Murmur my one / two, then either Reckoning or Life's Rich Pageant or Chronic Town. I got lost after Document, but I'm sure there are a lot of great songs after that ... just not that familiar with stuff after Life's Rich Pageant.
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    And The 3 Best R.E.M Songs ARE...

    Maybe not the best, but ones I like (hard to pick three): Pilgrimage Maps and Legends Gardening at Night
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    The rock guitarist with THE most identifiable signature sound

    Brian May also first thought I had
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    Henry Rollins On Why He Is No Longer Playing Music

    ^ ^ ^ ^ That was great ... if I remember right, he used to have a short spot on the IRS Cutting Edge where he'd go off a bit - pretty funny stuff.
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    The Dream Syndicate

    This one is one of my all time tops
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    Best psychedelic blues guitarist/solo

    Didn't really think about Lou, but his playing on Run Run Run is also pretty good (I'm assuming that's Lou)
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    The best-sounding LP you can think of

    OK Computer ? Always sounded pretty good to me.
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    Best psychedelic blues guitarist/solo

    Yes, +1 on Robby Krieger. When the Music's Over - that playing at 2:50 pretty cool. Also, as a not so subtle choice, I always liked his solo on Light My Fire.
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    Townesend - Tommy - Pretentious? Your Thoughts?

    My favorite Who album. Music is great, and thematically, I kind of like the idea of solving the feeling of alienation and isolation through self affirmation. Or maybe it's me that's being pretentious or reading too much into it... ha ha. There's that interview with that German reporter in the...
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    Beck to Release "Album" of Sheet Music Only

    brilliant idea - really interested in hearing what people put out, and how he himself puts it together.
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    Anyone see Status Quo play live recently? They sound pretty good here in 2009.
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    For LA members.. West LA Music closing. Fire sale!!

    Just my personal experience, but never could tell the difference between WLA Music and the GC. News that Fred at Westwood Music retired, is a bit sad. I never felt more welcome at a store. Always loved that quote from Goethe on the receipt (Goethe ! Who quotes Goethe !) I think this is the...
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    Great Who Peformance, Albert Hall 2000

    thanks for the link. sorry to get off track but went through to 5:15 live at hyde park 1996 - is that evh on lead ?
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    Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

    My favorite is "Veteran's Day Poppy", especially the end part.
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    psychedelic/space/trippy music

    wow these are so cool - gotta find some tobacco and christine 23 onna