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  1. EL-Dougie

    Great Thanksgiving News - My Zendrive is Ready to Ship

    Well the title says it all - I received the official e-mail today, on Thanksgiving, that my Zendrive is ready. Got on the waiting list in May IIRC. Thanks, Alf... Doug in CT
  2. EL-Dougie

    My New Pure 64 Mean Street Prototype Combo

    I am the happy new owner of a Pure Sixty-Four amp. Actually, mine is a 1x12 combo featuring one of two prototype heads of the Mean Street Pure 64 model which builder Mark Giammattei recently offered at a special discounted price on TGP. Here’s a report on the amp, the buying process, my...
  3. EL-Dougie

    Recommend a Strap Lock

    What strap lock brand and flavor (if there are flavors) do you recommend ? For home use but want the security and ease of strapping up. My main guitar is an Anderson Hollow Drop Top (which actually has three strap buttons so it will look a bit odd with the bulky strap lock on just two of them...