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  1. treedroppings

    Vox Satchurator

    I am trying to find out more about this pedal. Anybody use one for the home/stage?
  2. treedroppings

    Dog music or Dog sanity

    In the spirit of the Sound Hound Forum may i suggest that Canine craziness can be tempered by music that soothes the savage beast? So what is your dog's favorite music and do you con'cur'?
  3. treedroppings

    Best dirt pedal into Mesa Mark I re-issue for metal

    I'm thinking my Tube Screamer is nice for tightening up the bass, but I want a pedal that will turn my amp into a Metal and Thrash powerhouse. This Boogie is great for cleans, so please don't tell me to buy another one. Ideas: Marshall Governor Proco Rat Boogie Tube pedal (Grid Slammer)
  4. treedroppings

    I Want to Refinish my Fender SE Strat Red or Natural!

    I have a 2004 Fender SE Lite Ash Strat and I want to strip the Poly (or whatever it is) and shellac it so I can see the reflected holes and reflections in the wood ( like a shellacked walnut gun stock). Then I want to do it transparent red so I can see the reflections still from the surface...
  5. treedroppings

    Thinking about an SRV neck for my Lite Ash Strat MIK

    And I was wondering about the bolt pattern and the pocket fit.
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    Does anyone like the small 45 watt Quilter?

    For $150, sounds like a great deal. I want to push it with a TS-9 and play it through a Twin cab!
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    Anyone know about Tube vox pathfinder?

    I played one from the 60s-70s and it was badassed, anyone know anything about these?
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    The Paul: Are they any good ?

    I have a chance to pick one up soon. Is $650 a good deal? I mean a Gibson The Paul from 79-82 natural finish.
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    Guitars with Fat Necks, what do you like?

    I am aware of Fender and Gibson and their NoCaster, Historic necks, I like! Any other fat neck guitars around? I would like to keep it under $1500.
  10. treedroppings

    Touch up Gibson guitar with Deft?

    I have chips on the edges of my Firebird. Can I mask the chips off, and use Deft nitro (black and clear) to touch up the defects? Or would it react with the Gibson lacquer? Or anyone have a better idea?
  11. treedroppings

    Gibson's new Skunk Baxter Firebird and pickups

    It looks strange to me, color-wise, but I am interested in the pickups. Anybody play or own one? Also looking for a technical discussion of the pickups and electronics. Thanks for any help. :huh
  12. treedroppings

    PAF Jokes

    Why did the esteemed '59 PAF Pickup cross the road? To get soldered into a more resonant '59 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst guitar!:band Please contribute any on-topic PAF jokes, including the various re-issues and copies thereof :aok
  13. treedroppings

    firebird stringers what are the best ?

    Maple or walnut, or the hide glue. I want to have the unobtanium stringers for less..
  14. treedroppings

    Mad at Sam

    Just helping out a friend, its a crossover band (thrash and hardcore) with some political ideas. New songs After a little bit of a hiatus, we're working hard writing new material. We have a couple new songs that you all will enjoy. :drink MAS -
  15. treedroppings

    PRS SE Torero Vs. Schecter Gary Holt

    I'm leaning toward the Gary Holt model, but the Torero is nice, toi. Anybody know more about these two models.
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    Univox Japan U-1226

    I was looking at a Univox U--1226 twin Stack from 70's . Are they any good.(didn't have time to play it) Reliable? Famous players? Any info?
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    Greetings, Morgan Hill, CA

    :drink I'll finish this post later, but been putting off the introductories 'til now. Playing for fun, Gibson Firebird, and Fender lite ash strat into '91 MB Mk1 have Fat Sandwich, and Boss EQ for any metal enhancements!
  18. treedroppings

    Thuya wood from , others ???

    Anyone have a guitar/bass made from this legendary unobtanium material from the Atlas mountains in Morocco?? Is it expensive? prolly... What's it like? Any experience, opinions, yeas or nays on this material?
  19. treedroppings

    NGD Gibson USA Firebird 2010

    :omg The wood on this is resonant!! I ordered this last July 13 th 2011. And I picked it up 31Aug2012. They did put the Indian Rosewood on it and I haven't touched anything yet. The dealer should be adjusting the set-up and I should be ordering some Zhangbuckers soon if my job works out. I...
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    Sign petition to rename Cork Int'l Airport to Cork Rory Gallagher Airport

    Well, so far 7900 people have signed the petition to rename the Cork Int'l Airport to: (snare drums rolling) Cork Rory Gallagher Airport you remember the leader of Taste, solo guitarist and almost Rolling Stone here is the link:
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    Future of Guitars ?

    In the future what do you see guitars physically becoming ? Will frets all become stainless steel and even titanium or carbide ? Will smoke/particle detectors' active ingredients power new types of pickups ? Will tremolos have inputs from MIDI devices becoming automated ? Will real guitars...
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    heritage les paul for 1500 ? good deal or no

    Heritage H 150 Custom Les Paul as new - $1500 (healdsburg / windsor) Date: 2009-12-15, 1:36PM PST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This is a stunning 2006 model Heritage H 150 Custom -Gibson Les Paul style guitar. Rich amber sunburst. Flawless...