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    Acoustic Duo Lighting

    Looking for recommendations for an inexpensive (under $50) portable, adjustable intensity stage light for two acoustic guitars. Plug-in or battery/solar. It can sit on the ground or attach to a mic stand. We have a regular outdoor gig that goes 7-10p. By 9:00p the sun is down and the venue...
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    Shout Out to Lava Cable

    The email exchange went something like this: Me: Hey Mark, one of my Lava Cables may have developed a short after nearly 10 years of regular use. Can I ship it back to you for repair at my cost? Mark: Your free replacement is on its way. Here is the tracking info. It arrived 3 days later...
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    FREE Metronome Today Only for iPhone

    For those of you that use an iPhone, the program Metronome Plus is free today, Labor Day, only. Get it at the App Store. It has some decent features. If you don't like it get rid of it. Did I say it was free?
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    Maybe the coolest guitar gadget ever...
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    Amp recommendations for an ES-175

    My friend plays a Gibson ES-175 and is thinking about getting an amp to work with his new band. They play pop, country, blues and are venturing into more rock by adding me as the lead guitar. He is playing predominantly rhythm guitar. There is also a drummer and keyboardist (also doing double...
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    Women Who Rock!!!

    Tal Wilkenfeld
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    How many useful pickup positions do you use live?

    With all the different pickup configurations and kinds available, how many do you typically use when playing live - with a single guitar.
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    Please help me estimate the age of this guitar!

    I was just handed an acoustic Gibson Tobacco Sunburst guitar. The current owner is an 80 year-old woman whose late husband bought it in a Baltimore pawn shop over 58 years ago (before her daughter was born, so that much info is valid as she knows her daughters' age). There is no serial #...
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    From Musician to Multi-Millionaire

    3 years ago Andrew Mason played piano in a Billy Joel tribute band. Today he is worth millions and turned down SIX BILLION DOLLARS from Google who wanted to acquire his Groupon business. Good for him.
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    What song will torture you for eternity?

    A Central Pennsylvania newsclipping from around 1985 chronicled the pain suffered by the driver of a car that, after sliding off the snow-covered road into a ditch, remained pinned for over 24 hours while Wham - Make It Big blared through the cassette player over and over until the battery died...
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    How do you adjust your live rig tone to accomodate multiple guitars?

    Right. Thanks. Sorry if I was unclear.
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    How do you adjust your live rig tone to accomodate multiple guitars?

    I can create a tone that I like with a guitar, some pedals and and amp for a live gig. But if I change guitars the tone obviously changes. How do you make that work without lots of on-the-fly tweaking when switching back and forth between guitars?
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    What are your top 5 covers that get the best crowd response?

    As per the OP request, the 20-30 y/o crowd gets up for My Own Worst Enemy - Lit What I Got - Sublime Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds Beverly Hills - Weezer Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes of course, the rest of our stuff may just be a bunch of s%$t.
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    Non Musician Celebrities that play

    This one
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    Does Weed Foster Artistic Advancement?

    At least with alcohol I have to get off the sofa every 20 minutes to pee.
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    Tele Greats?

    The singer in our Modern Rock cover band nearly had a cow when he saw the New/Relic Tele I picked up last weekend (photo's and related story to come). He asked me if we were becoming a Country music band (which I enjoy BTW). I'd love to educate him (and myself) as to the many great Rock...
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    drunk bandmates

    After our last gig the singer, drummer and bass player all told me it was the best playing they've ever from me. Driving home that night I realized that it was the first time I didn't have a drink. Hmmm....
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    Help, I need a band name!

    Try this.
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    What, if anything does the band owe me as a fan?

    I'm the O.P. Thanks for all the input. $45. per ticket. 75 minutes. Some here will find that reasonable, others won't.
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    What, if anything does the band owe me as a fan?

    I Saw Los Lonely Boys last night. Great musicians. Great songs. Great stage presence. Really cool gear. Great house sound. Unbelievable bass player... but they only played for a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Do I/we, as a fan/fans deserve more? The cost of an evening out can become...
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    Howard Roberts - lost music

    Just ordered the LP on Amazon. Next step is to find a reputable company to do an LP to CD transfer. Thanks for the help.
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    Howard Roberts - lost music

    Thanks. I was so busy appreciating the guitars that I missed the links. Duh. Sadly, that album is not available on disc. I'll try and find the album.