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  1. MagRick

    Opinions | Carvin Holdsworth H2/HF2

    Is there anybody who owns or owned it? I couldn't find much information about it on the internet. What are the pickups like? Split coil sound are nice? Any information is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  2. MagRick

    I am gonna do my first pickup upgrade...

    Any tips for first timer? I'll be changing the Japanese pickups in the MIJ strat to SSL1/SSL1/SSL3 set.
  3. MagRick

    New Suhr Day (belated)

    I love all the sounds this guitar makes, most versatile guitar ever. Love the thornbuckers.
  4. MagRick

    Which Mesa Boogie as my first Mesa amp?

    I've always wanted a Mesa Boogie and now that i can afford one, I'm confused which one is nice. I'm looking at the used market and I cannot go and try each one because of the distance I'll have to travel. Sound I mostly like and play: Cleans with slight OD and solos with a bit of delay and...
  5. MagRick

    Are we going to get an affordable Suhr Aura anytime soon?

    Is there any news about it? I would love to buy one but 8-9k$ is huge money and many people are only buying them to flip them for some extra $$. Saw one on the Suhr facebook page yesterday for 9500$. I mean WTF. Its already an 8000$ guitar and you bump up the price so much. So coming back to...
  6. MagRick

    Back bow in winters?

    I am seeing that in few of my guitars including my Suhr classic pro, the action suddenly dropping in the past few days and there is buzzing. Is it due to dryness? How can I avoid it? The temperatures are not very low where I live -10 to +10 degree Celsius and since I live in an apartment I don't...
  7. MagRick

    New Gibson SG Junior Day

    So I saw this guitar for sale locally and loved how it looked. Its modded as seen in the pic. Pickup is replaced by TV Jones T-Armond. Bought it for 450$ with hardcase :) Its a 2018 model
  8. MagRick

    Suggestions for a good bedroom amp

    ...For home recording purpose. I need good cleans and can use dirt pedals when needed. Budget is around 1000$, can be more too.
  9. MagRick

    ('64 AVRI content) What do you do when you...

    ...decide not to buy another guitar and your dream guitar comes in the market for sale, I always wanted a fiesta red avri tele and I saw it in the used market yesterday. Its a '64 AVRI telecaster all stock with case candy. The price is a bit high (1600$) but FR is in high demand in Korea. To...
  10. MagRick

    Anyone here own or played a Suhr Aura?

    How does it feel? It's limited to just 100 pieces so I assume it's very rare at the moment.
  11. MagRick

    What are your guitar's volume and tone settings?

    Just curious about what setting folks here use
  12. MagRick

    NGD | My first hollowbody | Peerless HardTail

    I dint wanna spend a lot for the hollowbody experience, so I decided to buy a budget guitar. Here's my new Peerless Hardtail. I love it so far.
  13. MagRick

    < Result Update > Quiz Time , Do you really know your tone?

    Thanks to the few who participated, I am updating the answers here: Guitar 1 : Ibanez JS1200 Guitar 2 : Suhr Alt T Pro Guitar 3 : Cabronita Guitar 4 : Fender Strat Guitar 5 : Fender Tele Guitar 6 : Suhr Classic Pro @C7#9 Gave the Best Answer, Thanks buddy for being a sport! I recorded same...
  14. MagRick

    Updated ! Can I get rid of these holes?

    If yes, then how? Old pic UPDATE ! How about this?
  15. MagRick

    Which strat did it for you?

    I've tried quiet a lot strats so far but none has ever felt like home. I'm still pursuing the hunt. What did it for you and what you loved about it the most? If you can post the pictures, it'll be great!
  16. MagRick

    HELP!!! 2013 Gibson R7 4000$ fair price?

    I am considering buying this, Is this guitar overpriced or fair priced?
  17. MagRick

    Any reviews about Epiphone ES355?

    I was looking at this guitar, Epiphone ES-355 Shinichi Ubukata Signature. How does '57 pickups sound in a hollow body? I have no experience with this type of models. Is it worth 800$?
  18. MagRick

    Replacing a telecaster neck

    I have a 2005 Fender Standard (special?) Telecaster that i really like. But the frets are getting worned out and truss rod is maxed too. So I decided to buy a neck for it. I got a good deal on a fender professional tele neck and i bought it immediately without knowing if it'll fit or not. Is...
  19. MagRick

    I realized that no matter what guitar I play...

    I still sound the same. I have almost all kinds of guitars except semihollows. Even a couple of Suhrs don't sound all that different when i play them... They are very nice guitars but I'm not able to do justice to them. I'm considering selling all but 1 or 2 and working on my skills rather than...
  20. MagRick

    Monitoring sound vs Recorded sound quality difference?

    Does anyone have similar observation? I have tried this using Spark amp and also the Headrush pedalboard. I hear a very good tone but when I playback the recorded audio, it sounds lifeless... Low end is gone. I am using cubase as daw Are there any settings i need to check? What am I missing?
  21. MagRick

    Quick question | Axe fx ultra or HX Stomp or Headrush(big one)

    Assuming all are equal price, which one is a better buy? I'm not very good with these things so I'll take your opinion.
  22. MagRick

    Strymon Iridium or POD 500x or Something else?

    I am looking for a small home recording setup without much bling. I mainly play classic rock and my main sounds are dirt with some delay/reverb. I could use some nice clean tones too. I use guitar rig 5 at the moment but I am not very satisfied with the cleans I get. Dirty sounds are pretty...
  23. MagRick

    3-4 Pedals to cover most sounds

    Can you guys suggest a small 3-4 pedal pedalboard to cover most ground? Leave out the tuner from the list. I'm planning not more than 500$ for all.
  24. MagRick

    Positive Grid Spark, USB Recording sound quality

    Hi So I think the Spark has some really good sounds and very usable as a bedroom amp. But what I hear is not what it records through USB. When I enable the monitoring option in my DAW, the sound becomes very different. Same is the recorded output. The lows are gone and highs are squeaky. Is...