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    What is your "value" guitar?

    Squire Bullet Telecaster that I dressed up the fretboard/frets on and plays and sounds pretty decent for $130.
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    Anyone experienced a big reversal of opinion on a guitar type?

    Never got the telecaster thing for 20 years. Haven't got any new gear in a long time as I was on a hiatus from guitar. Wanted to get something to respark my interest and picked up a tele. Love it. WAY more versatile than I ever would have given it credit for..
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    I quit trying last night... (telecaster content)

    Funny I was just going to post a thread with the question "Have you tried telecasters and just realized they weren't for you?". Good thread, thanks! While I've never owned one, I've played a few and they didn't do anything for me, at least the more rock oriented type of music I prefer to play...