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  1. fitz

    Simple Finish On my SG Tribute

    I'm looking for some responses on my idea of adding a slight glossy finish to my 60's SG Tribute. The guitar is a great player but it has one of the "unfinished" nitro finishes that Gibson was producing awhile back. I was watching a video on applying a finish of Tru-Oil on a rifle stock and I...
  2. fitz

    Greenback In My PRRI

    So I have been on the look for a different speaker for my PRRI. I like the Jensen for the clean tone, but I feel it just doesn't hold together at higher volumes. I tried a few other speakers and just wasn't happy with the overall tone. So I looked to the Greenback for a speaker that was...
  3. fitz

    There Was A Thread About A Guitar Made of Chicken Bones......

    Here is a guitar made by a guy out of his Uncle Filip. I dunno, but I think he did a good job. But he tone is a little thin and lacks some body. Actual story can be found here - The Skelecaster
  4. fitz

    H.E.R - Amazing Rendition of "America The Beautiful" at the Super Bowl

    She, I mean H.E.R just sang America The Beautiful" and blew the roof off the place. What vocals and nice Blue Strat solo to boot. She never ceases to amaze me.
  5. fitz

    Alnico Speaker in a PRRI

    I have a PRRI and like it a lot. It has the Jensen stock speaker which is fine. I think Fender does a good job pairing speakers and I tend to like the Jensens in general and the C10R is broken in and a good speaker for the amp. I have also tried other speakers over the years such as the...
  6. fitz

    Gretsch 6120 - I should have done this long ago....

    I added a treble bleed to the master volume pot. My 6120 was made in 2006 and I've owned it since 2008-09 or so. It is the orange finish/gold hardware model with the funky circuit that includes the master volume, (2) individual pickup volumes & mud switch. This circuit rolls off the highs...
  7. fitz

    Dewey Quotes

    I'm just about to watch this movie for the 100th time!
  8. fitz

    Rory - Amazing Rockpalast 1976

    Holy heck! Being a huge Rory fan I found this YT video. Fast forward to 51:00 and see him explode and get yer soul rock and rolled.
  9. fitz

    Rod Picott

    Some people are just great songwriters and excellent musicians. I had the pleasure of having him playing my house party two years ago and had the chance to talk guitars and life a bit. Check him out, his skills are excellent. Fans?
  10. fitz

    Isbell - Guitar playing

    I love Jasons Isbell's songwriting. Great stuff with the 400 Unit and before with the Drive-By Truckers. But I'm of the opinion he is an underrated guitarist. Great acoustic work and pretty darn good slide playing too. His electric playing is pretty tasty and having Sadler there as well is...
  11. fitz

    Johnny Thunders Was The Rock Star

    And remember, You Cant Put Your Arms Around A Memory.
  12. fitz

    Chris Whitley

    I am a huge Chris Whitley fan and followed him from the beginning of his career. I thought he was extremely talented in his playing, singing and songwriting. I saw him in NY playing his National through an electric setup and it was such a raw sound. Anyway, I found this clip of Chris in his...
  13. fitz

    Gibson Midtown - BB 1 and 2 - 300K Pots

    I have a Gibson Midtown which is stock. I bought it when they were selling them for $1100 years ago. I like the guitar a lot because it is a looker with the Les Paul Custom color and all. But what I really like about the guitar is this: It has 300K pots paired with the Burstbuckers. We all...
  14. fitz

    How Many Out There Get Along With Most Neck Profiles?

    I see a lot of post where I see "the thin neck is a deal breaker for me" or others who only play necks on the fatter side or thinner side. I understand that due to hand size and preference some prefer a certain neck profile which is cool. I am in the other camp although I could classify my...
  15. fitz

    Warren Zevon

    I can't believe Warren has passed 13 years ago. I totally got into his music and the LA scene of musicians that he played with. Amazing player and writer.
  16. fitz

    Lowell George

    I miss this guy, probably one of the best songwriters ever. Long Distance Love.
  17. fitz

    Emily Fantz

    Am I the only one? Because of my affection of female vocalist like Em and Bonnie. But Emily Frantz is on the top of my list right now. Talent....
  18. fitz

    Emily Fantz

    Am I the only one? Because of my affection of female vocalist like Em and Bonnie. But Emily Frantz is on the top of my list right now. Talent....
  19. fitz

    Why Is There No Lowell George Sig Strat?

    I'm not a big fan of signature models of guitars by players, but I'm wondering why there has never been a Lowell George Strat. I'ld like to see an all maple 70's style with a Tele bridge pickup. I had one as my first guitar. It was a 72 with the strings falling off the neck, but I dug it just...
  20. fitz

    PSA - Nice Hamers Available

    No affiliation - I own an Artist Studio. But I keep an eye on Hamers online to makes sure they are still around in the event I want a Sunburst Archtop or a Special with P90's. There are a couple that are on Reverb that not only look great, but are pretty darn good deals. See below:
  21. fitz

    What if Dickey Betts Played a Telecaster?

    First, Dickey is one of my all time favorites & I tried to comp his style my entire life. I found him very tasteful and his writing and songwriting skills were amazing. We all know him from his Les Paul/Marshall combination whether it was with Humbuckers or P90's. And he played the SG...
  22. fitz

    Linda Ronstadt Documentary 1/1 9PM

    Will anybody be tuning into this? CNN is airing the documentary "The Sound of My Voice". Linda Ronstadt was probably the most popular female vocalist in the 70's and played and recorded with everybody back then. Many Grammy wins and nominations throughout her career & really ran the gamut in...
  23. fitz

    Jason Isbell Last Night -12/19

    I went to see Jason Isbell last night in a cool old theater (Kirby Center) in Wilkes Barre, Pa last night. I had tickets for two months or so and honestly the concert snuck up on me with the holidays and all. So I didn't have time to take a look at the tour press to get an idea what to expect...
  24. fitz

    That Sweet Les Paul Tone

    It seems like the majority of people talk in terms of a Les Paul being a thunderous R&R guitar cranked through a Marshall cranking out some major rock riffs and power chords. I am one that likes that tone too. But what about the clean, semi-clean tones when the amp is not that distorted which...
  25. fitz

    G&L Web Site - Old vs New

    First I am a huge G&L fan and own a Legacy and an ASAT Special Hollow Body. They are great guitars. So I go on the website to see what is new and holy heck. The new website's navigation is nowhere as easy to get around compared to the previous one my opinion. On the past website, the...