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  1. FredW

    WTB PRS Modern Eagle V and Special 22

    I have an amazing Modern Eagle 20th Anniversary in Faded Blue that has a solid Brazilian Neck that I'm selling. I can PM you. Here is a link to the listing Thanks
  2. FredW

    Crossroads Festival NYC

    I just caught a video on youtube of Philip Sayce. What??? no band?
  3. FredW

    All i can think when i hear ZZ Top's "Eliminator"....

    I think the new album is fantastic.
  4. FredW

    Keep George L or go with Lava Soldered?

    George L's. I switched them out and I want to go back.
  5. FredW

    Anyone have any pet peeves about string changing

    I hate changing strings on my bigsby equipped guitars
  6. FredW

    Your favorite Zappa singer

    Tie between Ike Willis and Ray White. Those two belong together. They were all great, George Duke, Napoleon, Bobby Martin.
  7. FredW

    Gibson Johnny A & Pat Martino models

    I have a Blonde Johnny A with a Bigsby and it is an amazing guitar. Very versatile and just a great instrument. I can get Gretsch sounds, screaming les paul type lead tones and really mellow jazzy stuff. I also think it looks killer as well.
  8. FredW

    Some guitars just make no sense.....

    I played one of those at CVG in the valley a couple of years ago and it was magical. Steep price though.
  9. FredW

    NGD! Warmoth LP

    Nice! My first nice guitar was a Gibson Invader, a bolt on Les paul. I loved that thing. I got so much **** from people about how it was bolt on. They shut up once they played it. It was a great guitar Congrats!
  10. FredW

    Releasing music as an App

    I think it is a very positive step. There has to be a better way for us to monetize the recorded product. It don't think the current mess of giving your music away and making income on other mediums is sustainable for the business as a whole. There has to be a better incentive for artists to...
  11. FredW

    Which 5 guitarists have had the biggest influence on your sound?

    Albert Collins Billy Gibbons Hendrix EVH Ritchie Blackmore
  12. FredW

    Philip Sayce pedal ID

    It's a very early Fulltone 69 pedal. It sounds amazing
  13. FredW

    70's Rock Stars pictured with their parents

    The Zappa pic is so cool.
  14. FredW

    My Throbaks squeal like a pig

    I took the covers off of mine and that helped considerably
  15. FredW

    Non Functional Klon?

    I am sure Bill would repair it
  16. FredW

    R.I.P - R.E.M.

    Great Band.
  17. FredW

    Need help with a partscaster

    That is a monster shim man. I'll bet you anything that is the culprit. Is there anyway you can raise the saddles enough to lose the shim?
  18. FredW

    Ryan Adams covers Iron Maiden

    I heard the original version on Boneyard this weekend. I rocked that $hit. I love Ryan's version as well. Love that song
  19. FredW

    Eddie Van Halen: The Complete 1978 Interviews

    Thanks Jas! Great stuff as always. I loved the part about the trem set-up. Great interview
  20. FredW

    Green Police Raid Gibson Guitars

    I agree, I hope they didn't.
  21. FredW

    Green Police Raid Gibson Guitars

    It makes you wonder what provoked this in the first place. I know that Gibson has been embattled financially for the last couple of years and this is very dangerous for the future of the company. Say what you want about Henry, but the company has been producing some of the best guitars they ever...
  22. FredW

    My family Pics!!

    Cool stuff!
  23. FredW

    Return to Forever + Zappa plays Zappa

    Did ZPZ have any orig band members as guests on this tour?
  24. FredW

    Strats - To Deck or Not To Deck.

    Same here. Did it to all my strats and have a noticable increase in harmonic content as well. Stays in tune too
  25. FredW

    1985 PRS NAMM 20 Prototype