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  1. cram

    Odd Noise On Particular note w/JCM800 2204

    The other night I put some time in with actual live musicians after a few months of a focus on recording. I noticed when I played an A note or chord, there was background noise occurring. It could be the open A, A on 5th, an octave up - always this accompanying murmur underneath. I searched...
  2. cram

    ...and a 14yr.Old starting Jazz band should play?..

    My lovely, Thing #1 is about to start her last summer before highschool. From continually playing music her entire life she's gotten a position on the HS jazz band to start next year. Cool. Now she's plotting and scheming for a guitar purchase because the band director pointed to a nice...
  3. cram

    For my next Mic...

    I record songs I write and I collaborate with other musicians who send me tracks that I add to and basically help along with their songwriting. I have a room at home that has sound isolation (basically a jam room for a full band), which contains a few guitar amps, acoustic drums 2 bass amps...
  4. cram

    Bonamassa got me thinking this morning

    He's a hero in my book for rescuing this poor guitar! So I went to the guitar pound and rescued this poor acoustic that had an awful owner in its *other* life. The vet said the bandages can come off in 2 weeks after our return appointment. I can't wait!
  5. cram

    These two songs are the same thing

    This from Rory’s Fan FB account today - This from my listening history this week - Absolutely the same thing. Cheers!
  6. cram

    Five of The Eyes new album

    Listen. comment with your thoughts. Great things coming from that state in a LOT of different flavors. It was produced by Jon Wyman at Halo and mastered by Adam Ayan. I'll be listening to this for a while. It is a great and...
  7. cram

    Oh, that cranked tone!

    Some folks say there's nothing like the feeling of cranking up their favorite tube amp. I also find this to be a pleasurable and satisfactory thing to do. That is not to admit that nothing can be done for improvement. Just like crushing a bag of chips to make more chips, making an amp go to...
  8. cram

    How have YOU made strides in recording/mixing?

    I sit here with my new macbook pro and the 4 months of ripping through all my ideas for songs and struggling through how to mix and treat the sounds within logic pro x... Where do I learn and hone my skills here? What has worked for you in getting better? I see sites offering presentation...
  9. cram

    Bridge saddle intonation seems quite far back

    I've been playing a lot more and while recording parts for a song I was working on, I wanted to play in the upper register and I noticed it sounded sharp. So I hook up to the tuner to check the intonation and sure enough I needed to adjust the saddle back or make the string length longer...
  10. cram

    BOSS DD6 Mode selection - no warp, no hold, no reverse.

    Hi all - This seems to be my exact issue with a DD6 I used to use quite a bit. The functions of looping (their "hold" function) and "warp" settings appear to be gone and the selection at one end doesn't change any of the delay settings at all. Any experience with this? I've searched...
  11. cram

    Nice new nut Johnny; did it fix that roll-off problem for you?

    Eeesh - It's getting to me; I roll off on the edge with my high E string. '01 lp standard. I do love the guitar though... I've had it for just under 10 years now and other than this; it plays well for me. Here is where I notice it - sliding chords or partial chords up the neck. If I'm not...
  12. cram

    Simultaneously hearing same artist across many radio stations.

    I was driving today and was hastily pressed buttons to find anything good on the radio... I literally felt compelled to search news on Eddie Money today because 3 separate stations were playing his music at the same time. Shakin, 2 tickets and then Give me some water.. 3 Eddie Money tunes at...
  13. cram

    Lowell George's BDay and the link I found

    Little Feat is one of those bands where if I start listening to them, I return to regularly scheduled listening days and sometimes a full week later. I have always loved their tunes and Lowell George is just a tasty sounding player. I'd never seen this clip that JamBase put up and it came up...
  14. cram

    Capo Work

    I'm playing next week with a longtime friend in an acoustic duo where we'll play 3 hours filled with a mix of covers and originals. We plan on doing it a couple times a month together in a few places. I'm feeling inspired to be working with him again. Much of what we cover he sings a half step...
  15. cram

    Shannon Hoon Footage

    IMO, one of the brightest spots of the early nineties were blind mellon. Their first release is a great piece of work that I love listening to. I searched for hoon within the last month across all...
  16. cram

    Amp Service in New England - MA/NH/ME area

    I have two amps currently and with one of them needing new power tubes I would like to have it biased. I used to go to watertown MA where Tom @Aztech would service it for me - he was our guy! But I live a bit too far up the road these days from that location. So, I'm looking for people in...
  17. cram

    Which tubes to choose for my JCM800 2204?

    I have a JCM800 2204 that has blown its first tube. I was so proud of the little guy when it happened. All these years of good fun together and it finally went on me! So... Time for replacing them. These were JJ EL34's, so I'm looking for a matched replacement. When I read reviews on...
  18. cram

    Working on picking when you probably shouldn't be playing at all

    :) We're at an interesting time in the Cram household. Little Cramlets are in need of sleep... Mrs Cram needs her sleep.. Sometimes I'm erratic with my schedule for work. The youngest cramlet wouldn't sleep. I drove her around in the car and quietly transported her in the house...
  19. cram

    Guitarist statues?

    We have Jimi with a statue in captitol hill.... and I just noticed we have Rory has one too - How many other guitarist statues are there? There better be more than those two...given Philadelphia has a statue of a fictional boxer in their city. Joe Frazier was not available for...
  20. cram

    Looking for this one Kid Ramos tune

    While driving through Maine last weekend, I scanned the dial and actually found a good set of song on a blues show that played some pretty cool tracks. I heard this really well done instrumental that really grabbed my ears. I listened through 3 other tunes just hoping to hear who the...
  21. cram

    I want to get a turn table for my father in law _ recomendations?

    I recently found out he's got about 10 boxes filled with records of mixed formats, singles - 78's - 45's and 33.3 etc. He's got a lot of great stuff and his old player is no where to be found. I'm also going to use this for a purchase at home - so this will help outfit me as well. I'm...
  22. cram

    Use mp3 from URL in iphone w/GarageBand.

    Does anyone have suggestions for how I figure out a method of using/importing sound files into GarageBand on this little silly device? I see how iTunes has a list of songs available for each track. But.. Imagine being stuck somewhere with no other computers with iTunes , but...
  23. cram

    Cover-band work makes me really listen to music

    Usual Gig is OnHold I'm at an odd point in my life where there has been a 1.5 yr hiatus from playing out with my usual band, which is such a wonderful novelty for me as it's playing with 2 of my brothers; it's a true joy. They are busy lately and so am I... so I've been working on my own...
  24. cram

    Those precious first moments of learning to play

    m24DPDKZ4zA This has not gotten any less funny to me - I've watched it so many times. I still giggle each viewing.
  25. cram

    Finding inspiration from a newbie!

    Back Story - A family member who is a decade younger than me lives near where we spend most summers. He's always been in touch with music more than most and a while back picked up a dean guitar (acoustic) to play with. He loves the thing and has always played through the songs and chords...