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  1. fitz

    Lukather’s new album .. plays Bridge of Sighs

    Man, I love Bridge of Sighs by Trower, it is one of my all time favorite songs. I know that Lukather is a great player, did a lot of studio work and had success with Toto. But I couldn't name a Lukather song or album to save my life. But that version of the song is really missing the mark...
  2. fitz

    Vintage Tone Watershed Moment

    I think what is intriguing tone wise with SG is the fact they are constructed with the thin mahogany body. It has less of the thick sustain that Les Pauls impart. They sound less "heavy" than LP's and thinner sounding to the point they have a more stinging tone. Try them with P90's and you...
  3. fitz

    What’s a riff you wish you had written?..

    Unless I missed it, I cant believe I didn't see it - "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin. One of my favorites. #2 - "Same Old Song and Dance" - Aerosmith #3 - "The Rover" - Led Zeppelin
  4. fitz

    Ian Faith, noted manager of Spinal Tap, dies.

    He played a big part in getting National Lampoon Magazine off the ground too.
  5. fitz

    Setup/action vs experience question...

    I use specs as a guideline. Sometimes they'll let you in on a couple of tricks to getting it just right. After that it's about feel.
  6. fitz

    Gasing for a 330 best option?

    Not mushy at all. What they did was to lower the DC resistance of the pickups to the 7K range which makes the pups brighter and jangley. The neck pickup is smooth and not overbearing at all. Nice guitar all around.
  7. fitz

    Gasing for a 330 best option?

    I have a Custom Shop VOS 59 RI 330 and all I can say it is simply amazing. I bought it when it first came out and it was one of the first on the market. It is built well and sounds great. I believe I paid $2799 back then in 2012. They have gone up in price by quite a bit for sure in recent...
  8. fitz

    Les Paul Pick Guards

    The first thing I look at when a Les Paul doesn't have a pick guard is the screw hole near the neck.
  9. fitz

    Mott the Hoople: All the Way from Memphis

    I don't believe so. Never heard anywhere it was somebody other than Mick Ralphs.
  10. fitz

    What do you like about British speakers in Fender amps?

    I believe Fender voices their amps pretty darn good. I also believe that once you remove an American style or Jensen speaker, the Blackface tone does go out the window. I tried replacing my stock Jensen a number of times in my PRRI to get a little better "rock" tone out of the amp. After a few...
  11. fitz

    Your favorite singing bassists ...

    Without a doubt - James Dewar - "The Pavarotti of Rock and Roll".
  12. fitz

    Mott the Hoople: All the Way from Memphis

    I loved Mott the Hoople and especially Mick Ralph's guitar playing then and in Bad Company. In this tune, it sounds to me like a Les Paul Jr and is one of my favorite tones. When he pulls off that soaring harmonic in one of the solo fills, I still get chills til this day.
  13. fitz

    Gibson Mini-Humbuckers

    I love minis on my Goldtop.
  14. fitz

    Simple Finish On my SG Tribute

    I'm looking for some responses on my idea of adding a slight glossy finish to my 60's SG Tribute. The guitar is a great player but it has one of the "unfinished" nitro finishes that Gibson was producing awhile back. I was watching a video on applying a finish of Tru-Oil on a rifle stock and I...
  15. fitz

    Gibson SGs: Single Custom Shop or two Original Series?

    Me personally, I'd go for the Standard '61 and the Jr. if you want/need both. Both should be good guitars on their own and the CS IMO would not be worth the extra $$$ compared to having both a humbucker and a P90.
  16. fitz

    Your only pickup type

    Me - P90. Probably the best of both worlds between single and humbucker tones.
  17. fitz

    Duncan SSL-1 Stratocaster Pickups

    I have 57/62's in my 57 AVRI and SSL-2's (Vintage Flats) in my G&L Legacy. I think they are both good pickups. But as others mention the Duncans are wound near 6.5K vs the 5.7K or so of the 57/62's. Not that the difference is a huge amount and it doesn't necessity effect the output to a large...
  18. fitz

    Potential Shop Mishap?

    My thought as well. I notice different cracks, dents just taking may guitars out of their normal environment.
  19. fitz

    Do Emerson pots generally only have two settings?

    It sounds to me that the guitar is wired in a 50's style wiring configuration. I am not familiar with the JS model and did a quick search and saw on the "J" model 500K Emerson pots and .022 uF capacitors which are fine, so its not the pot or cap. 50's wiring is slightly different than modern...
  20. fitz

    Cleaning scratchy volume pots on hollow body, the easy way?

    If you can access the pot from the f-hole, just unscrew the nut and washer and spray inside the pot where the lugs are. Use a hemostat or something to guide through the hole and refasten. Works for me. Otherwise you can also try working the scratchiness out just by turning it back and forth...
  21. fitz

    Gibson SG Underrated

    I like them a lot and come to think of it I probably owned more SG's in my life than any guitar. I think SG's are just right for a good rock tone. Because of its light weight mahogany construction they put out a nice stinging tone with humbuckers and P90's alike. The neck pickup sounds...
  22. fitz

    Richlite vs Rosewood

    I bought a Gibson Midtown in 2012 when the Richlite debate was just starting. It was the black model with the block inlays looking like a Les Paul custom. I was nervous receiving it because it wasn't ebony or rosewood. Darn, if weeks didn't go by without me even thinking about the fretboard...
  23. fitz

    Greenback In My PRRI

    Quick update, if anyone may be interested. I installed the Greenback and have been playing it for two days now. There is certainly more midrange and less bass with the Greenback. It is also a little thicker sounding but has a reedy tone to it. The highs are not quite the same as the stock...
  24. fitz

    Greenback In My PRRI

    Good info. The lack of scoop will be good since the PRRI has a bassy circuit to begin with. I'm hoping for a tone that is also has just a bit natural speaker distortion and while keeping a bit of the bright top end.
  25. fitz

    Greenback In My PRRI

    So I have been on the look for a different speaker for my PRRI. I like the Jensen for the clean tone, but I feel it just doesn't hold together at higher volumes. I tried a few other speakers and just wasn't happy with the overall tone. So I looked to the Greenback for a speaker that was...