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  1. jcshirke

    FS Weber 15A150

    FS: Weber 15A150, 50 watt, 8 ohms Hardly used $150 shipped in CONUS
  2. jcshirke

    Rickenbacker 360 Truss Rod Adjustment

    I've never had to adjust the truss rod(s) on my Rick 360. Just decided to do so tonight b/c it is in serious need. Anyway, I forgot that it is a dual truss rod. No real big deal, I figure...I read up on it quickly. Some people say you can adjust the relief to suit your playing needs on the...
  3. jcshirke

    Modulation: El Cap, Deco, Volante, and others

    I was having a discussion with another player--a well-known session player--about the modulation of digital delays that emulate tape echoes. He said that he hears modulation on the repeats of the digital sims even when modulation is set to zero, so that's a deal breaker for him. He wants an...
  4. jcshirke

    FS Focal CMS 65 Monitors

    Lightly used Focal CMS 65 studio monitors. One speaker is missing one of its feet, and I am continuing to look on the floor for it. In the meantime, though, Focal is sending me a new set of four feet for $5. So, they'll be here soon, in case I can't find the original. I will send them to...
  5. jcshirke

    Boss RE-20 and Strymon Volante

    I have the Boss RE-20 Space Echo, so there's no reason at all to get the Volante. Change my mind. Or not. Thanks.
  6. jcshirke

    FS Hohner 5 String Bass

    Hohner 5 string bass in good/very good condition. Missing strap button on rear. Includes gig bag. Price drop. $300 Shipped
  7. jcshirke

    FS Hughes and Kettner Cream Machine

    I have tested this unit using two out of the three ways you can use it--as a head and as a preamp/pedal going straight into an amp. You can also use it as preamp/cab emulator going into a DAW, but I have not tried using it that way b/c I don't have the setup to do so. *If that's the way you...
  8. jcshirke

    Nerve Damage?

    Just curious if anyone here has dealt with numbness in their playing fingers and, if so, if they were able to recover? For the last couple months or so, I have had some tendonitis, which may be due to repetitive motion (from typing, I'm sure...which is why I'll keep this post short). Last...
  9. jcshirke

    KOT Issue/Question

    I've already emailed Analogman/Mike, so I'm really just looking for any insights from people who build pedals, or who can troubleshoot them with some amount of expertise. If someone here might save me from having to send the pedal back for repairs, cool. Otherwise, I'm sure I'll be hearing from...
  10. jcshirke

    Neuro App w/iPhone XR

    Can I use the Neuro app with my iPhone XR by plugging my iPhone headphone plug adapter into my phone, and then connecting the Source Audio cable into the adapter at one end and my Nemesis pedal at the other? Asking in advance. I don't have the Nemesis yet. But I want to know what I'm doing as...
  11. jcshirke

    What OCD do I have?

    I bought an OCD not long after they first came out. My pedal may be one of the first productions runs, actually. Since then, I know there have been all kinds of versions. How do I definitively know which version I have? Is there a V1 1? It will only be labeled "V1 1" in retrospect, of course...
  12. jcshirke

    Dead Spot on a Strat

    I have a Strat--a masterbuilt--that seems to have a dead spot on the A string. I think it's most apparent on the first to third or fourth frets, but overall the entire length of the A string sounds dead--like a "thump"--relative to the other strings on the guitar. What could be causing it? One...
  13. jcshirke

    One head + Two different cabs?

    Question: I have a head that I typically use with one 2 x 12 cab. However, it also sounds great--albeit a bit different--with another 2 x 12 cab. I might consider using one cab for the amp's clean tones, and the other for the overdriven ones. Is there a device that would allow me to switch...
  14. jcshirke

    Celestion Cream Alnicos Break In Time

    Any idea what the break in time is for Celestion Cream Alnicos? They sound nice in my cab right out of the box. Just curious what I can expect and after roughly how many playing hours.
  15. jcshirke

    Single Pure Nickel Strings?

    I'd like to buy a few extra single strings in case one breaks (which, of course, happened earlier today--hence the post), but I can only find wound strings. I can't find pure nickel .10, .13, or .17 gauge single strings to save my life. Why does Ernie Ball/Curt Mangan sell single strings for the...
  16. jcshirke

    Line 6 HX effects vs. Strymon

    I'm considering adding a Strymon Mobius to my board along with a Volante. The Volante I'm going to get for sure. For modulation fx, I was wondering if the Line 6 stuff is on par with Strymon's. Part of me would consider an HX effects just b/c there are tons of other fx on tap in case I would...
  17. jcshirke

    TC Toneprint Editor (Mac)

    The old TP editor I have works fine on my old MacBook Pro. I have the new editor on my new MBP, but no bueno; it won't send the TP to the pedal. Running High Sierra 10.13.6. Anyone?
  18. jcshirke

    Flashback 1 vs. 2

    Did anyone upgrade from the Flashback 1 to the 2 and find that the 2 was significantly better, for whatever reason(s)? I'm curious about its stock sounds (the analog/tape algorithms were apparently revamped), but also the tone prints that are available exclusively for it. Thanks.
  19. jcshirke

    TC Flashback 2 Tape Delay

    I've been reading up a bit about the Flashback 2. Apparently TC redesigned the algorithms for the analog delay types. I assume those new algorithms cannot be loaded into the Flashback 1 or Alter Ego. Anyone know if that's the case for sure? Thanks.
  20. jcshirke

    TC Tone Print Question

    Is there any way to tell what TPs are currently loaded in a TC pedal? You know...just in case someone (a friend) happened to forget wtf is in there? Gracias.
  21. jcshirke

    Celestion Ruby

    Anyone have any info. about a release date? Just wonderin'.
  22. jcshirke

    Amps: On Floor vs. Off Floor

    I just did a quick experiment with one of my amps ('58 Tweed style 2 x 12) by placing it on the floor instead of up on a shelf about 3-4 ft off the ground where it normally lives. Without a doubt it sounds better (smoother, with less strident high end) on the floor. I know some people say it's...
  23. jcshirke

    Try Before You Buy?

    I'm pretty sure I came across a retailer that will allow you to try pedals before you commit to purchasing them. Anyone know which retailer I'm talking about? Or have I once again confused my dreams with reality? Thanks.
  24. jcshirke

    Les Lius Question

    Are the settings for the 3-way toggle switch the same on all versions of the pedal? I could have sworn that toggle to the right was 5E3 on the old pedal, but it's to the left on the new(er) version. In any case, I've seen some people say that right is 5E3, and others say the left is--including a...
  25. jcshirke

    Troubleshooting A High-Pitch Undertone

    I've got a custom-built 40 watt Tweed Twin style amp that recently started making an odd sound. It only occurs on one or two notes--the most prominent being the G (10th fret D string, but you can also here it on other G notes...3rd fret low E, etc). In addition to the fundamental pitch, I can...